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Found 13 results

  1. …Hard to believe, but its going to be OUR 5th GATHERING! Just like the Trees.. We grow and evolve, and ones again, we will bring you the greatest outdoor experience. Get ready for a musical journey that will take you into the soul of PsyTrance! Limited early tickets now available on Hadra & Exbilet with credit card or you can check our website for bank account details. General information Location: https://goo.gl/K5hW2m Line Up: https://goo.gl/d08aun Facebook Event: https://goo.gl/n1fvjx Ticket information Hadra: https://goo.gl/XbcvDf Exbilet: https://goo.gl/0Je6S4 Web: https://goo.gl/ihc6MF Line Up Live Acts ►♪ Atriohm (Parvati Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/CzPSyN ►♪ Atomental (Banyan Records – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/oDKPP0 ►♪ Middle Mode (Sangoma Rec – Serbia) https://goo.gl/bIujDj ►♪ Sonic Entity (TesseracT Studio – Serbia) https://goo.gl/E2rXaH ►♪ Hux Flux (Tip World / Digital Om – Sweden) https://goo.gl/8aCyHr ►♪ Imaginarium (Tip World / Digital Om – Serbia) https://goo.gl/IxTe8H ►♪ Lupin (Own Spirit Records – Spain) https://goo.gl/90ANqD ►♪ WISHI (Algorithm Records – Russia) https://goo.gl/BYQAb5 ►♪ Logic Bomb (Z-Plane Records – Sweden) https://goo.gl/lqf5sy ►♪ Kliment (Zenon Rec – Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/aH81uS ►♪ Suduaya (Altar Records – France) https://goo.gl/d6NhQs ►♪ Justin Chaos (Zero1 Music – London) https://goo.gl/04emN0 ►♪ Pangani (Austria) https://goo.gl/hMogVn ►♪ Cosmic Dimension (Suntrip Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/8BZf3g ►♪ Basic (Danza Bookings – Israel) https://goo.gl/In5eev ►♪ Ghost Note (Headroom / Conclave – Israel) https://goo.gl/uEiNW9 ►♪ Shri K (India) https://goo.gl/DMOcvO ►♪ Templex (Germany – Conclave Records / 3886records / NTrance Cologne) https://goo.gl/XvzLVx ►♪ Groovity (Subsystem Records / Blue Hour Sounds) https://goo.gl/Py98FP ►♪ Nukleall (Zenon Rec – Italy) https://goo.gl/2Y9bWC ►♪ Once Upon A Time (Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/RTtjJv ►♪ Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/mgNF8L ►♪ Shadow Noises (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/B6FtRX ►♪ Hagenith (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/AJn9pa ►♪ Hypatia (Own Spirit – Spain) https://goo.gl/XCsSdX ►♪ LiFTSHiFT (Tech Safari Records – Amsterdam) https://goo.gl/tGIYwC ►♪ Obliviant (Looney Moon – Amsterdam) https://goo.gl/ltZKTS ►♪ Hypereggs (Looney Moon – Italy) https://goo.gl/CQ2D6u ►♪ Celestial Intelligence (Sita Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/ph1MRB ►♪ Zopmanika (Sita Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/K1GO1Q ►♪ Thedarkface (Dropland Recordings – Spain) https://goo.gl/53yqY4 ►♪ Shamaniak (Banyan Records – Austria) https://goo.gl/kBb7TP ►♪ Kundalini (BMSS Records / EDM Records – Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/E4S3mU ►♪ Nomad 25 (Psynon Recs – Cyprus) https://goo.gl/Hs1Tii ►♪ Ex-Gen (3D Vision / Dropland Recordings – Spain) https://goo.gl/3LK5Ty ►♪ Synthalienz (Psynon Recs – Cyprus) https://goo.gl/mqM2oX ►♪ Logic Flux (Z-Plane Records – Sweden) https://goo.gl/IolCZ1 ►♪ Lunatica (Own Spirit Records – Ibiza) https://goo.gl/6fkGSh ►♪ Akash (Dropland Rec – Spain) https://goo.gl/ML9pg4 ►♪ Emo-V (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/enMGey ►♪ Reversed Logic (Rezonant Sangoma Records – Serbia) https://goo.gl/HqDPXM ►♪ Rezonant (Sangoma Rec – Serbia) https://goo.gl/hEiBLt ►♪ Xa’Poff (Moonrise Records – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/utKP4g ►♪ Tirial (Moonrise Records / Floating Family – Switzerland) ►♪ By The Rain (Turkey) https://goo.gl/RhrbVy Dj Sets ►♪ Dodecaedre (Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/LYNlgz ►♪ Alex Light (VR 1 Gatherings – India) https://goo.gl/tTX2JT ►♪ HappyPsysun (Happy Sound Family – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/v7KZ6v ►♪ Mike Akida (Akida Bookings – Greece) https://goo.gl/fONSVO ►♪ PHOBOS (Italy) https://goo.gl/YThifH ►♪ HU GADAM (Banyan Records – Germany) https://goo.gl/4rOf9I ►♪ Microstar (Own Spirit – Greece) https://goo.gl/6FU00P ►♪ Zorflux (Phantasm Records – Portugal) https://goo.gl/osr7Gw ►♪ John Lee (Purple Hexagon Records – Thailand) https://goo.gl/kGe86B ►♪ AchilleSehne (Visionary Shamanics Records – Morocco) https://goo.gl/iwGvWr ►♪ J-Xtorsion (Dropland Rec – Spain) https://goo.gl/KhdXl4 ►♪ Tmx Mind (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/DGnxzr ►♪ iTouch (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/VFWm1l ►♪ Cromaniac (Biijah Records – Morocco) https://goo.gl/KaHwxt ►♪ Spirit Diablero (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/k0xoeB ►♪ Mental Soup (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/92kYtM ►♪ Obit (Flying Spores – Spain) https://goo.gl/LkPNq2 ►♪ Psygroo (Own Spirit – Spain) https://goo.gl/PzxXjJ ►♪ Psytiger (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/CQ3ZVz ►♪ Dj Psytotix (Dropland – Spain) https://goo.gl/EZmKRZ ►♪ Rave Language (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/uNjWyY ►♪ Tribonic (Baroque Records - United Arab Emirates) https://goo.gl/vW3FUO ►♪ Sama (Glitchy Tonic Records / Lotus Paradise - Iran / Cyprus) https://goo.gl/BS9i9f ►♪ Single Vision (Digital Om Productions / Ravelations - Dubai) https://goo.gl/yZKLMR ►♪ Uurohmbre (Austria / Shipibo Sounds) https://goo.gl/rwAJ1b ►♪ Ancient Vision (Turkey - Mystic Sound Records) https://goo.gl/wKqYc3 ►♪ After Image (Conclave Records – Australia) https://goo.gl/JTAiOf ►♪ Arishtat (Iran) https://goo.gl/9Ah7Qk ►♪ Common Tense (2to6 Records – Thailand) https://goo.gl/SwCmHr ►♪ TranQuiloGen (Merkaba Music – Iran) https://goo.gl/tdfq9U ►♪ nonstopfuture (Turkey) https://goo.gl/VE0z7L ►♪ the unknown alien (Conclave Records – United Kingdom) https://goo.gl/iGebtc ►♪ Nivanoise (MMP / Nivacords - Turkey) https://goo.gl/y4uVZy Made with love, enjoy! Mind Manifest Project Team
  2. Artist: Talpa Title: La La La EP Label: TesseracT Studio Date: October, 2014 1. Dark Days 2. La La La Goran was pretty busy in 2014 with 5 released EPs which continued his mixing of Talpa and Riddler styles. Eerie melodies, groovy beats, haunting piano...all staples of his music. I suppose he could've combined all the EP's into an album, but who am I to tell him what to do. Have you seen him on Facebook? He scares me. But his music continues to move me. The only constant is the change the tracks undergo. Some nice stuff. Beatport
  3. Artist: Various Title: Vertex - Earth Remixes Label: TesseracT Studio Date: November, 2013 1. Joy of Silence (Suduaya Rmx) 2. Elements On Earth (Human Element Rmx) 3. Faith (Subliminal Codes Rmx) 4. Enlightenment (Aquafeel Rmx) 5. Surface (Midimal Rmx) 6. Out of Orbit (Side Effects Rmx) 7. Second Element (Nerso Rmx) 8. Out of Obit (Lyctum Rmx) "What you're trying to do as an artist is to have an experience that is worth sharing...and download it into another person's consciousness." The first time I played their debut album Ocean I was blown away by the smooth and intricate progressive sounds. Layers of relaxation just hoisted atop one another. With their sophomore album Earth they continued right where they left off. A few EP's were later released, but they didn't move me like the albums did. Prepare to be moved. Vertex are Zyce and Merlin and they comprise a Serbian powerhouse of melodic progressive trance and have some tracks from their second album remixed by a who's who in progressive trance. Suduaya begs you to let the crashing surf tickle your toes in the sunshine with a slick downtempo interpretation of the Joy of Silence. The Human Element prepares you for drift off with heavily reverberated vocals and warm sensations. Subliminal Code picks up the pace with sharp lead stabs, but doesn't disturb the groove. The Aquafeel remix let's you settle into your favorite easy chair with a hypnotic sound as Midimal sets up a house feel with a pillowy soft kick that is perfect for dreaming. The track Out of Orbit appears twice here and both remixes are top notch layer intensive experiences. Very atmospheric. Nerso returns to top form with a stunning remix that sounded perfect to these ears. Juicy, undulating, brooding... I took this album at face value. Didn't go back and listen to the originals to see if they were dramatically different...just settled in for a melodic progressive ride. And what a dreamy journey it was. The album works great whether you pick out individual tracks or just hit play. TesseracT can be very proud of this release. Highly recommended. Psyshop Mdk
