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Ubar Tmar - Fusion


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Ubar Tmar - Fusion


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Artist: Ubar Tmar

Title: Fusion

Label: BooM!

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 00'51" Welcome To Our Space

02. 08'32" Flying Saucer Landing (Dancing Yoda Mix)

03. 06'21" Transformer Synthesizer

04. 09'04" Electric Voodoo Man

05. 07'18" Eternal Return

06. 07'22" When The Light Is Gone (Live At Arasaki Beach, 96 Summer Of Love)

07. 09'29" US

08. 07'52" 3D Heaven

09. 06'43" The Prophecy

10. 07'33" Tale Of The Taketori




He's definitely not ashamed of being Japanese. The best way to listen to this

is to rent some Anime, turn the volume on the TV off, and eat a lot of

mushrooms. It's really good in parts although throughout it does remind me of

video game music. Some of the samples are nice and spacey, some is

over-the-top unabashed cheesecake. However, Tale of the Taketori is beautiful

(but very fast: 152ish BPM) and several other tracks are at least worthwhile.

The best part of this is the cover art though. Take out the inner tray and

stare at the genius of the spiralling worlds, the game is to try to guess what

the next pattern will be. Spirals within spirals, yummm. 6/10 for the

record, 10/10 for the art.

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Guest fms3[at]cornell[dot]edu

Trash. Total trash. Hmm, how do I put this. Oh yeah, I like X-Dream and I

like Hallucinogen but listening to them both at the same time would be stupid.

This is what this album is like. Its got layers beggining in the middle of

nowhere and ending whereever they feel like. Its not that there is no

structure; its super random and not thought of. THere are many nice layers

which could be made into a track but blending it all at once makes it sound

shitty. Listen before you buy it.

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Guest jdavis[at]flashmail[dot]com

Ubar Tmar is really good in this album. Sound samples are well organized. The

beat is not boring and rythm changes are done frequently. Electronic

Voodooman and Tale of the Taketori provide a nice way to trip along with a

stimulant sound.

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Guest ShivaShantii[at]hotmail[dot]com

Really good album for the time, lots of osychedelic sounds and story.


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Guest mossadexz[at]hotmail[dot]com

"Eternal Return" rulez because of its raw guitar-sample. Really nice. Track 2

is pretty good too, although a little too strange for my taste. Track 3 is

also pretty good

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Guest [Anonymous]

Ï hated "Eternal Return" when I first heard some years ago and I still hate it

today. The song is utter crap,cheezy, has no depth and whines worse than a

strangled cat. 4/10

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Guest bugbread

Ubar Tmar's most "goa"-like album. Contains a mix of cheesy melodies (on

purpose) and very NON-cheesy melodies, laid out based on Ubar Tmar's interests

in the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Series. A mix of polyrhythms and 4 beat.

Ubar Tmar has a cool way of building up, up, up, and then instead of a giant

break, a sudden wilt. Done on purpose, makes me laugh every time I hear it,

and actually causes people to become MORE excited on the dance floor because

everybody is laughing so hard at the anticlimax that they get hyper.

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Tale of Taketori is one of the best GOA songs ever. The rest of the album is

very decent. I wouldn't buy it now a days, but definitely get it if your still

into the classics.

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If you like Anime (Japanese cartoons/manga) This stuff will probably apeal to

you. It has the same strange combination of happiness, harshness and sudden

unexplainable humor in it, wich makes it really interesting, but for the ones

not totally known with this strange Japanese style of making stuff completely

incomprehensible and they might consider this utter crap.

Whenever you feel happy and you want to hear hyper- active completely thick

pasted sound blasts of weirdness put this on and be blown to pieces.

Certainly not an album for every-day listening, but when in the mood, a

favourite, go try it out if you like stuff like texas faggot, you will

probably be positively surprised.

I like true better then this, it's more dark, but one can certainly not put

this off too easily as just the product of a deranged Anime freak, they is

more to it then might apear at first listen.

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

Ubar Tmar surely has his own style, this album though can still be called true

goa. Just listen to the beautiful, marvellous sound in 3D Heaven. I think the

other albums of his suck but this one is worth checking out. Best tracks :

3,4,6,8 & 9 (although the original version of this track on Destination Goa 3

is much better).

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How come I've forgotten to write down a few lines about my all time fav'e trance album? There's no excuse I've failed! ;<


The reviews above aren't perhaps the most inspiring, don't let that stop you from checking this album out thou k? k!


I can't put it in words how good this album is. From the very first second I notice I'm in for a treat. The arrangement and melodies are really untraditional, yet they possess weird charm that makes me listen to this album over and over again. All the tracks have something unique to them, for example Eternal Return is a guitar number that's much better than let's say SUN Project's attemps. My absolute fav goa tune ever Electric Voodoo Man has a tribal feel with addictive drum beat, tribe shouts and electrifying analog melodies that define knob twisting.

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This is pretty good. Some parts are too annoying though.


2, 5, 7, 8, 10 are good

9 is the best


This guy isn't trying to copy X-Dream or Hallucinogen thankfully. If you aren't open to new styles that push the limits then don't bother with this artist.

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