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Sasha "Xpander" w/ Matrix-sample?!

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Hey guys... What I'm looking for isn't excactly psy, I know, but it's still a pretty damn good track and I'd like to know the name of it!


I know it's a white label, and it's the wellknown Sasha-track "Xpander" only with Matrix-samples thrown in "Take The Blue Pill..." etc [The most commonly used sample EVER, I know...]


It doesn't sound very original I know, but this track has sentimental value to me, and that´s why I'm trying to hunt it down! Yeah!


Thanx in advance guys and girls!





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4 hours ago, technosomy said:

i reckon hope D P not been sweating on this result!


Do you guys know the backstory of that track?

Sasha bought a Peeenos expander from China and did it one year!? Sasha had 12cm and after expander he got 12,5...he did that track as a thank you for the company in Japan. He is not Racist.

you can feel the pain!

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