  4. Artist: Talpa Title: Emo Robot Label: Tesseract Studio Date: February, 2014 1. Emo Robot 2. Going Home ""Yesterday morning I woke up on the streets with a lollipop in my anus." See what you did you've confused Jackie Chan. Now he might try and make another movie. I think Goran is confused also. I do. This is what happens when you use aliases, you have to keep in character. Talpa = groundbreaking Art of Non psytrance. Riddler = funky yet eerie but wiggling progressive music. Same guy just different facets. This is a Talpa release. But it sounds like the Riddler. Aside from me trying to shoehorn him into boxes he himself created this is an interesting release. Emo Robot is the equivalent of a homosexual slap fight where juvenile robot voices trade barbs. But the electric effect is so throaty and funky I can't stop listening to it. Throw in that piano riff and disco hit and it sounds just like The Riddler. Going Home also has the eerie child-like melody characteristic of the Riddler, but there is also a Joe Satriani-esque guitar solo that I cannot stand. He won't you know. He won't stand for baloney! I don't know what Goran is doing these days. Expect the unexpected I suppose. Beatport Mdk
  5. Artist: Lyctum Title: Vibrations of Life Label: TesseracT Studio Date: July, 2013 1. Cosmic Web 2. Gravity Loss 3. Atmospheric Probe 4. Voice of the Earth 5. Planet Birth 6. Subatomic 7. Quantum Field 8. Eleven (Lyctum Remix) - The Riddler Haven't been listening to much progressive lately, but this release might change that. Nope, it definitely will. Lyctum is Dejan Jovanovic from Serbia (surprise) and his sophomore album is a melodic tour de force. From the opening track he weaves layers of uplifting melodies soaked in delicious reverb. It's a lush wound that completely captivates the listener, sometimes aggressive sometimes ethereal. Breaks are well placed and bursting with emotion punctuated frequently with chopped up chants and choirs. There is a clear nod to a higher power while at the same time stretching the boundaries of the universe as we know it. The whole thing is less like and album and more akin to an atmospheric tale unfolding in 4/4 time. The entire album is fantastic, but special kudos for out eerie-ing Goran with his remix of Eleven. Highly recommended and brilliant stuff I haven't heard since Shuma by E-Clip. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  6. Artist: Various Title: Sideform - Web of Life Remixes Label: TesseracT Studio Date: December, 2011 1. Web of Life (Float Remix) 2. Web of Life (Original) 3. Web of Life (Relativ Remix) 4. Web of Life (Flegma Remix) 5. Web of Life (Lyctum Remix) 6. Web of Life (Ovnimoon Remix) NSFW Image Ok maybe that's a little too far. But...you did f*ck up though...right? Do you even know what the word remix means? Galloping bass line or machine gun bass line it's the same.fucking.track. It's disposable...you chew it up and spit it out ready to devour the next clone. I realize that the artists doing the remixing are progressive artists, but show a little backbone and think outside the 4/4 box. The tracks themselves are good progressive tunes (Flegma and Ovnimoon especially so), but it sounds like they just rearranged the order of the patches on their software. That is the definition of samey. And when you string together 6 tracks that all sound the same I'm staking out my position on that clock tower and taking aim. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic didn't save anybody. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Vertex Title: Earth Label: TesseracT Studio Date: June, 2012 1. Elements on earth - Vertex feat. Solar Kid 2. Surface 3. Avalanche - VERTEX FEAT. PION 4. Welcome to Serbia 5. Faith 6. Enlightenment 7. Out of orbit - VERTEX FEAT. VICE 8. Northern Lights - VERTEX FEAT. FLOAT 9. Joy of silence "What you're trying to do as an artist is to have an experience that is worth sharing and download it into another person's consciousness." Sunlight coming over the horizon. Warm glow of analog synths and comfortable kicks. This is the music that makes beer commercials seem true. In the company of good friends and busty models in bikinis that seem totally into you cause your on your fourth can of bud light. Beer gut and flatulence? Whatever, have another brewski. Now that's a real man. It's smooth like the hair of the girl who drew the last straw as she rubs your back telling you everything's gonna be all right as you deposit the twisted remains of your lunch and dinner into a dirty toilet. Groovy and light, it is full of toe tapping quality as effects ripple and leave a vibrant trail of multi-colored hues in their wake. The sounds are not overbearing and it's never aggressive. If you told me that a trumpet could be prominently featured in a track and still come off as cool I'd tell you not to piss on my leg and call it rainwater. But that's exactly what Welcome to Serbia does. Northern Lights slides a subtle 303 into the mix and seems to fit just right. The deep bass of the downtempo closer warms the soul as he weaves a melodic web in the sunshine. It's high time we recognize and welcome our Balkan overlords as the masters of progressive trance. I found this to be a worthy sequel to his debut album Ocean. His electronic touch is delicate and descriptive. This isn't about rocking a party, but about enjoying and reveling in what the creator has given us. