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Tranan - Restarter - Solstice


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just got this through this morning, so i'm having a quick listen now.


it comes across as a funkier Logic Bomb type of sound.


favourite track already is track 3 Deep Reef...just awesome.

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01. Restarter

02. Repetator

03. Deep Reef

04. Splat

05. Resonance Dinner

06. Compilation Stimulation

07. Bump

08. Infected by Devils

09. Lost

10. Bio Toxic


This album is in the typical Logic bomb style.

Changing light basslines, and semi melodies. The album becomes more interesting when track 3 starts with a dark intro, and a nice bassline, but the track sounds a bit unfinished. There is a clear lack of energy in some tracks, I think of tracks 1 and 2.

Nevertheless, favourite tracks :

04 - Lots of melodies in this one, a nice effort.

06 - It is a clean track, an efficent bassline, and nice melodies, especially with a nice melodic intro, this is how i like their psytrance! Good ending too.

07 - Soft track, always with the tyical Logic bomb's samples, this track contains an amazing passage with amazing melodies after the middle of the track, melodies which sound a bit "medieval". The end of the track is more morning. Definitely a nice track.

08 - Nice intro, (same sample as Blue planet corporation - Atoll, if i m not wrong?) very melodic track with a flute in the background. Seems the album is more melodic after each track. The track is not full of twisted and psychedelic sounds, but it does it for me, actually it is pretty soft and morning, and i like this very much.

The end of the album is slower, not really my cup of tea, even if track 10 is not so bad!

On the whole, you will find some old school elements in this album, lots of melodies from tracks 4 till track 8. Not bad at all.



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its really a pity for a guy like jonas to release mainstream musik to succedd on the big typical "psy" festivals around the world..


"morning" full-on with a little touch of the logic style...really sad for the guy who released "headware" back then..

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8/10... really nice morning styled trance with oldschool elements. I also thought it was abit mediocre on first listen but after that it has just grown on me. Love it now! Looking forward to the Z-Man album and the new Logic Bomb album next year.

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Mid range standard issue stuff here. I love certain Logic Bomb tracks and this just doesn't touch the magic those two can create. It doesn't make my ears bleed but it's not inspirational either.


My fav track is the last one. Otherwise... I give it 6 to 7 out of 10.

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Still a pleasant album, morning with an interesting variety. Probably overlooked. To me it does not sound too different to Logic bomb (not implying the other half is useless haha far from it!), softer perhaps but I prefer it to Sonic Algebra or The Grid. Good stuff.

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