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Pleiadians - IFO

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Guest Mindbender

Pleiadians - IFO


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Artist: Pleiadians

Title: IFO

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 11'18" Maia

02. 08'42" Taygeta

03. 09'20" Merope

04. 08'26" Alcyone

05. 09'14" Electra

06. 11'39" Asterope

07. 11'46" Celaeno




A brilliant album. Full of beautiful melodies and sounds, while remaining full

on. This just makes me fly to another galaxy, perhaps the Pleiades! The

powerful grooves give you the speed for inter-galactic travel, while the

sounds and melodies describe where you are going, what you are seeing and

experiencing! Aaahhhh...


Almost all the tracks are excellent! Their style is very similar, but they

are enough different for each to be an individual. First, the tracks that

seemed best were 1 and 6, but after a while I found 2, 4, 5 and 7 to be as

good! They are all mindblowing! The only track that is 'only' very good is 3.

All the tracks are filled with melodies that fit and intertwine together

perfectly, moving further and further to another world. The melodies and

sounds used are always hard , but rarely harsh. The groove is also good,

though it fades to the background as the melodies gather the attention. These

guys (same as Etnica) can really do awesome music. On the whole, the album is

very uplifting and at the same time very deep and psychedelic. I love it!


This is one of those albums that words won't do justice! You just have to

listen to it. 9,5/10

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Absolutely the best CD of the Pleiadians, a real masterpiece!!! It's all very

melodic and some songs are also pretty hard (2, 5...)!! The Best songs

are:2,4,5,7!! That Last one is a wonderful Ambient-miracle!!!!


song 1,3 And 6 are not GREAT, but still pretty good!! Those Italian friends

show us that there is much more than only the Israeli-style...!!!!

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Guest Tequila



Taygeta is really great and the whole album makes me follow at the second the

evolution of the track.This CD is so captivating that when I hear the first

track, I just want to listen to the rest of the album.



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Truly psychedelic album, with lots of acid sounds. Lots and lots of things are

happening all the time. My favorites are tracks 1 and 6, but 2,4,5 are also

very good. The ambient track is nice, but I prefer the one on Family of light.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Very good album.. Not one bad track! I´ve had this CD for a while now and I

actually beginn to get tired of it though. The best tracks here has got to be

Taygeta, Merope and Asterope. Maia and Alcyone And Electra are´nt bad they

either. Celaneo is also very good for being a ambient track.. hmm. I guess

that´s all the tracks ;) The only thing I can complain about is that u can

hardly tell wich of the tracks u´re plaing and after a while when u´ve heard

the album over and over again several times u get tired of it. Anyway.. this

is a album u just have to have.. And if u don´t like it get some new stuff by

the gods "Family of Light" which I today think is better. Just check out the

first Mindblowing track "Headspin". Just fabulous! 8.5/10... one year ago 10/10

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  • 3 weeks later...

A great album with its highlight on tracks 5 and 6, Electra and Asterope are

really great. Only problem is that they are a little bit repetetive (?). This

is a classic so all you people that don't have it, you just gotta go out


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Guest Infected Max

This is the album that made me wonder what was wrong with me..!!!! Every body

love it.....& i hate it. Very very very fast. First time i heard it i thought

it was cheesy israeli trance like Holyman or Eyal B.




Anyway that must be a good album but i don't like it...i listened it 50 times

to really try to understand it but it seems the Cd is too explicit for me.

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to: Infected Max




I think that you don't like melodies too much in tracks...that's why you don't

like this album...Dark and moogy sounds with hard beat are for you;))


For me this album blows your fuckin' mind out of your window ;)

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Guest "eat a sheet"

i agree with "implant" above. this album blows your mind away. just hold on,

because it's a hecticly involved speedy psychedelic powerful energetic

twisting and turning and revolving and grinding and screaching and bouncing

kinda trip. these guys don't let go until the cd ends. but its one really

thrilling ride, i can recommend this to anyone. this is a must buy....get it

anywhere anyhow!! israeli trance my ass, these italians blow you up and away

one time!!

