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Found 10 results

  1. Artist: Ubar Tmar Title: Early Fusion Label: Zion 604 Date: August, 2018 1. A Tale of Taketori (604 Edit) 2. Another Transform 3. I'm Shocked 4. Eternal Return (Early Mix) 5. 3D Heaven ('96 Live Mix) 6. Eejyanaika (Early Mix) 7. When the Light Is Gone (Original Mix) 8. Flying Saucer Landing (Live Mix) 9. E-Talk (Live Mix) 10. Cosmo Drome (Piano Version) Zion 604 has basically knocked everything they have released out of the park. Very consistent which is why this release surprised me. As if you didn't already you have to take this review with a grain of salt. I never cared for the music from this artist. He didn't have the melodies of others and I always thought of his as weird. This compilation of tracks confirms my beliefs. Like the DJ's father above says, it's not my style. This isn't floaty, melodic, or hypnotizing trance. Leave it to the Japanese to make something totally different. It's not bad it just isn't for me. And that's ok. It's rife with discord. It aims to antagonize, like it's angry at the listener. It sometimes goes in weird directions that are jarring or unsafe. There were parts I enjoyed in most tracks, but it was never sustained. Sometimes it was noisy just to be noisy. And don't get me started on the annoying level of Eejyanaika. It's definitely not your run of the mill goa release but what I can say is that I appreciate the varied directions in which he attempts to steer his brand of goa. So...I'll pass on this one. Zion 604 Bandcamp
  2. Artist: DNA Title: Virtual Jungle Label: Zion 604 Date: December, 2016 1.Chakra & Avi - Insignificant Form Of Life (DNA Remake) 08:14 2. Phreaky - The Second Moon (DNA Remake) 06:50 3.Joti & Avi - Etheogenic Spiral (DNA Remake) 07:46 4.Joti & Avi - Solid Bubbles (DNA Remake) 07:21 5.Dino & Avi - Tango Electro (DNA Remake) 07:53 6.Oli & Avi - Nuclear Fissionchips (DNA Remake) 06:59 "It's amazing!" No, it's not. But I'll get there. Zion 604 is a wonderful label which specializes in releasing hard to find goa trance or stuff that was never released. They do some artist stuff as well and for the most part have been (and rightly so) lauded for their efforts. Their latest is an update on an old-school album Virtual Jungle. Well...kinda. I mean 4 of the tracks are missing and they added Insignificant Form of Life. These aren't remixes just updates done by DNA, otherwise known as Dan Komen and Avi Alga..Avi Algaran...Space Cat. First let me say that this is far from my favorite goa album. The original was decent and quite good in places, but I could take it or leave it. I was gonna do a track by track review, but the more I listened to them the more I realized that what I was going to say for one track goes for all of them. The sound is much improved. Warmer and clearer with more punch. The groove is more out front and it sounds like something from Zion. I had forgotten some of these and it made me remember how psychedelic tracks like Solid Bubbles is. Here's where the disappointment comes in. Even though the sound is vastly improved now we have just ok tracks that sound better. I never listen to samples so I was hoping that they would do whatever juju magic they seem to have and make a diamond out of a zirconium. They did not. Mostly Couple things. Even though aurally it is super some of the tracks are missing that punch, that fury. The Second Moon is one of them. It's like they took the drama out of it. Nuclear Fissionchips wasn't a great track to start with, but the remake just made that more clear. Bottom line I think it's a good maxi-Ep (that's what it is), but with the quality of their output I cannot help but be a little disappointed that they didn't do more with this. One thing I will say...that cover is awesome. Zion604 Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Skizologic Title: ReMind EP Label: Zion 604 Date: March, 2014 1. Infinity 2. Funky Virus 3. Kali Power 4. Boundless (Skizologic Remix) - Prana 5. MS Blast (2014 Edit) 6. MS Blast (Shakta Remix) 1903. Is this what Europe still uses to deliver the f*cking mail? I