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  8. Artist: Lyctum Title: Exodus EP Label: TesseracTStudios Date: September, 2012 1. Crossover Mind 2. Exodus 3. Consciousness (Zyce Remix) 4. Nightfall Session (Lyctum Remix) - Odd Sequence Yet another Balkan individual stepping up to the plate and dominating the progressive trance genre. Ho hum. Don't you guys have anything else to do over there? Not that I'm complaining. This is Dejan Jovanovic and just like Flegma, Nerso, and E-Clip this guy brings steady beats, floating melodies and epic breaks. Two original tracks (of which Exodus was almost heavenly) a remix, and then from the guy who seems to be everywhere a remix by Zyce. The tracks are full to bursting with effects and melodies that one doesn't even mind the galloping bass line. Impressive and worth your progressive dollar. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
  9. Artist: Vertex Title: Dream Architect Label: TesseracT Studio Date: March, 2013 1. Dream Architect 2. Astral Travel Man it seems the whole world has gone progressive. TesseracT has garnered quite a name for itself in the progressive genre with quality releases such as Questions by the Riddle r , compilations like Subfuse and the Future Nature series and n ot to mention the dreamy debut of Vertex Ocean. This duo (Nikola Kozić, Slobodan Gaćeša) have put out the melodic jams that helps make progressive trance popular. The first track doesn't really show their talent as it's quite minimal. It still has some dreamy pads fading in, but it's a far cry from what they did on their album. Astral Travel is better with a fuller sound picture but still seems like they went in a different direction. So it's decent progressive trance. Nah it's good. But I would still have to call it a disappointment. They've done way better than this...they even mailed in the cover. Does that look like the stuff of dreams? Does that make anyone want to buy it? So that means one of two things: One, they're riding on their name and expect you to blindly buy it or two they just don't give a f*ck. And for their final nut punch, they're asking $2.50 for each track. Either way...Iono is cracking a little smile. Beatport Mdk
  10. Artist: Various Title: The Moon Remixes EP Label: TesseracT Studio Date: October, 2011 1. The Moon (Hardy Veles Remix) 2. The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix) Back in 2004 Goran exploded onto the scene with the epic and groundbreaking The Art of Being Non. Lately he has been funking sh*t up with his Riddler project in a progressive manner, but I hear a new Talpa album is in the works. Always good news as his first album was so truly different than anything heard at the time. Orchestral, psychedelic...you name it. His 2nd album... All right, that's a little on the harsh side, but calling it a disappointment wouldn't be an understatement. So I guess he's making contacts with the right people because he's giving you a taste by releasing this 2 track EP on one of the best progressive trance labels out there. The Moon is from his first album and I'll be honest, I felt it was one of his weakest tracks. The singing got on my nerves and I couldn't get past it. But that's why they make remixes. And he got two very fine projects for the job. Hardy Veles is Goran Grubic and he makes quite the psychedelic monster. It incorporates the vocal with rumbly bass giving the whole thing a very mystical feel. Not progressive in the least, but psytrance with a dark edge. Flegma & Nerso should need no introduction as makers of some of the most detailed and melodic progressive trance today. Their version is a long one with percussive clicking and alien footsteps. Effects whiz past the ear as sounds echo deep into the night. The vocal that I didn't like on the the original is still there, but the way it is framed here amidst the effects and eerie melodies gives the whole track a ritualistic vibe. Nice little EP he's got here. It's more psytrance with some progressive leanings, but it worked very well. See, this is how remixes are supposed to be. Take a track and make it different while still holding onto some of the original flair. Nice work. http://www.beatport.com/release/the-moon-remixes/818975 Mdk
