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Solar Quest - Orgship

Guest Astro Cortex

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Guest Astro Cortex

Solar Quest - Orgship (1994 SSR)


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1. 11:28 The Belle of Atlantis

2. 06:20 Singtree

3. 06:42 Awaken Kundalini

4. 08:50 Liquid Sky

5. 09:02 The Open Path

6. 08:13 Save the Whale

7. 03:55 Requiem for a Lily

8. 17:11 Flying Spirals



Another ambient album that I thoroughly recommend. This time it’s very much on the chilled-out side of things, without a single obtrusive acid sound or similar noises throughout. It’s all quite mellow and subtle when it comes to the use of percussion, melodies and basslines.


The Belle of Atlantis opens the album gently, with samples of ocean waves, a female voice in the distance (sirenes?) and sweet synth and flute melodies.


Don’t expect the singing of a tree on the next track, but rather calm and subtle acoustic guitar playing. And what a deep, deep bass we have here! This is chill-out music in the true sense of the word. Relaxx… B)


Next is Awaken Kundalini, which indeed makes you awaken a bit from the silent conditions the previous tracks may have put you into, as it’s more upbeat than the rest of the album, yet it’s still quite chilled.


The following two tracks are my favourite on the album. At first there is Liquid Sky, a track that really lives up to its title. It is quite liquid sounding indeed, and when I listen to it I feel like I’m diving into the sea above the clouds. This is truly an awesome piece of ambient dub I can assure you!


And then we have The Open Path, this one has a classic ambient opening, and then its friendly sounding main melody will guide you on the path that takes course on your solar quest. :)


On Save the Whale we have a 4/4 beat but it still remains chilled here. Very nice, a bit melancholic sounding track.


Requiem for a Lily is a strong classical sounding piece, and Flying Spirals finishes the quest as a long, repetitive but very subtle and floating ambient track.


What can I say, it’s ambient at its best. Enjoy it! :D

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Fantastic album, I fell asleep with this cd 200 times last year I think!


Favourite tracks, nr 2 "the Bell of Atlantis" and also nr 8 "Flying Spirals"


one of the only beatless ambient albums I would give 9/10!

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Beautiful, dreamy album. Solar Quest makes as good ambient as acid trance.


This album is with ORGISMS his best ambient albums. 9/10


And they both came as a 2CD release which is the version I have. It is very good and well worth getting.

Some really chilled tracks and some slightly more beaty tracks too.


Bells of Atlantic is a wonderful opener with nice wave sounds leading into some nice melodic leads and it never looks back. Pure dreamy chillout all the way. My favourite track is requiem for a lily which just has me begging for more and disappointed that it is only 4 minutes long :(:wub:

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Save the Whale is where the action is at for my part. I would put this track among the top ten eternal classics of the chilled genre. Relaxed but emotional, only slightly milking the tear channels with the whale sounds; which reminds me of the following:


George: I'm such a huge whale fan. These marine biologists were showing how they communicate with each other with these squeaks and squeals, what a fish!


Jerry: It's a mammal.


George: Whatever.

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