realize I have taken up residence in the colonies, but a minimum of two weeks to get a CD? Why not just tie it to a pigeon and throw it in my general direction? One of the many reasons I love Zion 604. Me buy CD me get instant high quality download. And when the stagecoach does finally pull to the front of my house with the CD I don't even have to open it. Zion has ripped it for me. It's like fast food without the guilt or the self hate after I just polished off a double Whopper with large fries and drink. King me! This is Maor Hasbani who compiled a previous Zion 604 release called The Kingdom. It sounds a lot like Braincell if he was infatuated with goa trance. Mastered by Mr. Eat Static Merv Perpler it sounds glorious and punchy with a rich bottom end that doesn't sacrifice the mids or the highs. Crystal clear. The tracks are comprised of strong bass lines you can feel in your chest. The grooves are twisted and the leads are gritty. Melodies? Yeah, but not the twirling, layered type. He doesn't seem interested in carrying you to Nirvana, he wants to throw you there with a catapult. Maybe a cannon is involved, but he brings the power along with squelching 303's on a track like Kali Power. It's chunky and organic with good use of percussive sounds. Very psychedelic. There's even a Shakta remix for lovers of the old school days. Before I rated the tracks I kept listening to it over and over to see if I got tired of it. One drawback may be that it sounds too similar, but with only 6 tracks and the absolute great sound it held up. There were periods where I wasn't that blown away, but then he would launch into some distinctly goa riffs that thrust me back into things. I find it a good mix of goa and psytrance that maintains its psychedelic vibe. On top of it all the digipak comes with a mix he did with Shidapu. At least that's what Bandcamp says, since I haven't had to open my copy. Recommended. Bandcamp Mdk
  4. Radical Distortion 12 Dimensions Label: Zion 604 Tracklist: 1. The Score 2. Computer Controlled - Physical Reality (Radical Distortion Remix) 3. Homo Universalis 4. Quantum Gravity 5. Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix) 6. 12 Dimensions 7. 24 dB (Odyssey Mix) 8. Dragon Birthy 9. I Am Locutus After a first listen I came away from "12 Dimensions" very disappointed. Following the grandiose intro of "The Score," a wild cinematic track bursting with what sounds like a full orchestra, things got poor pretty quickly, so much so that by the time the tunes seemed to be getting better it was pretty difficult to check back in. As for round two the gems of this collection started to shine bright and beautiful helped in no small way by listening to the album on random so that the later tracks, the better tracks, got the first look they deserve. Nothing as big or broad as "The Score" lead-off track is found elsewhere on the album so it sets the bar pretty high early on. Interestingly, in sequence from the CD, the three weakest tracks play next and they just seem to lag and overstay their welcome. Beginning with "Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix)" and continuing to the album's conclusion on the unspeakably great "I Am Locutus" the tracks get infinitely better - subtle, slow-burners, remarkably better over time, so nuanced that there does not seem to be a way to savor all the beauty in just one listen. The finest part of these latter five tracks is that they are gloriously old-school in spirit but delivered within the crystal-clear clarity of modern technology. There is no sensory overload from an avalanche of effects and no risk of running a Caesar by piercing the listener to death with synth stabs. "12 Dimensions" is not overly complex with its layers nor is it as dismissively simple with those layers as the first listen could make it seem. "12 Dimensions" is a great album (complete with some wicked cover art) once you get past the rough spots. There are no dance floor bombs here so it is gorgeous at-home goa and for five beautiful, intricate, well-paced, superbly crafted tracks it lives up to its name as a multi-dimensional gem.