  11. Artist: Various Title: Free Frequency Label: TesseracT Studio Date: February, 2011 1. Day of Illusion KLIMENT 2. Basic (Zyce and Spinney Lainey rmx) ZYCE 3. Walk the line FLEGMA AND NERSO VS ZYCE 4. Carbon SIDEFORM VS ZYCE AND FLEGMA 5. Awakening FLEGMA AND NERSO VS MIDDLE MODE 6. Who attacks me ECTIMA 7. Holy Spirit E-CLIP 8. Something Beneath ZYCE AND FLEGMA 9. Flux ZEN MECHANICS VS FLEGMA AND NERSO TesseracT is at it again with another progressive trance compilation this time compiled by DJ Zoi who was apparently responsible for the festival in Greece of the same name. The track list is mouth wateringly good if you are a fan of the effect heavy and melodic soundscapes that these artists usually create. This label has their sh*t together and rarely disappoints. Day of Illusion- This was a long pumping track to open the compilation and while entertaining in spots, I felt it droned on. Highlights? The tribal feel with the flute was unexpected as was the cool breakbeat. The only problem was that those highlights were in the first 3 minutes. So for the last 6 and a half.... Basic (Zyce & Spinney Lainey Remix)- Nikola Kozić shouldn't be a stranger to anyone who enjoys the thick and melodic sound of progressive trance. Spinney Lainey sounds like a made up name but this is who helped with the remix. You got flutes, effects from all over the place, and percussive thumping to guide you through this. The break is a beautiful mix of tones and melodies as the flute soars high and the bass rumbles underneath. It's a good one. Carbon- Holy hell in a hand basket, Zyce is all over this thing. Sideform consists of Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic and they put in some good work here. Rumbling, crunchy effects and chopped up synths create a bunch of layers to sift through. Good bouncer. Awakening- "What we're doing here is simple. We're waking up. We're waking up out of our dream. You are lost in illusion. You're lost in your dream." Flegma & Nerso again with Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic and they deliver sparkly synths and trademark TesseracT echoing sounds fading into the distance. This one is also pretty layer intensive with the same plodding style that is rich in atmosphere. Another good one. Who Attacks Me- "Who attacks me?" I was never a fan of his minimalistic tech style approach, but hey you can't please everyone. There's lions growling in this I guess and it's more of a grumbly rumbler style of progressive trance. Even though I'm not a fan, I can appreciate it. Holy Spirit- This guy. Yep, this guy is responsible for the best progressive trance disc of 2011 with Shuma. Book it. Write it down. Put it in your cell phone. He opens with a nice spooky intro and his bass line is about a 8.9 on the richter scale. It's the darkest track yet with a synth line that screeches like i just dropkicked a cat for a score. Power baby, and near the end it changes tempo for a spell. That's the only part I didn't like. Just didn't seem to fit, but he gets back to being a rock star for a whale of an end. Leggos...what can't they do? Something Beneath- Apparently Nerso went on a beer run, so these two decided to make a track on their own. Snooze you lose buddy...shoulda had more in the fridge on standby I guess. It's walking with a big stick around the 2 minute mark and he won't let go of it. Attitude as synth riffs continue to echo and swirl. A searching melody spirals out of the rumbly bass not being too complicated. Loved it. Flux- I guess this duo got tired of Zyce hogging all the spotlight and substituted him for Zen Mechanics. His latest has been sitting on my desk for weeks. Really need to get to that. If you guessed that this would be deluged with effects then you get a cookie. Well, some cookie dough, I didn't have time to throw it into the oven. Whoa, whoa, whoa...go to the mens room if you're gonna do that! "C'mon, c'mon!!!" If that was all there was then it would be no big deal, but these guys bring the big beat that rattles the walls if you get me. Very rhythmic as it thunders into the break of long twisted sweeps. I really like the bass