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V/A - Satellite (Oxygen Records, March 2005)

Frontier Psychiatrist

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VA Satellite (Oxygen Records, March 2005)



1. Mr. Peculiar – Elevation

2. Setherian – Patch This

3. Audialize – Full On Chaos Magic

4. E-Ject – Shigris

5. Gappeq – One Soul

6. Vibra – Alien Intelligence

7. Spectra – Radiation Status

8. Alternative – Control Esperanto

9. Sound Field – Ocean in Motion



Oxygen Records, a brand new Czech Psy Trance label bring us their debut compilation that showcases mostly fresh artists from all over the globe. Although the general direction of this compilation is Morning full-on it remains quite eclectic and doesn’t stick to one specific sound like most of the compilations nowadays.

Here’s what you get on this CD:


Mr. Peculiar is possibly the best known name on this compilation. One of Australia’s best known Psy producers starts the compilation with a very nice, floating tune with a lot of attention on the atmosphere and tight percussion. Sounds to me like something that would come out if Sub6 would make a tune with FreQ. Kick ass!

Setherian is Dj. Seth from Brazil and he’s most known for his dark and powerful sound. Not as dark as Psychotic Micro, but more like the old Double Dragon with full on rhythm. This is a nice tune but I think that he can do much better. More variety in sounds could do the trick here.

Portuguese Joao Apell which otherwise known as Audialize is the next artist on the tracklist. Joao already released an album about 2 years ago on Ketuh records and if you heard it, you should already know what to expect. This is serious smasher with strong percussion and evolving goa’ish melody. One of the strongest tunes in the compilation.

E-Ject actually is a collaboration between Nir Shoshani (Hujaboy, BooReka, Gorlation Corporation) and Uri Azene. Although I usually like Nir’s output but lately, perhaps because of his joining to the Spun family, he sounds like he’s losing his dark edge. None the less it is a good tune that should do the work on the dancefloor.

Gappeq is next with possibly the best tune of the compilation. Gappeq is the Czech representative on the compilation. And his appearance here is not a token representative from the home land. This tune kicks some serious asses. Jiri Tomasek is the name, and you’d better start to learn how to spell it cause what we have here a hit. Solid rhythm that reminds me a lot of 1200 mics first album (and that’s for only good reasons) is accompanied with weird sounds and funny samples and melodies. Good stuff!

Vibra, another Brazilian representative on the compilation continues with strong and grinding vibe. A lot of typical full on sounds with some sci-fi samples in between. In the middle the bassline starts to be more dynamic and a melody is introduced. Definitely effective dancefloor number.

Spectra are up next. And as I learn from the booklet they might be 2 brothers. But I am not so sure about it. Radiation Status is another powerful tune, but for some reason I find it really hectic and not leading anywhere. Sounds like a filler to me 

Serbian Alternative Control with Esperanto (proper name for compilation like that) are next. I heard a lot of good things about Alternative Control prior to listening to this tune and I must admit that those guys indeed have potential. Very melodic tune but with none the less strong beat and bruising bassline. Think of it as Protoculture vs Logic bomb. Good effort and I hope the future releases will be good as well.

For closure we are served with something completely different. Sound Field are duo that consists of Andy Yakovlev AKA Prosect and Liron Atia AKA The Poofs. Them both share the same ideology of breaking the walls between progressive and full on trance. And this tune is their debut release. Epic, long, evolving tune that have fierce beat but totally soft pads and leads. Keep your eyes on those guys they surely have a very promising future.


Recommendation: Solid debut compilation from Oxygen Records. Kudos for pushing some new names with fresh ideas and emphasizing on the multi nationality of the artists on the compilation. The artwork is very clean and nice as well. Kudos for that as well!


Favorite Tracks: 1, 3!, 5!!, 6, 9!!


Review by Pavel


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good review mate, my favourite is Gappeq.

thanks for the words on our track and project, this days hard to be different B)


have the best



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Here is one more review (copied from forum.istratrance.com).

Thanx to Laurin (the author) for such a great feedback.