  5. Artist: Libra Title: Share Dream State EP Label: Zion 604 Date: August, 2015 1. Grumbling Machine 2. Share Dream State Just read the Tottem review by our favorite fruit fly and that got the typing juices flowing. Zion 604 is a label that releases music goa trance from both the past and present with nary a disappointment. Haven't heard much from them this summer, but that's probably because they're out at all the festivals shagging multiple ladies with daddy issues with only a beat and a melody. Somehow between all that hedonism they managed to eek out a little ep. This project is yet another musician from the holy land. The closet is not the holy land Robin, it's your prison. You're not fooling anyone. Come out into the light, you'll feel better. Do you have any idea how much you're gonna sh*t after all that ice cream? Good luck getting that outta those tights. Not that holy land the biblical one. With all the artists from that place you would be led to believe that kids are issued a copy of FL Studio when they exit the womb. It's a short 2 tracker, but it is very well done and shows that the label has an eye for current goa trance. The opener sounds just like I think a grumbling machine would, with mechanical sounds and sprinkled lightly with some goa grease. Whirring, cranking, creaking...kinda minimal with not overpowering melodies. Not bad. The title track piles on with the sparse electro theme at first, but the details really begin to flower as you move farther into the track. It's juicy and not aggressive, but at almost 10 minutes it has plenty of time to flourish. Not the best goa I've heard, but it certainly is good to see this music of ours stretched into different creative avenues. Zion 604 Bandcamp
  6. Anyone know anything about this? It is not listed on the Zion 604 Bandcamp page and I have not seen any thread here in this forum. http://www.discogs.com/Skizologic-Robotized/release/6759356
  7. Artist: Various Title: Flight 604 Label: Zion 604 Date: May, 2012 1. Enlightenment (Oforia Remix) - Loud 2. Goa Visions - Adrenalin Drum 3. Spirit of God - Qlipadelic Rhythm & Jikooha 4. Enoch - Aurax 5. Physical Reality - Computer Controlled 6. Narrow Vision In A Wide World - Cymatics 7. Analogue Sunrise - InnerZone 8. Gate To The Past - California Sunshine 9. Evil Echo - 2 Minds Sitting at home with nothing to do but surf the net is dangerous indeed. Add Zion 604 to the labels that I've cleaned out. Damn you Paypal and your incredible ease of use! If you don't know, Zion 604 Records is a psychedelic trance record label formed in March 2012 by Roy Sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida. An Israeli/Japanese tag team if you will. This is their first release as a label and a first step in their main goal: preserving the Goa culture by spreading Goa music. That can't be a bad thing right? But they say that this is Pure Israeli New School at its best. That word...I don't think it means what you think it means. I recognize some of the artists as being old school, so are these new tracks? But there are new schoolers hear as well. I see you Jikooha. Don't try to hide. Enlightenment (Oforia Remix)- Ofer's back in play with a remix of a Loud track. Noun, not adjective. I was stunned at how unremarkable it was. Zero twists and turns just straight ahead. Where are the layers? Where's the acid lines? Answer me that Mr. Pigs in Space!?! Don't come in here with that weak shit Ofer. Goa Visions- "If you haven't heard of LSD, you will. It's a safe bet that this drug will make headlines in this country as it has for some years in America." You hear those 303's? Those dogs are barkin! It has a swagger that doesn't hit you at once, but prefers to strike from a distance. I was hoping for a nice climax that would bring all the elements together, but that didn't happen. Spirit of God- Now this is some good new school. It thumps with ever changing leads and arcing pads. Not overly lush with tons of layers, but again straightforward. Twinkling sounds and electronic whistles add to it's nature. For those that are sick of the floating style you'll probably enjoy this. Enoch- Old Schooler Aurax gets things chunky about halfway through with some guttural goa sounds. It pumps and rises to a pretty good climax. One of the most unintentionally sexual things I've ever typed. Physical Reality- "It only comes into existence when it bumps up against some other piece of physical reality." That's what she said. You had to be there. You might not recognize the name here, but this is Eitan Rider (half of Loud) and one of the label heads. This track sounds pure old school with a melody that I swear I've heard before. It builds and bubbles over with maximum twirling potential. Eitan should make more goa, he's pretty good at it. Narrow Vision in a Wide World- "What do you mean? What do you think when you say the word I? I...myself." Either this guy is an old schooler that never made anything or he is fresh as a daisy cause he