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Found 15 results

  1. ★ ★ ★ TERROR LAB INDUSTRIES ★ ★ ★ ▲ Hiyarant - One Moment of Clarity EP ▲ Hiyarant, The South African Psytrance Artist is back with an EP that will rock any Dance Floor around the globe. This time he produced 5 original, tasteful and exciting tracks with powerful bass lines and vibrant melodies. This inspiring EP is setting new standards for future releases from Terror Lab Industries. Track List: ▲1. Straight to the bone ▲2. Number 5 ▲3. Tonight’s Experiment ▲4. Time in advance ▲5. Hello friend-Hello friend ●●● Mastered by Damage ◉ Release Date : June 10th 2016
  2. Panayota First Class EP Panayota, an Iraeli artist, famous for his highly energetic style of Psy-trance, is back with another EP that lives up to the reputation. This time he collaborated with Artists, X-Avenger and Frozen Ghost, to deliver an EP consisting of 5 new and original Night time Terror Trance blasters. This EP will surely live up to it’s title, First Class! Track List: 1. Panayota – Baba in Fobia 2. Panayota – White Crystal 3. Panayota vs X-Avenger – Fight Club 4. Panayota vs Frozen Ghost – First Class 5. Panayota – White Rabbit Release Date: October 27, 2015 Poster Link: https://www.facebook.com/terrorlabindustries/photos/a.830991650276461.1073741828.176079662434333/945828465459445/?type=3&theater
  3. Artist: Various Title: Night Terrors Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: February, 2012 1. Kwaailight RUBIX QUBE 2. Dark Jungle (Smashed rmx) Z3RO 3. Where Ever ORCA 4. Shinra Tensei SINFUL REACTIONS, EYETEK 5. Night Terror IRON LOTUS, ABSENSE, STEREOPANIC 6. The Trouble Maker (H1N1 rmx) PANAYOTA 7. The Forsaken TRYAMBAKA 8. Articulator (Ironstein rmx) ZINX 9. Dopeman DAMAGE 10. Awaken CRITICAL MASS 11. We have explosive LOST AND FOUND 12. Immolation (Brain Driver rmx) SHEHOOR 13. War Dialing IRONSTEIN, ZION LINGUIST 14. Crank (Karmacrop rmx) DAMAGE 15. The way of the master TWISTED SYSTEM 16. Multiverse B55 17. Head Trauma (Conscious Chaos rmx) ZION LINGUIST 18. Dopehat SUPER EVIL, EMP 19. Out of control DELIRIANT 20. Amazing Simba (Z3ro rmx) REMOVE 21. Absolute Truth ORCA, TECHNODROME "I'm in the VIP, Surrounded by groupies, Drinking up me some Patron, And they keep on telling me that I rock...and roll!" Wow, you really went there. Ok, ok... It's easy to pick on this label with its severely over the top imagery. But besides catering to the mentally disturbed and half naked vampire chicks they have actually thrown out some pretty good music. I liken it to working with Woody Allen. Sure he's embarrassing and probably a pedophile, but a butt load of people still line up to be in his sh*tty movies. And in no way am I insinuating that this Mexican label is associated with pedophilia. Last thing I need is a little Mexican justice showing up unannounced on the doorstep in the form of...let's say a package the approximate size of a hat box. So as you can tell from the disturbed individual on the cover in which the word terror appears 3 times this music firmly plants itself in the darkness. In fact the first CD is called Out of the Night. And oh boy does it come out swinging. Full power berserker mode with acid flung in all directions. Even Orca put out a bit of grooviness which means I gotta go get the shovel from the shed and dig up the daisy blanked I had dumped on him. It only took 5 tracks before Ironstein & Co. had to assault my ears with those ostentatious buildups, which for this label is a win. And the cheesy samples didn't begin until The Forsaken. No big deal. That's why God invented the skip button. The entire first disc is intense and will tire you out. By the end your mosh pit brutality will be little more than pinballing off other dancers. P*ssy. I know I should be embarrassed by listening to Dopeman. And I am. But I can also tell you that I've been singing that hook all morning. My groupies are ages 2 and 5 and they just kicked my ass in Candyland while sipping on apple juice. The second disc into the light starts with We Have Explosive...shouldn't that be explosives? Unless you just have one. Maybe they didn't let you finish...perhaps it's explosive diarrhea. In which case you go stand over there. Keep going. It's a slower track (as if they knew you needed concussion recovery time) but it still fits right in. Even though the second disc is on the lighter side it's not sleepy time. The problem is if this label isn't bringing the heat the rest comes off as rather impotent sounding stuff. Hardly worth being thrown in the cell with the anarchist on the cover. It seems like they did it this way to broaden their market share and catch those who don't like it as heavy whilst still appealing to the base. