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Psygone - Optimystique

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Finally got around hearing this, thanks for suggestion it Ormion.


I find this album really great. All of the tracks are either good or great with a batch of fantastic one's(Camaro Kanitou, Salva Da Tori, Tasmania, Equal Bottle Blows). Some of the tracks are indeed a bit samey, but in this album I don't really think it's a problem.


The only real downside on this album is the really REALLY BAD cover, I just don't find drawings like those to be appealing on ANYTHING. While I can respect the drawing itself, in some regard, I still don't like it. It looks ugly. One of the worst covers imo.


P.s. What's with the 1997 syndrome? It feels like 1997 has the most of these fantastic releases compared to other years.

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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>PSYGONE-OPTIMYSTIQUE</span>

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Hypnotic 1997</span>


Posted Image




1.Camaro Kanitou

2.Salvi Da Tori

3.Outer Limits

4.Spirit Of The Jungle

5.Chemical Eclipse

6.Equal Bottle Blows

7.Twisted Minds


9.Strange Cocoon





Ok, I know this album has already been reviewed in the reviews section but since they’re other cds reviewed here although they’re already in the reviews database I decided to review it again. After all, the database section doesn’t work, so we can’t post other comments (and there are only a few of them about Optimystique) and it’s also a good way for new Goa fans to discover this album, since (I guess) the forum is more popular than the old database section.


Optimystique is the first and unfortunately the only album from Psygone aka Michael Kjeldgaard from Denmark. I didn’t knew anything for this guy since I found in a cd shop a 3cd comp called ‘The Power Of Goa Trance’ and the third cd was no other than this album. I checked the reviews section here and I saw that most guys thought that Optimystique was an ok, average album but I gave it a try.

When I first listened to it I thought that it’s a good album, surely above average. When I listened to it again I thought that it’s very good, then that it’s awesome and so on. After some weeks of non-stop listening I realised two things. First, I had listened to it for dozens of times (maybe more than any cd I have) and second that it’s a MASTERPIECE!!!


Many guys believe that the problem with Psygone is that most of his tracks are a bit similar, cause he uses the same formula in most of his tracks. Well, that’s true but if you listened to his tracks for many times, you will realise that each of them is unique.


Camaro Kanitou opens this album. This is one of the best Psygone tracks and the most popular together with Kashmir and Tasmania. This is in the Psygone formula I said, that means an atmospheric intro,a great bassline, then one by one the percussion stuffs (kick,fast hi-hats,fat hi-hat,snares) then some melody follows the bass, then the leading melody. After that a break with some insane 303’s and it ends with the leading melody again. Repetetive? Maybe. Boring? NO!!! The intro of Camaro Kanitou is unbelievable, one of the best ever. As an intro I mean the first minutes of the track before it starts building for good. The leading melody is very good, not something amazing though, but the bassline and how the track builds in the first 2:30 minutes is unfuckingbelievable!!!! This is the best track to open a set in an open-air festival.

Salvi Da Tori now is much more emotional with a classic morning melody. Since you listen to it you can’t get it out of your head. A bit simple and slow but amazing track for morning times. Very good!

Outer Limits is what I call ‘Goa Energy’! The bassline is fast and superb! The kick and the light hi-hats are perfect for this track, the melodies fast and energetic but the best moment here is this MIND-BLASTING 303 minute!!! What can I say?

Spirit Of The Jungle is in the same style. This is the best zoo track ever made together with X-Files and Trancelestial Psychobabas.What to expect from this one? 1)Elephants 2)Power 3)Maximal Goa melodies. The 303 break comes a bit earlier that the usual, around minute 3. Again an unbelievable track, one of the best here.

Chemical Eclipse. This is how an eastern melody can be awesome without being cheesy. If you draw a line between the real Goa oriental melodies and the cheesy oriental melodies Chemical Eclipse will be near the line but never crosses it. Uplifting Goa 100%.

The only down/midtempo track of the album is the one with the weirdest title: Equal Bottle Blows. Beautiful melodies all the way, one of the best midtempo tracks ever!

And time for acid! Twisted Minds! Yep, it can twist both your mind and body for sure! Fast and acidic don’t let you breath for a minute. No breaks here, no lazy beats, killer all the way, old-school dancefloor smasher! A bomb!

Cosmonaut is one of the slowest tracks with an ok leading melody around minute 4, then some very good 303’s and then at the magic moment of 5:15 we get ONE OF THE BEST MELODIES EVER! Damn what a track!!!

Strange Cocoon. Psygone style 100% again. Power, great energetic melodies and wild 303’s again. Sorry not much to say, just this: It’s fucking awesome!!!

And for the end THE Psygone track. One of the best tracks ever made, Tasmania. A bit different from the rest, more complicated, atmospheric and even more powerful. Some of the best melodies of the whole album are here and some of the heaviest 303’s ever too. One of the classic Goa tracks, believe me.


Overall? Well, just how I wrote in a topic I’ve made, Psygone’s individual ‘ingredients’ aren’t something awesome. I mean his melodies are great but they can’t be compared with Pleiadians or MFG, his tracks are crazy but not so mad as Transwave or Prana and so on… Then why Psygone kicks ass? First of all: this guy can give you so much energy with only a kick, a bass and some hi-hats, when other artists must use hundreds of sounds to achieve it. Second: he has maybe the best basslines of all Old-School artists and third: this is pure Goa, different and unique, this is MUSIC! If you don’t have it, get it now! 11/10





Listening to this album and it's one of my favs ever.

