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Do you follow some concrete rule when you make music or you just let emotions lead you? Basically(IMO) the difference between comersial and classic is in this question.


no concrete rule.. i have some very basic rules that are very "fragile" however and try to experiment and not follow a typical formula every time.

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Lol, just let it flow man (: That's what music is about, making it personal and creating your own style! At least IMO =)


that's what it's about!


you have to follow certain rules if you want to make a specific type of music though. But when creating your own style just do whatever you want and make it sound good :D


here's an example of my own usual style (not psytrance though)

Improved communication


I'm still working on a new psytrance track and I hope to finish it soon B)

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Write music without feeling like you need to sell something. In other words, write whatever kind of music you want to make. Be free and careless. Cross over, under, through and around boundaries. In a way it's like sketching with sound. Find what it is about your compostions that move you and if you are satisfied with the results than keep that formula. You can only get better and surprisingly people start to take notice your progress.

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the rule is always a multyply of 4... in every song you will hear it... 4-8-12-16...



I'd say in most trance it is 4-8-16-32


it starts with four and always doubles. But of course it is just interesting to see 12 in music as well, but it doesn't happen often in dance music.

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i dont have many rules. i find that if i try to specifically make something it doesnt come out well, most of the time it just "happens" and comes out fine :blink: i do like to keep my stuff moving, with the bass infecting your brain and the hats dancing on your braincells :D

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