Oxygen Records 2005


1.Mr. Peculiar- 'Elevation'

2.Setherian- 'Patch This'

3.Audialize- 'Full On Chaos Magic'

4.E-jekt- 'Shigris'

5.Gappeq- 'One Soul'

6.Vibra- 'Alien Intelligence'

7.Spectra- 'Radiation Status'

8.Alternative Control- 'Esperanto'

9.Sound Field- 'Ocean in Motion'


This great collection of tracks has been compiled by DJ TV...This is the 1st release of brand new label Oxygen Records that is focused on releasing intelligent melodic morning music in all variations. With that in mind...


1.Mr. Peculiar-'Elevation'- *The Early Morning Stormer* - From Australia comes a track by one of my favorite psy artists, the track starts right in introducing bright melodic pads that remind me of early Atomic Pulse, intermingling with deeper synth sounds in the background and a driving kick, all the while remaining very psychedelic, a nice percussion line and a more straightforward melody are added to the mix, ambient pads remain in the background, lots of different synth melodies and patterns are interspersed in this track, its got the drive of a nighttime track, and the melody of the morning, a killer combination, also many of the melodies in this track are of a more mysterious and almost melancholy feel, which i really liked. A breakdown, and the classic Mr. Peculiar synth sound is introduced, a complete break- and then everything good in this track happens seemingly all at once. killer! 10/10


2.Setherian-'Patch This'- *The Techy Morning Groover* - From Brazil comes a track from Dj Seth. This track starts in with a driving straightforward bassline, kick, and high hat. some swirling synth sounds are overlayed, A faster groove around 143bpm and some nice metallic percussion along with growing ambient pads in the backgound and a melody that we can hear slowly creeping its way around the other parts of the track. It eases its way into the forefront of the track smoothly and seemingly without notice, the breakdown- some very mechanical samples, and the deep groove is back in once again minus the melody and with the addition of more psychedelic mechanical samples, the ambient pads are again introduced, a very nice techy, percussive overall feel to this track, a breakdown with some ambient sounds in the background, many sounds swirling around and a slow percussive build. the groove is again introduced with the creeping melody from before, uplifting yet dark, all at the same time 9/10


3.Audialize-'Full On Chaos Magic'- *The Best Morning Track of 2005!!!!* From Portugal comes Joao Appel (Audialize) with a track that just makes me anticipate his full length release on Third Eye Records about a million times more than before. This is by *far* the best track I have heard in a long time. the beat is driving, the track is constantly building and the synth melodies are interesting, original, and most importantly, make me want to dance my ass off! the breakdown builds tension while also allowing for a quick resolution and returning the track to its killer groove, the filters on the melody make for an even more interesting track- another breakdown- and part 2 of the melody is introduced. Every time i listen to this track, (and I've listened to it many many times since I've gotten the cd) every sound I love, another breakdown features the synth melody by itself and then this track takes off. and the best part is, every time you think its over, the intensity just keeps building. full on chaos magic it truly is!! and it makes a dancefloor go absolutely insane!!!!!!! 11/10!!!!!


4.E-jekt-'Shigris'- *The Suprise Morning Melody* E-jekt is the morning melodic side project of Nir Shoshani aka Hujaboy. the track slams in with a large bass sound and muted percussion in the background, some ambient pads in the back increase the tension inherent in this track, a synth melody swirls from left to right and back again while the main melody takes center stage. a more bouncy kick is introduced as a more abrasive and less melodic synth melody is introduced combining with vocal samples interspersed in the background. a mysterious breakdown gives the feeling that one is falling down. a vocal sample and a filtered swirling melody builds up and the original groove is back in along with ambient pads, a bit of mystery in this track, as I'm not sure where its headed and then finally a huge snare roll and a very nice bassline kicks in with a multitude of synth melodies bouncing around on top while at the same time new melodies begin unfolding, and then BAM. its over. 8/10


5.Gappeq-'One Soul'-*The Psy-Reggae Morning Groove* From Czech comes Gappeq, Jiri Tomasek, who's tracks I have always been a fan of from various Kethu Records Compilations. his sound has been developping and evolving quite nicely as of late! The track begins with some interesting percussive melodies and bell sounds as a ripping synth lead is introduced. ambient pads fad in and out sitting behind the main synth melody, but yet slowly growing in prominence. an oozing melody and a short buildup, some breakbeats, and a clarinet melody. very nice and unusual use of sounds, some quirky percussion, very orchestral melodies. the track is relaxing for the moment creeping along, the percussion is added back in almost instantaneously, a more driving prominent kick slides in and we have a dark feel that immediately contrasts with a ska/reggae feel into a buildup, slamming into a more driving kick/bass and a bouncy, quirky melody and the ripping synth and percussion from the beginning are again reintroduced. the random quirky samples lead to the clarinet melody ending the track 10/10


