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V/A - 3D

Guest psytrancer

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Guest psytrancer

V/A - 3D


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Artist: Various

Title: 3D

Label: TIP

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'30" The Infinity Project : Mindboggler

02. 05'33" Z : Uncle Mavis

03. 08'39" Psychopod : Friagram

04. 08'30" GMS : Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

05. 07'30" Germinating Seeds Of Doda : Dervish

06. 10'00" Orichalcum : The Egg

07. 08'30" Process : Cryogen

08. 08'40" The Deviant : Dawn On Epsilon

09. 09'25" Sandman : Highway 101




This was released in summer 1997 and that really seems like a long time ago

now......The first track is okay, but relies on strange sounds a little too

much, and I think that is the theme for much of this album. Much of the stuff

here is just trippiness without masses of musical structure or melody. High

points include the GMS track which is pretty cool, there is a killer

"wakawakawaka" pulsing right through it all which is exceedingly trancey.

It's also a little spooky. Germinating Seeds of Doda contribute a

pseudo-psychedelic breakbeat track, not spectacular though. Orichalcum's

track is again heavily reliant on weird noises, and also quite

breakbeaty...not very good though. The Process track is one of the best here,

really well driven by the funky bass line, again there are plenty of strange

noises, but lo and behold! Something resembling a melody in here

somewhere!!!!! The build up to the massive crescendo is good, and when it

opens itself fully its a bit of a killer track. Probably the best was saved

till last though - Sandman's Highway 101 is a retro classic, with some really

nice changes of pace and theme. So, a bit of a mixed bag with maybe 3 good

tracks and the rest ranging from crap to a mediocre. It has a very nice 3D

cover though. 5/10

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When this came out, many were billing it the greatest psy-trance ever. So I

bought it and hated it. The cover is nice and freaky, pity about the record.

I found maybe 2 minutes of decent stuff in the 64 or so. Avert your ears.

This is what the death of TIP Records sounded like; it sure wasn't a love


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Guest Acidhive

I think there are some good songs on it, and if you listen to it in one go,

it's likely to grab you somewhere along the way. But you have to like the TIP

style. Sandman delivers the best track on this, orichalcum is also pretty good

(love that bass) and overall, most songs have the typical TIP madness. I do

think this is one of their least compilations though, so only 6/10 from me.

Why? Well, some tracks just don't have that certain feeling to them... I don't

know, can't quite explain it. Listen before you dig in, that's my advice.

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Guest chuen[at]spin[dot]net[dot]au

One of my favourite compilations...colourful weird sounds abound, and true to

the essence of psy-trance (which is not always about melody)...People who own

it and don't like it yet should listen to it a few more times...


Specially recommended for careful listening: Uncle Mavis And Dawn on Epsilon

(but listen to all tracks, don't give up - trust me!)

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Guest a_ozi

I agree with chuen, although i liked much of it from the first listen. I'll add

that the orichalcum track is excellent, and Sandman 2. Not the best Infinity

Project or Process tracks though.

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Guest god is a tree

The Z track - Uncle Mavis is pseudoname for Metal Spark - and it could have

been slapped on their album Corrosive judging by the similarity of styles. I

wish this album leant even more towards the break beats... as it is the

variety on this is somewhat of a clash of styles. 5.10

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Guest psy61[at]home[dot]com

Yeah, when I first got this one back in 98, I hated it... A few years, and a

few trips later I really began to understand it better. This is pure

psychedelic trance done the T.I.P. way... melodies hidden deep within the

chaos. And as for the Sandman track, pure brilliance! 8/10

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Guest Ehsanur

People bithin' about TIP's death are getting anyoing. And this release was

certainly not from a dying lable! GMS,Psychopod,The Deviant,Orichalcum and

Sandman stands out here. 7/10


Eshanti Brahman

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Guest Psychedelic PlayBoy

hey above; give it a second chance, this is good....i meant, is not bad ) nice

songs from GMS, Orichalcum, Deviant....)

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Pretty good compilation....I don't understand people nagging non stop about the

trance music...This compilation is good and clever. I like all songs but


HIGHWAY 101....


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This was so far ahead of its time. Back when it was AAE (all about Etnica) with melodies and tracks that would take you through the clouds along comes this bonafide gem from TIP Records. Oh it didn't seem like a gem when this review was written. Read the thread. People were either luke warm on it or just outright hated it. But if you block off an hour or so and are looking for a deep trip then throw this in the deck. It's pure psychedelic goa trance. Friagram and Do Androids? Sign me up! If the shortest distance between to points is a line then this is a circle. Weird noises abound, but they're not there for just being weird's sake. Well maybe a couple. Truth be told I found both Orichalcum's and the Deviant's tracks a bunch of noise. But the majority are the type that are being re-discovered by labels today. It's far from perfect, but when you're looking for music that doesn't follow any f*cking pattern whatsoever yet remains cohesive then this could be just the ticket.



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