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Pleiadians - IFO

Guest Mindbender

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Guest goa[at]mail.ur[dot]ru

Superb album! One of the greatest so far. It contains

different stuff: Indian spirit of 'Maia', full-on

'Taygeta', mindblowing stomper 'Alcyone', melodic

'Asterope' and relaxing 'Celaeno'. Real classics!

10/10, excellent masterpiece.


Dmitri from Ekaterinburg City

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PLEIADIANS - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) DRAGONFLY RECORDS 1997         Track list:   01. 11'18" Maia - A 02. 08'42" Taygeta - A- 03. 09'20" Merope - A- 04. 08'26" Alcyone

Maia is a truly a wonderful track. It starts out with such simplicity, moves to very dynamic alien soundscapes, yet ends in complete madness of beautiful psychedelia. Everytime I hear the part at 9 mi

It did it again, this un-believable. This track has made me lose myself so many times and continues to do so. Whenever I take a good listen, not as some background music, it manages to complete stop m

Guest slinker

Takes a while to clock...just because of all the lovely melodies and sounds

that are going on, uplifting on a grand scale and truly spacey and psychodelic

to the maximum....woo hooo this is what ive been looking for for years!! 9/10

a outta this world masterpiece =^,^=

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Guest Per Sterud

I think we all agree that this is truly a rare Psy-Trance masterpiece. Track 4,

Alcyone, is in my opinion, the best track on the album. Too bad they didn't

follow I.F.O. up as well as I had passionately hoped.

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Guest Ravemail10

Someone pinch me... Either i'm dreaming or i died and went to heaven. This

album is beyond my ability to describe. Full-on melodic goa does not do it

justice. Angelic or heavenly would come close. One small nag - less mature

than Family of Light. Every song on this one except Celeano is better than

every song on Family of Light except Moon in your Window(can everyone still

follow me here, i'm a little dazed :-) ), but overall Family of Light is

better. GET BOTH IMMEDIATELY, THATS A DIRECT ORDER! 100/10 No this is not a

typo. Bom! - Raven

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Guest Diepeveen

I love this album... I really don't understand how they mannage to keep so many

sounds in one single track. There are no bad tracks, however track 3 is not as

good as the others! - But it's still very good. The album is finished with a

G.R.E.A.T!!! Ambient track... Perfect! Best tracks: 1,6,7!!!!

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Wow! I just took a listen to some old stuff like this album... NOW I KNOW WHAT

I MISS AT PARTIES NOWADAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... TRUE HYPNOTIC,




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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't like it so much now. Maybe too many acid ear piercing sounds. I think

their second album Family of light is more achieved. Some great tracks here


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Guest eden.solaris

This is the stuff I like... great melodies that just invade your ears and brain

causing you to travel. Great stuff!!! When will Pleiadians (a.k.a. Crops

Circles now) release a new album? 9/10

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Guest Simon Magus

I think F.O.L. is a bit more complex and interesting in some ways than this

album, but the peaks here are unbelievable... Asterope is the most amazing

full on track made since the old days.. and Electra is a real stomper..

aaaaaaa! I can't believe that they continue to make this style of trance and

still make it work so well. I love it! Go Pleiadians... much better than

Etnica, which is still not bad.

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Guest NFalke666[at]aol[dot]com

Electra is perfect... Taygeta, I had to dance to... Alcyon is very beautiful...

and Asterope was like a flaming lazer to Pleiadia...

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Guest drmbljuga[at]yahoo[dot]com

the songs are very similar to etnica's Vimana And Starship 101.these songs are

the best from etnica and thats why i love this album.more of it...please

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