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Infected Mushroom - BP Empire

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"Do you want to have...a tasty...mushroom?"


It was this album right cheer that was the last time I actually purchased any thing from Infected Mushroom. What they do now is so off the charts out there and has been discussed many times that I'm not going down that road. Too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel.


This album combines symphonic textures and their gift of great production into an effective psytrance record. Known for pushing boundaries they maintain the psychedelia and keep it bouncy and light. From the eerie tones of Unbalanced (they were The Art of Being Non before Talpa appeared on the scene) to wispy and ethereal vocal tacet that floats over Spaniard they were never ones to shy away from being different. Funchameleon has that funky guitar right in the middle of it not to mention all the changes the track undergoes. Still this is approaching 15 years old and the middle of the album isn't as groundbreaking and avant garde as it once was. The break on Noise Maker seems to hit me just right however. But the most epic track is the final one Dancing With Kadafi. Love, love, love the violin and piano part in the middle.


Every now and then I'll reach for it, but for me anyway it doesn't have the grandeur and staying power of their first two albums. Having said that like others before me I believe this is a more emotional album that works best when you're not trying to wreck the dance floor.

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spaniard is magical live and they usually mix it together with wider. at least they did two of three times I saw them at amager dk in 2003-2005 or something like that.

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