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Lumen - Infomania


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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Lumen - Infomania</span>


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Artist: Lumen

Title: Infomania

Label: Psychic Deli

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'52" Infomania

02. 06'55" Fried

03. 07'56" Cocus

04. 07'34" Fuse

05. 04'54" Future Frequency

06. 07'11" What It Is

07. 08'07" 3 To 1

08. 07'37" Canny Feelers

09. 07'43" Way Up In The Air

10. 07'46" Back To The Front

11. 04'43" Overboard



There's something here for Lumen fans but it feels maybe 3 or 4 years out of date and much of the new material isn't as interesting as what was already released.

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wow... very nice album....lots of influences, sometimes goa, sometimes techno,

some r fast and some gives the feel of slow...very nice for the top

psychedelic dance, but not the full on kind, very nice to play with the pitch


must say that i feel it very lsdhead oriented. (more than others i mean)

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damn... it was another album that i was talking about, sorry, never mind what i

said up before....

i do have this cd, and in fact i dint like it very much, never get used to the

beat and percussions, but i think track 7 is nice...

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(old review no longer valid nor interesting... this is a funny old release unlikely to be of any great interest to anyone)


I really wish you'd have at least kept these old forgotten reviews. This release is definitely forgotten, but why? I'd say because the year 2000, the label Psychic Deli, and the non-conforming sound.


Chris conklin, aka Lumen appeared on several compilations along with a few groups like Radiation/Stripper, but his most known work is definitely as Stripper on VA - Air Born no less. His tunes were always kind of different. Harsher, techier and darker sound with rattling synths. This is a really cool, detailed album with several great songs and a few experiemental, but not bad, tracks. This is as solid as it gets as a whole and it gets additional points for sounding far different from everything else. This is a little like Psychaos's later and earlier sound fused with more softer goa sound, it makes for a very cool combination.


No matter how you look at it, this album is far from bad.

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