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Guest chaffi[at]caramail[dot]com

Heh strange at the beginning i didn't really like , and then after 2 listen at

the whole album i suddenly started to appreciate the work of these italians

.REally mindblowing melodies , lots of layers and different parts that change

all the time , it's very complex and unless you're REALLy good at mixing and

mastering you can't make so many instruments sound that good in a mix .


The only thing i would critisize is that sometimes they should insist more on

some parts and some melodies cause it's just great but doesn't stay enough

long .

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Guest clark_303

This is the best psy-trance album around. I don't really like Etnica much but

as Pleiadians they really kick ass. All tracks are great but my favorites are

Asterope with its beautiful melodies and Electra with its huge amount of

energy that'll blow your mind if you're not careful...This is very full on and

psychedelic as hell with millions of layers of sound and melodies but pretty

simple and light percussions(except the bassdrum) and that is a perfect

combination. Very original melodies and awesome spacey atmosphere. You'll

start to understand these tracks after a dozen of listens, not before that.

But I assure you they're all perfect, even the last one that's ambient with

South American feel(especially the melody). This is the ultimate full on

psy-trance album.-Clark

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

It took me forever to find this CD but it was worth the wait. I will say this

that the second CD they have under this name is better than this one. The

sound is very different kind of outdated maybe. Don't get me wrong though this

CD is definitely quality. Its very fast and uplifting. 7/10

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

Intense. Provocative. Transcendent. These are just a few of the words that

are worthy of describing the Pleiadians IFO experience. Here are some more:

Soul gripping. Adventurous. Journeyesque. Energizing. Motivating.

Pristine. Sublime. Inspiring. Moving. Magnificent. Monotony is not

present here, only powerful pumping continually evolving sonic stimulation

like no other. A perfect example of how awesome music of this genre can be.

10 out of 10.

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When I listened to the first minutes of the first track during summer 97, i was

flabbergasted - i told Sylvain, the shop retailer: "it reminds me of

something". He answered me "yeah, the composers are Etnica guys". then i

bought the cd immediately without listening to any second of the other tracks.

that was the IFO first effect.


then , at home, i discovered the rest...total mindshock!!


Roughly, the album is more than awesome, there are no words to describe this

one. This is pure energy all along. Maia itself is a monument: there are

twisted sounds coming from everywhere, multiple layers of melodies over

powerful basslines And kicks. the track is 11 min long, but never monotonic as

there are scores of little breaks And changes. This is just like that in the

other tracks, power,power And perfection everywhere. Imagine a perfect journey

of the mind. Grooves And melodies are meant to bring you everywhere it's

possible. It's also incredible that the tracks are all different. Taygeta,

Merope, Alcyone are also fantastic, orgasmic, uplifting, mindbending... It's

obvious the tracks have been worked on very long to trigger the best effect on

the listener. On Electra, you get on lightspeed immediately. It's ultimate

(everything is ultimate, though, here, in the Pleiades), and your soul is

close to escape in deep space . Asterope is the very sister of the others, and

eventually the ambient Celaeno allows your newly energized mind to land.


The words definitely dont exist to describe this high creation...


I have a theory about that: Max And Maurizio are in fact aliens from the

Pleiades (some sounds in the background of the tracks looks as if aliens were

singing) and they try to communicate their culture to us through their music.

IFO is simply billion years ahead.


Three years after, i still listen to it, i have the same feeling of my mind

being blown to infinite extent.


Buy buy buy absolutely. 11/10.

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Really psychedelic, full of energy and fits in rave parties like a fist in the

eye. For a long time I've searched for a cd that gets me dizzy. I experienced

such phenomenon the first times I listened to psytrance, so, four years later

I got the dizziness again with Pleiadians - IFO. After I had listened to this

cd over and over again the dizziness went away, but the music was still great.

