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OOOD - Breathing Space


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OOOD - Breathing Space


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Artist: OOOD

Title: Breathing Space

Label: OOOD

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 10'25" Heliopause

02. 09'58" Ciderspace

03. 09'55" Find Your Mind

04. 09'37" Spangled

05. 08'41" Sandoz

06. 06'58" The Unwinding Mind

07. 07'25" Jot Bodom

08. 08'33" Hartley's Ambient Jam




This is a mediocre CD... The first song is fast but ok with many 303-sounds...

After that you have 4 songs that are all the same fast style! But I mut say

song 4 stands out for me (really very fast with some cool melodies...!! Number

6-7 And 8 are different... Some more experimental stuff and not

dancefloor-orientated! I don't like song 6 And 7 much, but I think song 8 is

really fantastic Ambient!!

So best songs 1,5&8. I would give this CD about 7/10, so it could have been

better!! Bom Shankar

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Out of our depth don't pretend to be anything they're not. This is a fun-lovin'

outdoor free-party kinda thing, with plenty of psychedelic excursions into the

mad world of the minds of these Oxford boys. Plus some lovely ambient feeling

in the latter tracks - keep smiling 'cause OOOD probably are (one problem -

the cd is self-produced and the copy I got is a bit glitchy.... anyone else

suffer the same ?) 8/10


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Guest [Anonymous]

my cd is fine and the tracks are a blast to listen to. The way this albums

changes song to song keeps it from getting boring. Its pleasure to play.

Creative music!

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Guest [Anonymous]

High speed, peak of the night psy-trance that is lovingly crushing on the big

sound systems it was meant to be played on, tracks 1 & 4 are instant classics


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Guest deviantdidg[at]yahoo.co[dot]uk

I have never heard anything like it - surely OOOD have redefined the boundaries

of all things psychedelic. By the way, I have never met Colin or Steve and I

am therefore not biased in any way. This review is purely objective (and

probably objectional)... :)

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this is gOOOD !! very good... this is real underground music, just perfect...

If you're looking for some hard twisted underground psytrance I recommend you

to give this album a try..

my favourite tracks are 1,2,4 and 5 and especialy track 5 (Sandoz)... hmm...

all I can say about 'sandoz' is that it is music to play in a basement-party

:) just freakin awesome...

psychedelic rating 8/10... get this !!! if you can...

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Guest extra_terrestrial[at]goatrance[d

VERY GOOOD ALBUM. The first half of the album is twisted, cheeerfull and happy

and other half gets into the other, ambiental,melancholic and dubby relamz. It

is quality and fresh album .If you liked Otherworld from Trance, Dance And

Magic Plants, you will like this one too..


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Hey guys (who made this), if you read this, VERY NICE WORK! I ordered "A Live"

and got this instead. I'm keeping it. What a cool CD. Tracks 1-5 are upbeat

groovy trippy (driving trance) music. Just how I like it. Puts a smile on my

face : ) In fact, today I was walkin down to the local pub with this blasting

on the headphones and a huge smile on my face. This other guy walks by and

looks at me like I'm nuts. I laughed so hard. Anyway...the last three tracks

are..."ambient." The undwinding mind: starts off mellow and winds up sounding

drum & bassie (very nice). Jot bodom: is downtempo groovy with a cool

vibrating sound that floats in the background, with a (non-cheese) melody in

the foreground...NICE. Hartley's ambient jam: starts of dubby and winds up

truely ambient with dreamy sounds floating around. I find myself wondering why

I haven't heard more about this album before now. My review doesn't touch on

the exact nature of tracks 1-5, but rest assured. They are solid. Give this a


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I dug this out today, because I couldn't get hold of 'Free Range' as of yet and I longed for some OOOD's music...


Man! Is this a bomb or what?! All tracks ooze with quality, lots of thought must have gone into arrangement and sound creation. At the same time it's fun & serious, psychedelic & musical, dance floor friendly & home-listener friendly... It's the perfect example, that psy-trance can be intelligent, without resorting to experimental sound & structures (nothing bad in it, too - vide Process "One Drop or Two?"). This is still dance music, but it has that something which positively distinguishes it from the other releases of that time. It is very musical - most psy-trance are just reoccurring patterns of short loops. This on the other hand is a complete musical piece; it doesn't sound as linear as most other CDs. This is just good music, made the psychedelic way :)


I love it to bits. No bad track here, though I have to especially mention 'Heliopause', 'Spangled' and 'Jot Bodom' as they seem to be a notch above the rest.



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Artist: Oood

Title: Breathing Space

Label: O.o.o.d. Records

Date: 1999


1. Heliopause

2. Ciderspace

3. Find Your Mind

4. Spangled

5. Sandoz

6. The Unwinding Mind

7. Jot Bodom

8. Hartley's Ambient Jam





Bit of a close talker aren't you? Would a tic tac kill you? We all need our breathing space. And after this project released the absolute classic Alive maybe they needed some space to explore their sound. Always eclectic this album is nothing like its predecessor. Case in point? Hartley's Ambient Jam. The last track is part dub, part ambient journey that sounds nothing like their previous stuff. Maybe mushrooms are needed to really "get it?"




Nope, still don't get it. But why does the ceiling have arms and legs? And it's dripping. Slowly...so slowly. Omigod! It's gonna fall into my mouth. Can't...get...away.



But the whole album is different and I mean that in a good way. The uptempo first half is a blend of psy and goa that shows their creative depth. Heliopause sets the tone as a psy/goa hybrid with continuous evolution. Ciberland is a quality psy track. There is some growl in Spangled and Sandoz rips and soothes during the break. The last three were exercises in experimentation moving between downtempo, ambient breakbeat, dub...you name it. They didn't thrill me as much as the upbeat stuff, but kudos to them for throwing something different out there.


So it's not Alive II, but there is still a lot to like.



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