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  1. is a good tune ... kei bangelijk... and it is pro..... both songs....
  2. Great sound and nice driving bass. really really nice... perhaps you toughen it up on the end of the song, because the bassline is to hard for the melody and sequences... but keep on working and it will work... and can i know what vst or synth you use for youre baseline....
  3. to be honest, i think you are .... so good gear... just st....
  4. You use nice sounds but is too much te same perhaps a bit more variation in the use of sounds. but it sounds psy.... what kind of vst or sinths do you use?
  5. the sound of Dropship is good, specially your bassline. but it couldn't keep me listening. perhaps more variation in the use of sounds.
  6. it is original but as we say it in dutch is just tjingel tjangel.....
  7. nice song,... nice bassline, the sounds are good but perhaps a bit more variation in the use of sounds.
  8. "inderdeed", you make o lot of shit.... and my shit is much better than your shit, so much good gear you have but so much....
  9. I like your songs, a bit emotional songs. the second was the best,
  10. I had the same problem,... you can clone the channel so it's like you use two different sounds... and that will do the trick...
  11. indeed "insected mushroom" (overload) but it is a great groove, let me know when you finish this track...
  12. i cant believe myself that i still take the effort to listen to your "JINGELTJANGEL" it's dutch for WWWHHHAAAAG....) were is the hardcore and tekno???????? Please take some musiclessons. Please visit this site: www.synthzone.com/theory.htm .....................
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