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  4. Sonic Assault - Nightcrawler EP OUT NOW !!! Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Pierre Le Roux aka Sonic Assault is ready to pulverize dancefloors worldwide with his unique blend of phat, low and hard basses, metallic industrial percussion, sinister vampyric melodies and blasphemous distorted synthesizers. “Nightcrawler” features 6 terror trance floor devastators, including powerful collaborations with South African frequency desecrator, Iron Lotus, Mexican audiowave decapitator, X-Side, and a blasting remix of the classic Stereopanic ear decimator "Funk You". Dancefloor terrorism guaranteed! Digitally available in WAV or MP3 format @ Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes, and more online shops !! TRACKLIST: 1. Sonic Assault - Nightcrawler 2. Iron Assault - Fracture 3. Sonic Assault - Another Dimension 4. Sonic Assault - Freak Like Me 5. Sonic Assault Vs X-SIDE - Devil Inside V.2 6. Stereopanic - Funk You (Sonic Assault RMX) Mastering by Dale Byl @ db Mastering, Cape Town. Artwork by V De Ville @ Electromagnetic Studios, Cape Town. BEATPORT: http://www.beatport.com/release/nightcrawler/1156156
  5. Artist: Various Title: Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 1 Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: March, 2010 1. Neurological Mechanism - NEUROSENSE 2. Hunter-Killer - BRAIN HUNTERS 3. Semtex Overkill - ZINX 4. Kick up the volume - DAMAGE 5. Extreme noise terror - TERROR MENTAL 6. Hypocracy - HIYARANT 7. I feel like dancing - IRONSTEIN 8. Believing in nothing - NEURAL RECTIFIER SYNDROME 9. Fat of the land - DAMAGE VS ORCA "I guess you gotta face the demons sometimes..." Some face them and some conquer them, That's what you get for stealin' my mac n cheese b*tch. I apologize for neglecting those who are fans of the over the top imagery and mosh pit psytrance that this label brings. Usually when I see an album cover like the ones that frequent this label my palm goes to my forehead and I wonder why these guys have never grown up. These are the same type of people who would put naked ladies on the cover to entice young men into buying this. But let's not judge a book by its cover. Sure their covers are way over the top and the music sometimes falls into the cliche traps that the twilight genre suffers from. But if you're in the mood for some heavy hitting psy that trucks in boatloads of acid from chemistry lab, then this is for you. While the stops and starts will annoy some, in certain situations they are combined with samples and done quite well. I don't really need the samples implying man rape, but you know, whatever you're into. Groove is plentiful here as are leads that scream for you to move. And it's good that there is a lot of that here, because this music isn't designed for those looking for melodic layers. You're not going to discover the meaning of life with this release, but the cover should've told you that. If that's you, then this isn't for you. It's for those who've had a hard week at work and want to blow off some steam and break sh*t. It gets insane and getting through a whole album of this style might prove difficult for some. Samey? Surely. But it's good, and some of the insanity that left a label such as Timecode has found a home right here. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore - best price Mdk
