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Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch


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Artist: Hux Flux

Title: Cryptic Crunch

Label: Koyote

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 09'26" Calculus

02. 08'01" Tripple Nipple

03. 08'42" Nemo

04. 08'43" Experimenting With Potions

05. 08'34" Cryptic Crunch

06. 08'47" Short Circuit

07. 08'03" Elixir

08. 08'06" Alkaloid

09. 08'31" Nervoservo




!#@$@£&"#"#"££@£@"¤/"=)¤"¤ This album is totally crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen to this album and you won't believe the

sounds you'll hear. Is it possible to create such noise that blends together

so perfectly in an awesome mix of layers?!!?!

You may recognize the feeling from other Koyte releases like Menis -

Temporary Insanity , but this is much better!!!!

I can't decide which tracks are the best because they're all so very weird

and crazy!!!! This album is so mindblowing you

won't believe it when you first hear it.. I never heard anything quite like

it before actually, except some other Koyte

releases that I just mentioned. Listen to those sounds in the beginning of

'Experimenting With Potions' , are they freakin'

cool or what? hehe.. i'm amazed by these Swedish guys. Watch out in the

Interview section cause there will be an interview

with one of the members very soon !!!!! Get this album right away!!!!!!!

Rating: 9/10

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Guest Andreas_h80[at]hotmail[dot]com

i can only agree this is a knock out!!My favourite must be nr 5 but all are

very nice and twisted.10/10

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Guest Rough and Rush

Not as good as you make it out to be. i was hoping it would be more along the

lines of Time Slices but it wasn't. It has a couple of really good tracks like

Calculus and Elixir but quite a few of them plod a long and go nowhere. Also

some of these tracks have been floating around a while(more than a year) in

the Dat mafias hands.

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Guest Kvin2000

This is a good album in the usual dark Koyote style. Some tracks are more

memorable then others though all of them are good (I like tracks 1,2,4,6,8,9

more then others). The different sounds this album mixes are awsome. If you

like this kind of music I have to recommand SPIRAL ACTIVE PROJECT by Yacov

Biton from

krembo records, great night time trance.

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Guest Ktaadn

Welcome to the harder side of Swededen. Rarely does one release feature such a

collection of stormers, but Hux Flux unlocked the secret. "Cryptic Crunch" is

at once chaotic and yet perfectly balanced; somehow Hux Flux controls the

storm. Get this one and get rattled. 9/10

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Guest Swedish meatballs

Sweden is the ultimate paradise for GOA. It's just that all groups are'nt that

famous. The best raves are in Sweden. Hux Flux played on Docklands. It was the

best night of my life.....

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This really is a véry psychedelic CD, and also véry good for the dancefloor!!

(Except 4, it's rather slow...)

Those Swedish boys know exactly how to make Mushroom-music :o)) The best songs

are nr 1,5,7,8&9!! The only problem is that the style becomes rather boring

for listening after a while, so I always put on the CD starting from song 5...

:o)) I hope those Scandinavians will give us more twisted and insane music

soon... (especially Battle Of The Future Buddhas...)!!!

Bom Shankar

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Guest wobblish[at]hotmail[dot]com

Upside down and inside out with this frenzy of bleeps. Some tracks go nowhere,

but Hux FLux sure make their point. Too bad that they play it at parties too

often though

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Guest Acidhive

This album is pretty great in my opinion, It's weird and crazy from track 1

right up to track 9. It's really great to hear how they use all these great

layers of different sounds on top of each other. Can't really pick any

favourites here, since all tracks are all in the same style, but as I like

this style, I can't tell what tracks I like best. I hope they will deliver

more soon.

9/10 from me.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Great. Very "Koyote". Reminds me of the twisted Menis album but as Deku said

this one's better and even MORE twisted. So many different sounds all the time

that gets inside your head and twistes around like a tornado. The great

bassdrums and basslines floats on and you feel free and happy. The production

sounds new and fresh with many complicated tunes. Best tracks are "Nemo",

"Short Circuit", "Elixir" and "Alkaloid". Only the lack of melodies irritates

me sometimes. Get this one if you like crazzzy stuff.. DAMN Short Circuit

kicks ASS!! LOVE iT 8/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

just got this for your all around euphoia- the title "Nervosevo" fits the music

quite right. I find this slightly exausting in one piece, but definitely music

for those real deep sea moments.

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Guest AlexG

very good album: dark, twisted, and the atmosphere's great. top notch

production too. short circuit is a bomb! one of my all-time favorites

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Guest Acidhive

Gotta revise my opinion here. I still think it's great, though 8/10 is a better

mark. Still, madness extraordinaire here!!

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Yes that's very psychedelic, but a little too noisy for my taste ... I don't

really like this style ... I find it a boring after some Tracks ... Best

Tracks here seem to be Tracks 1,4,8, but I don't really like other Tracks,

particularly Tracks 3&7 (if you want to hear a GOOD modem-sound use on a

psychedelic Track,

check out Hallucinogen's "Mi Loony Um" one instead of Track 3)

Rating : 3/10

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Guest Goa Sage

Well, don't expect a masterpiece when you buy this one... I'm not saying it's

bad, but it lacks some melodies and/or structure. The guys in Hux Flux don't

start the tunes with few, soft sounds and build up to a powerful climax, as

other groups do... Then, what does it sound like? Well, they use almost the

same fat bass as X-Dream (which is nice) and have many harsh electronic FX

spinning from left to right... Almost no melodies, only weird, crazy beats and

sometimes a bit too squeaky sounds. In the beginning, I couldn't stand it, but

now I'm actually fond of some tunes. My favourite tracks are "Tripple Nipple",

"Experimenting With Potions", "Short Circuit" and "Alkaloid". An average album

with a few highlights... At least I'm not ashamed of being Swedish... :)

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Guest dontcallitgoa[at]please[dot]com

someone complained about that the modem sounds better in

hallucinogens miloonyum track than in nem0

..but hey! they did it before hallucinogen!

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Guest mindexplorer[at]jippii[dot]fi

Fantastic sound!!This just what I`ve been looking for.This really makes me

laugh and get`s so deep in my mind!If you know some other same style

records,please let me know!!:)

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Guest Goa Sage

Eh... I forgot to mention one thing in my review above; the cover is f**king

ugly!!! The pixles are almost as large as stamps... :)

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Guest F-AcTivE

is that sweden rocks the dance floor ! Hux Flux sounds sooo

twisted , sooo wierd and sooo f-cking nice =) . SWEDEN !

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Guest F-AcTivE

Okay , time to rate this stuff , Sometimes i love this album and sometimes not

, i must be in the right type of mood when i listen to this very psychedelic

music .There is almoust no melodies and it took me some time berfore i liked

it. My fav track is "Alkaloid" .. love it ! Don't miss the super-kool voice

sample in "Experimenting With Potions" ..it makes me lol every time i hear it.

The cover art is a shame doe..., but i guess the music is more important then

the cd cover :) Get Hux Flux!

RAting: 7/10

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Guest mikrozomme[at]bgvirtual[dot]zzn[

WOW!AMAZING!My favourite album recently.Thi is a real mind explorer.I can't

imagine how such a complexity is achieved.Those guys are surely god's chosen

people.What to say?Great samples,twisted textures and dark beauty.You have it

all.Highlights are tracks 1,2,4,6,8,9.This is an unbelievable work-big thanks

to Tapper&Pettersson.11/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

At last an album where everyone seems to agree...Well, Hux Flux are the best

trance band. No doubt. Lets see what Hallucinogen has to say in his next

studio album... hard to beat.

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