sound that rips across the air but like previous tracks before it has so much going for it that you have to hear it. Superb. Walk The Line- Nikola joins forces with heavyweights Dalibor Delić & Dragan Matić to create a track that has a mellow feeling about it. It's groovy and evolves slowly, but the melodies don't get uppity until halfway through. There is a chunky quality to the beat and that makes it more danceable and I think it's more of a sit on a beach chair with a beer in your hand type of track. Normally I would think it weak, but their effect placement is spot on thickening things up. Ok, show of hands...who thought there would be a Johnny Cash sample in there? Anyone? Great compilation. Full of power (well as powerful as progressive trance gets) and melody with oodles of effects to paint a picture. No bad tracks to be found so this comes highly recommended. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tes/tes1cd005.html http://www.beatspace.com/6090/Tesseractstudio/Various/Free+Frequency++/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4260 Mdk
  12. Artist: Various Title: Future Nature 2 Lablel: TesseracT Studio Date: August, 2011 1. Sunrise Tonic - Vertex and Pion 2. Disturbings - The Riddler 3. Orange Bad - Phaxe and Vice Vs. Vertex 4. Particles - Nerso 5. Source Code - Zyce 6. Four Kings - Sideform feat Zyce and Flegma 7. Lunar Drive - Middle Mode and Ectima 8. Crowd Control - Ectima and E-Clip 9. City of Pula - Hardy.Veles 10. Evaporation - Zyce and Flegma Tesseract is out with the 2nd installment of the Future Nature series. Not unlike Iono's Forensic Science (which was f*cking awesome) it's a who's who of progressive trance brilliance. One name that you will see a lot of is Zyce who must've had a sh*tload of tracks lying around because he is all over this thing. I had the opportunity to play this for the good folks at my local establishment and they seemed to enjoy it. Sunrise Copy- Vertex is Nikola Kozić and Slobodan Gaćeša who released the stellar album Ocean last year. Here they team up with Pion (Vladan Jarić) on the opening track. The first 4 minutes are nice, but nothing remarkable. The break erupts with true analog synth chords that warm the soul. They wind it down and this one remains an underground groove. Those chords make a final appearance near the end and are clearly the star of the show. Disturbings- Goran recently released his 3rd Talpa disc called The Path and I'll have to check that one out. Especially since I ripped his 2nd album a new a**hole. But here in his Riddler persona it's all about the funk. And he has a distinctive style. Eerie melodies twinkle and shimmer before he drops the funk hammer that induces involuntary booty wigglin'. Oh, you and your groupies... His basses are groovetastic and he twists dem sumb*tches like he's trying to contact Tokyo on a ham radio. Funky as always sir. Orange Bad- See I imagine the title came from the Hulk's intense dislike for citrus. You know..."Orange bad...hulk smash!" But I have a lot of non-sensical crap rolling through my neural pathways. The Vertex duo take on Kevin Josefsen (Phaxe) and Martin Daltoft (Vice). Another groovy progressive ride with little melodies that crop up from seemingly everywhere. The bounce is nice and it's a sunshiney piece that will put a smile on your face. Particles- Progressive master "The Dragon" fresh off his release of Exploration of Infinity rocks things in the same dark style. Bubbling basses, moody pads, and genre encompassing effects make this thing a monster. It just thumps with a driving spirit as it totally envelops the listener. Massively lush and descriptive...he is to progressive what the Pleiadians are to goa trance. Yeah I said it. Source Code- Zyce is Nikola Kozic aka one half of Vertex. He's another Balkan that rules this genre and is quite prolific. Sharp synths echo over a monotone bass line as effects scratch and claw in an attempt to gain purchase. The middle of the track sees the bass line change and a nice bright feeling peeks out. The break is truly shiny setting you up for a good time. But like any good progressive track he's building towards it and if you have patience you will be rewarded. Nice job. Four Kings- "Yes...front desk? Send up a bottle of your best champagne and 4 bustiest hookers cause it's on." Hey it's Zyce again, surprise surprise. They do love the delay don't they? It's all over the place as sounds echo across the horizon. The same roadmap is followed here with