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V/A - Distance To Goa 5


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V/A - Distance To Goa 5


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Artist: Various

Title: Distance To Goa 5

Label: Distance

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'46" Hallucinogen : Deranger

02. 06'42" Electric Universe : Stardiver

03. 08'57" Miranda : Phenomena

04. 07'17" Deedrah : The Wizard Demo

05. 08'19" Shakta : Lepton Head (Deedrah Rmx)

06. 08'06" Transwave : Land Of Freedom (Rmx)

07. 10'20" Psychopod : Dreampod

08. 05'36" Eat Static : Hybrid (The Infinity Project Rmx)

09. 07'59" The Antidote : Walk On The Moon


CD 2

01. 08'02" Katayama : Spiral Spit Trick

02. 05'34" Ololiuqui : Chitty Bang

03. 08'04" Orion : Liquid

04. 06'04" Alienated : Free Return

05. 05'17" Protect System : Simplicity

06. 06'35" Lunar Asylum : Reefer Madness

07. 05'28" Cwithe : I Wanna Expand

08. 06'10" Electric Universe : Radio SPACE

09. 06'22" Transwave : Malaka Dance

10. 06'09" Prana : Alien Pets

11. 02'38" Shiva Chandra : SPQR




Not so bad ... Best Tracks are CD1 Track 1 and CD2 Track 9 ... but the problem

is that CD2 is a MIX CD in which Tracks have even been CUT :-((( Bad Tracks

are CD1 Tracks 4,8 and CD2 Tracks 1,5,11 ... Rating : 4/10

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Guest Psylent Buddhi

CD1 contains some wonderful tracks. Hallucinogen's "Deranger" needs no further

introduction, it's simply stunning. Electric Universe's "Stardiver" is typical

german trance. Very clear production. It's brings on nothing new though.

Miranda's "Phenomena" is a beautiful track. Very melodic, sounding good all

the way. And now comes one of the really interesting tracks. Deedrah's "The

Wizard Demo" is a stunning psytrance rocket. With pure madness dripping out of

your speaker, this track just keeps twisting And torturing your brain untill

you completely loose consciousness. What a killer track. Shakta's "Lepton

Head" is also a beautiful track. Outstanding melodies, that makes you wonder

what planet Sebastian Taylor really is from! Transwave's own remix of their

eternal classic "Land Of Freedom" is okay, but the original is still the

best!! And now comes the best track on this compilation: "Dreampod" by

Psychopod. A piece of jawdropping psychedelic music. No words can really de!

scribe it! So complex and so beautiful production! The last two tracks are not

really that great. Not to say that they're all bad, but still not so good as

some of the others! CD2 has some decent tracks too, but it's mixed and that's

a major downside! Get this compilation for CD1. It's outstanding!

P.L.U R. - Psylent Buddhi

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  • 2 weeks later...

The first CD is véry good!! The second is not as good...

CD1 starts with a whirling track of Hallucinogen, this song is so insane!! It's

always going faster and faster!! Great to dance!! Nr 2 is not good, nr3 is a

good Miranda-song, typical here style, so very melodic!!

nr4 is really hard, but I don't like it... The samples are just rediculous!!

Song 5 is one of my former top-10 tracks!!! The remix of Land Of Freedom is

not as good as the first one and... Yihaa, Psychopod shows us a piece of

psychedelic music, really unreal!!!! The last song is rather .ñ

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Guest clark_303

This is one of the best Distance to Goa-compilations and almost every song here

is at least good. The first CD doesn't really have any bad songs except

Deedrah's weird song that sounds really stunning at first but after a few

listens it starts to sound a little childish. Eat Static's song is a little

unoriginal too and doesn't really give you anything. The best track on the

first CD is definitely Psychopod's Dreampod. Even the last track is good and

very relaxing, Serge Souque of Total Eclipse can't really make bad music. ;)