I wonder if he would release the 1st album , the one that got totally ruined.. :|

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Artist: Psygone
Title: Optimystique
Label: Hypnotic
Date: 1997

1. Camaro Kanitou
2. Salvi Da Tori
3. Outer Limits
4. Spirit Of The Jungle
5. Chemical Eclipse
6. Equal Bottle Blows
7. Twisted Minds
8. Cosmonaut
9. Strange Cocoon
10. Tasmania

Oh, hell yeah I'm going for the Danish hat trick!


No, not that one. Although they look undeniably delicious.

I'm talking about goa trance here. I recently reviewed the classic Train To Chroma City by Colorbox and Dropz of Obscure Eclipses (what the hell does that even mean?) by Bypass Unit, both of which consist of brothers of the same family. Well guess what, there is a third and that is Michael Kjeldgaard (aka Psygone). He recently released a follow up album called A Second Breath (which I also reviewed.) This is one talented family. Which got me thinking about other siblings that have gone on to do great things....



I suppose we owe the Wright Brothers a lot. Although now we have them to thank for being caught in the middle seat between two obese businessmen that have obviously never heard the word no at a buffet and I swear to God if that little kid keeps kicking my seat I am going to snap his neck and who the hell brought the crying baby? Wait...3 bucks for a small bag of peanuts?

Obviously no brother tandem is more important that this duo...


So many hours spent in front of this game....

But I digress...what the hell is up with that cover. I never understood it, and really think he could've done a better job with it. Still, it is what it is, and like all the old school classics, you know what the music is just by looking at it.

Camaro Kanitou- That small snippet of a Muslim prayer (?) was so exotic and opened up a world of deserts and a culture that I had no experience with. This is one of those tracks which altered my listening habits. With a fairly simple beat, a nice melody pierces the air creating a sweet signature groove. The bass scrambles with a purpose as soft tones cascade down. When the goa melody traced its path I was in full dance mode. What an awesome way to introduce me to the foreign and mystical. Superb.

Salvi Da Tori- In what could be a continuation of the previous track, those same tones dance above a slower tempo. This is much less aggressive, with a pensive, outer space vibe. The 303 still growls, but there is more of a trancey bounce to it.

Outer Limits- The bass is forceful here, as synths join together right into a break that is only a break in name only. The melody is not your typical goa, middle eastern sound, until the 4 and a half minute mark when that lead creeps in. He shows his talent in blending different melodies and sounds you might not expect to go together. Pretty good track!

Spirit Of The Jungle- I always hated the elephant sound in the beginning. As if I hear it and go, "Oh...Spirit of the Jungle." It makes the track sound dated in my ears. The leads in this one sound quite old as well, but that bubbly 303 is very keen. This is the one that I can do without.

Chemical Eclipse- Boom, what a powerful kick. The bass rampages away and the lead seems to float well in the mix. Very danceable. The break brings back that familiar, bubbly 303 lead that lend itself to the mythical feeling of goa. Very nice track.

Equal Bottle Blows- This is another almost downtempo style that bubbles and is very atmospheric. Ethereal tones swirl as the previous chopped up synth hums above the bass line. The melodies switch sounds and as it unfolds creates a hypnotic feel. I liked it, but felt that this would've been better for the end of the album.

Twisted Minds- This one starts right away with a good synth punch. The melodies..umm...twist as filtered leads climb ever higher. The 303 comes in and f*cking owns as other leads join in. Great track.

Cosmonaut- With a slow rumbling start the bass line jumps out and this is a track I would call a grower. It is another more trancey type track the evolves with a good bit of atmosphere. Judging from the title, you can imagine a situation where something went horribly wrong with a space program. Again the 303 steals the show, as he has a knack for twisting it for all its worth. Great track.

Strange Cocoon- More in your face bass lines and danceable, agile melodies. This is another powerful track as the lead hops over obstacles and a bass sound gurgles underneath. The melody and sound are something that sounds very similar from other tracks, but when the groove is this good I ain't complaining. Now I wonder where that dominating 303 is? Ahhh, there is is. And it is massive.

Tasmania- So there really is a place called Tasmania? Really?? I thought it was the made up home of this guy:


Ominous pads give way to another of his bass lines, and the main synth is most assuredly from outer space. More leads chime in and the track thickens up immediately. The 303 here is more atmospheric, streaky if you will. No less moving mind you. Another great track that just fades away.

I liked this album, but for me it is starting to show its age. The more I listened to some of the tracks the more I felt like skipping some of them. Out of the three Danish old school albums I have reviewed I think this is the weakest. It's still got some tracks that I would consider awesome (Camaro Kanitou, Twisted Minds, and Strange Cocoon for example), but I think he uses some sounds which don't work that well for today's listening. His strengths are definitely his 303 manipulation and powerful kicks, along with his very aggressive bass lines. There isn't that much variety here as he follows a definite pattern, but it is still quite involving. Is it a classic? Yeah I think it is, as most of the tracks are memorable and very good.


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