comes right out and stakes his claim. New guy makes massive old school track. Screaming leads echo throughout as it combines the floating power of sunshine with the aggressive swagger of the dark side. Can't wipe the smile off my face. Analogue Sunrise- Another unknown artist to me with a very busy track. Pumping surely, with noisy sounds and drug samples that tumble over like a waterfall. Some good layering in there and it gets into attack mode at the end. Gate To The Past- If you've read my reviews (and how could you not I'm everywhere...see, look at my profile. Look at it. It even says so) then you know my utter disdain for California Sunshine. For my ears they haven't produced anything worthwhile in over a decade and just seeing them on a tracklist makes me want to send rockets into Israel. Now I know this is a track from 2009 so they can't add to their pile of refuse, but it still stinks. The cornball "The Gate to the Past" sample with that accent and the loud clap is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So cheesy. What's a matter, couldn't fit any guitars in here? I swear I want to start a petition to get them to drop the California from their name. They're ruining it. Gate to the past? Yeah, you wish. Evil Echo- Brothers you say? Hmm...a very cool downtempo track. The melody wavers and speaks of ancient times and deities. Deep bass hums as the trip deepens and you descend into the underground of the Middle East. Old meets young with some glitchy elements and banging percussion. Very impressive maiden voyage Zion. Throw out the CS track and it's even better. You got some old school artists and some new ones making old school. I like your philosophy and I just recently ordered your catalog so you can expect more reviews in the future. Recommended. Suntrip Records Beatport Mdk
  8. Zion 604 | VA - Flight 604 Chapter II | ( Limited Edition CD , ZION604CD008 ) Exactly 2 years ago , in this specific forum , we announced our first release as a label , Flight 604 . That compilation started a magical journey , a journey that you guys take place in it each and every release . The first flight 604 CD was sold out ( mainly hand by hand at parties in Israel ) and became very popular in the net . today , we start this cycle again and announce officially about our next flight , together with you ~ In this VA , We tried to keep the concept of the original Flight 604 VA by mixing old school artists togetehr with new names in the Israeli scene : Art of Trance VS Loud & Domestic , Cymatics , OctaPulse , Libra , Judaika , Innerzone , Sykespico and 2Minds . This blend created very unique compilation for us , we really hope you will enjoy that flight also ! For musical preview , Enter our digital Store @ Bandcamp . It will be available in the next few days . We start our pre sale now @ our bandcamp store , thank you so much for the endless support ! http://zion604records.bandcamp.com Executive produce : Roy Sason , Stephan Spivak Master work : Merv Pepler ( Eat Static ) , UK Artwork : Oron Aiche ( Oronimation ) Format: Physical CD ** Tracks: 9 Style: Goa New School \ Psychedelic Release date: May 2014 Published by Zion 604 Records Printed @ Zion , April 2014 ** When you buy the physical CD at our bandcamp store , we give the opportunity to download the album in flac format . like this you can enjoy the music before you get the Physical CD http://facebook.com/zionsixofour http://soundcloud.com/zion604 http://www.facebook.com/Zion604 http://youtube.com/Ziongoa
  9. Dear Friends Zion 604 Family excited to announce our New CD ( Zion604CD004 ) , a double album which will feature some well-known Old school Goa artists alongside with New School artists . The first album , Genesis, contains works by artists that we really love and appreciate. All tracks - even those which was previously published on Vinyl - were Re-Exported from DAT Cassettes by the artists themselves, in order to allow a fresher Mastering . The Album Compiled By Yoni Dagan ( Libra ) and will be released in the 14th of June 2013 . Tracklist | CD01 Genesis 1. Psychaos - Mindwash | 1998 , Vinyl Only 2. Deflo - Ka El Mono ( Alternative Recording Session ) | 1996 , Vinyl Only 3. Doof - Double Dragons ( Trance Edit ) | 1994 , Vinyl Only 4. Somaton – MKs Dist |1997 , Vinyl Only 5. Rhythmystec - Eskimo | 1995 , Vinyl Only 6. 100th Monkey - Spiritus ( Unreleased Mix ) | 1995 , Unreleased 7. ManMadeMan - Wasteland | 1998 , Unreleased 8. Graham Wood AKA Excess Head - Expo | 1996 , Unreleased 9. Nick Taylor AKA Snake Thing - Gizmo | 1996 , Unreleased Mastering Work : Tim Schuldt (4CN Studios) Also , Second Album's Info & track list will be announce soon . Stay tuned , thank you for supporting us ! Zion 604 | We Preserve Goa Music
  10. How come noone posted it here yet? http://www.facebook.com/Zion604 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPnMeZSQkoE&feature=share http://www.youtube.c...jIN_NcnZ0y_0paw
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