Everyone else here seems to dislike the second CD but I actually listen to it

more often than the first one. It's beautifully mixed and the songs fit

together perfectly. They're a little harder than on the first CD and it's

basically just going on and on with only a few breaks but trust me, the songs

are great after you get to know them, it's a journey to a higher state of

consciousness ;). The best ones are Lunar Asylum's mind-expanding Reefer

Madness, Transwave's crazy Malaka Dance and Prana's classic, Alien Pets. And

the last song is really just an outro, it finishes the journey.-Clark

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Guest akroupnik[at]hotmail[dot]com

CD 2 is excellent, with only one track i don't like, being by Deedrah, which is

far too unmelodic for me. The Land of Freedom remix is simply stunning, far

better than the original. CD 2 is just average, the mixing is not really all

that special and it seems that DJ just slammed a few tracks together without

really thinking about. A simple addition of one ambient track at the end does

not make for a journey. Still it has great tracks by Lunar Asylum, Transwave

and Ololiuqui. CD1 9/10, CD 2 4/10. Overall still worth getting, even in 2000,

full of classic tracks.

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Guest protamine[at]infonie[dot]fr

Best tracks on CD1: [shakta]"lepton head" [miranda]"phenomene" [eat


CD2: good tracks 1, 2, 6, 9

8/10 good stuff

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Guest Rumz

i love this CD... one of my favourites. shakta and transwave tracks rule,

deedrah and protect system also very cool.... ahh those were the days.......


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Guest Indigo spice

This album is a real landmark in "Goa history" (for me anyway)!

It has all the perfect ingredients, Miranda, Shakta, Transwave, Hallucinogen,

Prana and more!

I really agree with "Rumz" over here that, "ahh those were the days"!

It's a clean 10/10!

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For me this isn't a must have... but surely not a bad comp either! Some trax

are 'absolutely fabulous' and some are real bad choices for on a compil... It

contains a few VERY good trancetunes! CD1 is the best imo: Deranger really is

something special, it always leaves me craving for more! The original Lepton

Head has been one of my favorite tunes for a long time now(beacause of the

melody), but this Deedrah remix is much better style!!! 10/10 for these 2!!! I

also like Mirandas Phenomena very much... The Land of Freedom rmx isn't bad,

but I really got tired of this tune, sowwy...

Cd2 isn't very special for me... it doesn't have a lot of uplifting parts or

interesting breaks or anything special, it's just 1 long sleepy mix... but at

the end it gets better! not bad: T1 - T2 (to bad the bass soundz technoïsch) -

good: the Transwave track FINALLY breaks the easygoing style! Prana with Alien

Pets...still this is a must for all oldschool trancers (because some of my

friends really love it)...

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Guest ashonacid[at]shpongle[dot]com

wow, its 2002 and im still listening to it years after i baught it! The songs i

keep going back for are Land of Freedom, Deranger, Lepton Head (classic!) and

Wizard Demo, thought its a good thing i don't speak french because i've seen

the movie and if i could understand the words in it (i know what they mean,

but...) that would probably do my head in... but mabye thats a good thing

;).... Psychopod and the antidote are excellent too. BUY THIS COMPILATION NOW!

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After so many years, it turned out that DREAMPOD by PSYCHOPOD was the best track, by far, can't believe how good it is after so many years.


Also, track 1 in the 2nd CD by KATAYMA contains one of the purest intro for a goa track, simply love the acid intro :-) and the track by ALIENATED is really fun !

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I love the direction the artwork for the Distance To Goa series was taking with this release and the following vol 6. They have a more corporate and serious/luxurious look compared to previous entries. Which were more psychedelic/flyer inspired. It still retains some hints of its Goa heritage, in the spiral background. Which is more subtle than previous entries which went for a more caleidoscopic look. The music is of course excellent as well. :) It goes without saying just take a look at the playlist, it's a who's who of the golden age of Goa Trance. I always got the impression, altough it could be a placebo, that the mastering of Miranda's Phenomena track on this compilation sounded fatter and more crisp than the track does on its album. 

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