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Man with no name


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Hmmm, I thought this thread was about MWNN??  <_<


ouh okey then :) ...hmm MWNN is mediocre stuff...what's so great about teleportation? there've been better tracks before and after it :)

IMO when judging music you shouldn't think when it's made...there are opinions like "yeah but considering when it was made it's awesome..." it shouldn't be a decisive fact when music was made... if something doesn't sound good today then...it doesn't and it's bad. It's that simple. :) Ouh and...MWNN didn't sound that good "back in the days" either... :P

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All has to do with personal taste imo...

Concerning MWNN....the guy made me love Goa trance...First time I heard Sugar Rush

I went to heaven.... :P

His last album was not what I expected but it was not crap either,it was different.

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As many said here before, MWNN is a legend in this scene. Tracks like Suger Rush, Floor Ecense, Teleport will never be forgotten.

I think he has been the link into goatrance for many people and he deserves all respect.

Regarding his last album he hade one good track, Axis Flip. But what the hell he will always be a legend in this scene.


take care

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New album is quite different than previous ones. There aren't so many melodies but it is certainly not a bad album or forgetable. I was also expecting blast of an album and instead he developed his style in a more progressed way but didn't make progressive trance album but some crossover between gentle psy and progressive. I quite like his new album but his best are MOMENT OF TRUTH and EARTH MOVING THE SUN. Of course the singles he released were great. My favourite songs are : TELEPORT, THE BREECH, SUGAR RUSH, OWN THE WORLD, LOW COMMOTION, VAVOOM, EVOLUTION, LUNAR CYCLE...


I agree with Seraph. I was just surprised that he didn't list Possessed.


Although I really liked the first several tracks on Martins new album, it seemed to fall apart somewhere in the middle and the most weak tracks are in the end. It was by far not a bad album, but I was a bit disappointed, considering this is from such an artist capable of such better songs as listed above. MWNN has made some of the best, most catchy and melodic goatrance I've heard to date.


Several of his best tracks on his newer album are:


Axis Flip - This and the next track are both very good, if not great! I wish there were more songs at this high energy level, and with more melodies!!!


Space Juice - More tracks like this one and the first song please!


My favorite track is Axis Flip! Thats a great song and my personal favorite on Interstate Highway, although sometimes I think Space Juice is pretty close! I'm surprised it took so long for him to release a third album. I realize he's done LOTS of remixes over the years, but geez!, Its been 6 years since his last release! Please, if you have good or great material, please release an album in the next 2-3 years, not in another 5-7. Were all going to be grand daddy's or dead by the time he releases another album at this rate!, and I say that because I enjoy listening to his work. I hope if he releases another album in several years, every track is great or incredible!, tracks that are more like the quality of his best tracks on all three of his albums combined, or better!, New tracks that are ALL great, with no remotely close to being called "fillers" or even decent ones! And it would be golden if he brought back more of those catchy, magical melodies that seem to exist less in this third album.

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