(Now I'm waiting for another blast :) The acids are great, not too distorted

and they are clear, but there are A LOT of them at the same time, which is

nice. Basically all the melodies are made with acids, and therefore the songs

sound all a bit the same. I don't know if there's anything wrong with me, but

I'm never in the mood for listening to this cd nowadays. Maybe I was too

amazed and listened to it too much, so I guess I'm a bit bored to it. A short

delay will help in here, actually I would like to listen to Alcyone right now.

Go get it, 10/10.

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Guest Magic Plant

Probably the best goa album ever made!


There are no bad tracks.

There are two good tracks: Merope and Celaeno

There are four very good tracks: Maia, Alycone and Asterope

There is one excellent track: Taygeta

And then there is the best goa track that I have heard:


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  • 2 weeks later...

VERY GOOD ! ! ! Tracks 2&3 are not outstanding for me, but there is AT LEAST 2

awesome Tracks here : Track 1 And particularly Track 6 ! Best

Pleiadians/Etnica album with Alien Protein ! Rating : 8/10

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Guest Magic Plant

After listening more to Celaeno, I've changed my opinion.

Celaeno is very good, and especially nice to listen to

while programming.

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Guest Dead74

This album was the most challenging albums for me to understand. It took me a

good two or three months before I got it. It was frustrating too 'cause so

many people talk this album up... Anyways, yes, this is one of the classics.

It's just soooo full on from the very beginning. I started to get it when a

friend told me "this sounds like some shit is going down!!!" Indeed it does

on an inter-galactic level! Also the liner notes helped because it shows that

their inspiration came from Extra-terrestials! This stuff is melodic, but not

quite like AP, so don't be so hard on yourself even if you don't get it right

away 'cause I'm sure you will. And when you do, you'll be pleasantly

surprised. My favorite track is yes, "Merope." It's just so full on and so

baaad! All the tracks are really good, and all the tracks mentioned in other

reveiws are the sick ones. I give this album 9.5/10. Thank you Pleiadians!

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  • 3 weeks later...

well, i like this album. but i could never get into it on the level of "this is

the best trance cd ever made". i think there are soo many albums out there

that are much better than i.f.o. (not to say that i.f.o. is bad). the first

track is a bit cheesy i think, and the rest is pretty alright. melodies are

always the cross between oriental and inter-galactic, if you can see what i

mean =). they use a great number of layers, but i don't think that's always a

good thing, as the production sometimes sounds sloppy. aslo, i think the highs

of this album are way overdirven. about 80% of sounds here are on the high

end. even the basses aren't as low as i would've liked. plus, i think it's a

bit too fast (which might also contribute to a lot of it sounding too high).

nevertheless, this isn't a bad album. just not my idea of perfect trance, but

i can still enjoy it on a good day. 6/10

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Guest sysweed

A very energetic album exploring mostly the high tones

of the scale. It gets rather disturbing sometimes, but

I can't neglect the fantastic melodies and high energy that sets the theme of

IFO. The best representator of this theme is in my opinion Electra. I must put

it into my top 3 of goa/psytrance songs! Celaeno is a nice ambient-like song

that I want forget either.

Score: 8.8/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

just in case you haven't realised it yet this is very good stuff. these guys

are musically very very talented, one of my most favorite tracks involved them

and some of their friends it's called: FULL MENTAL JACKPOT by CROP CIRCLES and

can be found on trancentral 7.

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Guest NeroW[at]mail12.calypso[dot]net

I can only agree with the rest of u guys. The album is superb! One of the best

ever made, and definately Pleiadians best. Track 1,4 and 7 is the best ones I

think. So if you haven´t heard this album yet - Go get it now!!!

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nice melodies, very danceable and uplifting. this album is perfect for

partyanimals. 'asterope' and 'alcyone' is the best on this album in my

oppinion. 7/10

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