the accumulation of effects and similar if not identical bass line. I like this style so it doesn't bother me, but I can see people hopping on the "damn this sounds too samey" bandwagon. Still, it's so lush and positive that I can't help but like it. It's drifting and melodic with a nice ending bit of melody so thumbs up from me. Lunar Drive- Motherf*cker Zyce, did you not get enough hugs from your parents? You're part of Ectima also? That is 70% of the tracks on this compilation you're on. I imagine the compiling went something like this... "No! No!! I want that track too! F*ck you Nesho! Mine! Mine!!" Awww...I can't be mad at you. This is a trip on the darker side of things with wild and spooky Silent Hill type atmosphere. The middle has a weird rhythmic element that continues out of the break with a boom boom bass. Like it. It returns to its original form to continue the eerieness. Good stuff. Crowd Control- Ectima (Zyce + Flegma) takes on Marko who is in strong contention for album of the year from me with his release of Shuma. They try to control the crowd with a thunping snare....stay back, we bite. Once they add all their progressive elements together it becomes quite groovy. Where the previous tracks were pretty melodies this is darker and more abrasive. I would've loved them to take all the synths out and have a period where it was just percussion, but hey, that's me. Hey whattya know, they did it! This what Artifakt would sound like if he did progressive. The end more resembles the rest of the tracks on this compilation with it's echoing effects but it has an angry swagger. This one grew on me. City of Pula- Goran (no, not that one) released a quality EP called Shumska Majka last year and he also had a track on the first Future Nature compilation. He chops up a sample and makes it fit nicely in the mix. Funky even. It has a reeaaaalllly long sample in the middle that is slightly on the cheesy side. It dominates the track because he keeps using it. Too much. It's fun to knock out a few knuckle children, but eventually you have to give it a rest. I can pass on this one. Evaporation- I think this one is the slowest on the track as it plods away in midtempo style. It's also Zyce's last appearance on the compilation. 7 out of 10 tracks, why not just release this as an artist album? I tease him, but that's because his music is that f*cking good. It's a slowdown groove that makes you nod your head with nice percussive work and cool effects. Like all the artists on this label use. The melody is pure sunshine and man does it feel good on this rainy day. TesseracT continue to release quality progressive trance. It's deep and atmospheric with echoing melodies that are good enough to eat. The tracks go from light grooves to dark epic monsters. I'm not certain if all of the artists are Serbian, but damn if that area isn't a fountain of talent. If you like your progressive trance larger than life with loads of effects and melodies than you cannot go wrong with this. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  13. Artist: Various Title: Binaural Beats Label: TesseracT Studio Date: January, 2011 1. Run Away ELEGANT FLOW FEAT. TISHA 2. Novembar PION 3. Frostwhisper EXTEND 4. Deep Love PROMID 5. Tune In VERTEX 6. Missing Chords ELEGANT FLOW 7. Morning Rain (rmx) FLOAT 8. Devotion THE RIDDLER 9. Streets FLOAT 10. Close to Me BIOLAB AND VERTEX You know when you find something you like, you usually stick with it. It's no secret that the Scots love the drink. And if you had to battle Shattner's ego on the daily I'm sure you'd crawl into a bottle also. What can I tell you Dino...the people love my beatbox And if you've seen this before, you obviously like to drop acid after a few mushrooms. "Hey...you gonna pass that bong or do I need to get a court order?" With our music we are fond of putting things in their box. We like this...we don't like that. TesseracT is a label that not only seems to nurture their artists (no idea though you would have to ask them), but also handles its own mastering, and design. That's a whole lotta bang for your buck. And the quality of their music shows. It's extremely well produced progressive with rich atmosphere and great melodies. Well they take a left turn here. Usually progressive mavens, they give you a taste of house with a little TesseracT flavor. Now normally when I hear house music, I'm praying for an orc in Nazi garb to stab me to death and just like the repetitive music I die over