6.Vibra- 'Alien Intelligence'- *The Get Everyone off their Ass and Dancing Morning Groove* From Brazilian Daniel Costa comes yet another killer track. A mysterious sample and large synth in the background and this is deep, full, and driving from the start. the deeper sounds are what really get this track going, some nice percussion and delayed synths, and the main synth melody is in, a dramatic breakdown, some squeaky samples and a very fat acid synth line takes over. reminds me a bit of an old hard house melody for a second, except the sound really helps to round out the track as a whole. the track is pretty straight forward and has a very "in your face" feel to it, a creeping pizzacato-ish sound sits behind the acid synth before eventually taking center stage. nice acid synth breakdown, along with sample, and we are into the same hard house-esque groove once again. not really my favorite from Vibra, but powerful track nonetheless 7/10


7.Spectra- 'Radiation Status'- *The Morning Resolution* From Portugal comes Spectra with a track that begins with soothing melodic ambiance and a smooth groove, subtle kick, and precise percussion send this track onwards, swirling melodies swoop haphazardly twisting around. a short breakdown and the beat is filtered while the track builds and we are back to our swooping groove once again. a percussion line takes more prominance, giving this track less of a straightforward feel, the breakdown and a slow build and a delayed synth and percussive sound take over the track. sweeping ambient pads swirl into a breakdown and a tinkling melody and dreamy breakdown. a slow gentle melodic build with the bassline creeping up underneath and the groove comes back in with many swooping sounds and ambient pads. a smoother melody creeps in over everything and this is just that point at the end of a long night of dancing, when you just look up at the sky and smile 9/10


8.Alternative Control- 'Esperanto'- *The Most Melodic Morning Track* From Serbia comes Alternative Control with some nice melodies to open up the track, some light percussion is introduced and a subtle buildup into a driving kick and acid sounding bassline, some ambient pads and short laser sounds are interspersed as the ambient melody grows, the main melody reminds me a lot of Protoculture. the breakdown and a zooming buildup, with the main melody remaining most prominant in the track. a breakdown and the smooth melody is answered with a more raw sounding synth, a breakdown, inaudible sample and a breakdown/buildup with this sample in the background still, nice morning melodies, perhaps a bassline that is a bit too aggressive for the rest of the track but regardless, killer morning melodies 8/10


9.Sound Field- 'Ocean in Motion'- *The Anthematic Morning Track* Sound Field is Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia from Israel. An interesting and unusual beginning as the kick and high hats are filtered and the bass pops in for a second, a sample in the background and finally the bass kicks in and this groover takes off. the bpm is slower than other tracks on the compilation at 137bpm. At times it reminds me of Freq, at other times, Pixel. that is until the guitar melody is introduced, a breakdown and an almost anthem-ish melody takes over, a short vocal and we're into a more synth based groove, almost a funky feel to this track with a more ripping synth sound behind the melody driving the track along, the breakdown with the anthem-ish melody, percussion starts the buildup as all of a sudden its pretty intense and aggressive before abruptly returning to the previous laid back groove, perhaps the contrast was a bit much, but it only serves to highlight the nice groove of this track! 8/10


Overall: 9/10 FINALLY a morning trance compilation that doesn't cheese out!!! Quality Morning Music!!! An excellent debut release from Oxygen Records! and as I pointed out above, what's especially nice about this compliation is that each track has its own distinct feel and showcases the many different takes that one can have on exactly what "morning music" is. The compilation flows nicely from start to finish, beginning with more early morning stompers and progressing to the more melodic mid morning/early afternoon grooves. An excellent collection of artists as well, with a nice mix of veteran and newcomer producers. I look forward to hearing more from Oxygen Records in the future!


Favorites:1(!!!), 2, 3(!!!!!!!!!), 5(!!!), 7

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