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Transwave - Hypnorhythm


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Transwave - Hypnorhythm


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Artist: Transwave

Title: Hypnorhythm

Label: Step 2 House

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 07'10" Adoration To The Aum

02. 07'38" Axonal

03. 09'26" Goacore

04. 07'03" Hypersphere

05. 07'37" Robostyx

06. 07'43" Aural Perception

07. 07'14" Fortune Teller

08. 08'59" Calimantan




Good ! I slightly prefer Helium, but it's a good album ! No Bad Tracks (...

maybe Track 4 cause I find it too repetitive), and 5 Good Tracks : 1,2,3,6,8 !

Rating : 7/10

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Guest Tequila

the review I posted 3 months ago has disappeared:-( all that to say that even

if it sounds old, it's melodic, with a nice kick, but it always sound the the

same.so, a good album, but hard to listen to in one shot.

best track: robostyx.

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Guest Mescalinium

While Helium works better as a whole, I believe this "album" contains some of

Transwave's best songs. Adoration to the Aum has that incredibly hard bass

beat with a wonderful progression from straight forward pounding to a touch of

melody. While I'm sure its impossible to track this down on vinyl, I've

always fantasized about opening a set with this track. Goacore has a soft

tribal intro that's over 2 minutes long. This beautifully segues into the

synthetic percussive beat. Hypersphere is another classic with the famous "31

seconds" sample. Robostyx is also one of my favorites, very fast, nice

melodies, not much more to say! While there will always be people who label

anything released in 1995 as "dated", I think all the tracks I've mentioned

have stood up very well and are full of innovative (even for now)

arrangements. This will always be one of my favorites. 8/10, because not

every song is equal in quality.

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Very good album...Album vary in styles...All songs are good byut the Best are :



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Guest Davidtolsn

good first cd from transwave, although i think phototropic and helium are much

better. lots of the tracks on this are too old sounding, i think.

nevertheless, i love tracks 4 and 5... i'd give it 7/10. if you haven't heard

the other transwave cds definitely check them out first.

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Been listening to this album again, I just can't stop at all! Favorite songs definitely gotta be all of them but my go to songs are Robostyx and Goacore. :wub:

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Now that would great if it did get a re-release. Though I think the mastering is fine as it is but that's probably because I've grown use to it.

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If I had to rank the Transwave albums,


1. Phototropic

2. Helium

3. Backfire

4. Hypnorhythm

5. Frontfire


Great mini-album (Goacore rules), but those first two are bona-fide classics. I would say that it might be time for this project to get the DAT Records treatment soon, yes?

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