and over again. I mean, sh*t it's because of house that people make fun of psytrance and lump us all together in one big electronic sh*tstorm. But I shan't be closeminded. Even though the titles alone possess more cheese than a Packer game. Let's see what you've got. Run Away- Normally I would run away from house music, but this is so smooth that I warmed up to it. It's that party where you are grown up now. No more sitting around a campfire or tent, the locale is an expansive beach house where every guy is decked out in white linen and the ladies are in flowy dresses. The wind picks up slightly as the sunset is in full swing. It's like a tequilla commercial only you're not drinking to get sh*tfaced, only to get sexier. November- More sunshine and light as the party is in full swing. The house groove rumbles on as synths tap out a simplistic melody. Saying there isn't a lot to this is like saying fat kids love cake. But it's smooth like an ocean breeze with one melody weaving its way around the unchanging one. Frostwhisper- Tite sounds like what a chick would name her cat. I will say this...house music in its basic elements is some groovy sh*t. Deep bass rumbles as this has a Michael Jackson Thriller saunter but instead of trying to scare you, they want to get you on that couch. Echoing synths vibrate over wobbly bass in a groovy pattern and you feel yourself beginning to succumb. Not bad...I give it 4 out of 5 nodding heads. Deep Love- Wow, the first three tracks were obviously the warm up to this big chunky thing. It has the cheesy female vocal where she sounds breathless. What'd you do, run a 10 k before getting in the booth? Still floaty and smooth, but cmon...it is kinda cheesy. Tune In- Fresh of his dominant album Ocean, this guy proves he can still make a very uninteresting track. I don't want to say it was boring, but all the hot chicks left the DJ booth and high tailed it to the insurance seminar. The break at 5 minutes was pretty cool with a growing synth riff, but then it's right back into mediocrity. Missing Chords- The lounge feel returns with electric piano chords more echoing synth stabs. But it also has the cornball staple of house music, the female vocal. What are ya gonna do? House music is infected with this like treadmills attract stupid people. Wow, I wonder what's gonna happen when I step on this moving sidewalk... Morning Rain Rmx- This one sounds deeper with more sounds. Still groovy but there is more to focus on. Maybe too much, because it gets to the point where it sounds a little jumbled. Not bad, but what separates it from the thousands of other tracks in the genre? Not a damn thing. Devotion- Ok Goran, don't let me down. Your recent album Questions was a shining light and a revelation so I expect big things from you. Oscillating synth? Check. Layers of real time instruments? Oh yeah. Jesus, where did you record this Barbados cause that's what I'm feeling right now. I like the break a lot and if you're looking for a soundtrack for that pre-party cocktail on the beach that reeks of sunshine, this is it. Streets- At this point I'm pretty worn out. Who would've thought that would happen with a house compilation? But as most would tell you, it takes a lot out of you to listen to tracks that are a few tomatoes shy of a salad. What? Ok, groovy beat, but what else ya got? That's what I thought. Close To Me- This one had the potential to be the best on the disc, but then had to f*ck it up with that stupid sample that gets cut off. I got something you can feel. Maybe it's me. I just don't care for house music. It seems like this genre produces tracks that tell you everything you want to know in the first 2 minutes. If psychedelic music can be a novel, then this is a pamphlet. There is no tension, no evolution, no...no change that challenges the ear. Look I get it and I've admitted it. House music contains a very wiggle inducing quality, but that only works for so long. This is the same reason a lot of darkpsy doesn't sit well with me because it's just the same over and over. TesseracT I still love you as a label, but if you can't make house music appealing to me, then why would I bother with it? Just goes round and round.... Is this racist? http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tes/tes1cd006.html http://www.beatspace.com/6085/Tesseractstudio/Various/Binaural+Beats++/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4257 Mdk
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