  6. Track List: 1. Alienn vs Sinful Reactions - Louder 2. X-Side vs A-Mush - Get Out 3. Zinx - Rampage (MindBenders Rmx) 4. Hiyarant - The Taste All tracks selected by Chemo Boy Artwork designed by Colin Marks Tracks 1, 2 & 3 Mastered by Alienn Track 4 Mastered by Dale Byle Artist: Various Title: Mental Diagnosis: Psychosis - Inflicted by Chemo Boy Label: Terror Lab Industries Cat: TLIDIG013 Format: WAV / MP3 Release Date: December 2012 Beatport Link: http://www.beatport....ychosis/1007634
  7. Necrocracy - The Politics Of Terror Digital Album Track List: 1. Absense vs Terror Sekt - Hallowed Be Thy Terror (Sodom Mix) 2. Polyg 4 - Nativitatem 3. Mindbenders vs Succubus - Hybrid 666 (Terror Flesh) (Snowballing Blood Mix) 4. Absense - Politics Of Terror 5. Absense vs Iron Lotus - Legends 6. Iron Lotus - Deathkonstruktion 7. Iron Lotus - Spiritual Black Dimensions 8. Hysteria - Necrocracy Mastered by Artifakt Artwork by Pär Olofsson Art Direction by Succubus Executive Production by The Terror Sekt Label: Terror Lab Industries Cat. No: TLIDIG011 Format: WAV / MP3 Release Date: June 2012 Beatport Link: http://www.beatport....f-terror/926716
  8. Artist: Damage Title: God of Terror EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: June, 2012 1. God if Terror 2. Electrify 3. Cuttin Wax 4. Fight The Aliens. I know better. I do. Back in 2005 I picked up his debut God Help Us because I was kinda new to psytrance and was sold on the cool cover. Yeah that wasn't my cup of tea and I soon gained the knowledge on how to navigate this large field of music. Bad Creationz? That was worse. Way worse. I didn't even know he had an album in 2008, but if I did, I'm sure I would've reacted as if someone just sh*t in my cereal. So here we are in 2012 and he's still going. Nothing has changed. There are plenty of samples and guitar like sounds If you are a fan of stops and starts with buildups and headache inducing ravey leads then I'm sorry I must defriend you on facebook. This just isn't working out. Aw, I can't do that.... I don't have any friends. I must be honest, there was one bright spot on this EP and it was the last track. Loved the racing bassline, loved it. An acidic deluge melts the synapses and it is this high intensity twilight style that I appreciate. Balls to the wall. Of course they still manage to f*ck things up with the buildups and house like utterances and abrasive leads, but it's nice to know they have the ability to keep it twilight. *Names and link held to protect the guilty.* Mdk
  9. Artist: Zinx Title: Unlcean EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: April, 2012 1. Rated R 2. Techno Slave (with Brainwash) 3. Audio Violator (with Iluchina) "You think I'm some kind of nutjob? What proof have you got?" Terror Lab Industries continues its assault on most of your senses yet again with this EP from Zinx. He is João Varela from Portugual and it ain't his first time with a shocking cover....or have we already forgotten Dead By Dawn? Look at this thing. Unclean, I get it like a vampire, but of course this chick is just running around in panties like she returned to a frat house to exact revenge for her date rape. Credit where credit is due, she's hot. If you know this label, then you know what type of music is inside. He gets by with a little help from his friends on a couple of tracks delivering violent samples and imagery with the requisite amount of acidic bloodsplatter that you would expect. For me it's not bad, but I feel he is straying towards that commercial territory that threatens to swallow a lot of artists. There are some build ups here, some stops and starts...but it's still pretty aggressive twilight darkness and metallic synths. I think my favorite was the last one that continued to evolve the whole way through. Worth it? Meh, probably. When dealing with this style I hold it up to what I consider the gold standard of twilight mayhem, the Midnight Storm series. Yeah, it ain't that. Beatport Mdk
  10. Artist: Shehoor Title: Earache Generator EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: April, 2012 1. Cryptic Simulacra 2. Malefique 3. Terror Dominion Miss me? I haven't been listening to much music lately as I am working on becoming a better piano player. Since free time is a brief interlude that I may be lucky enough to get I have to fit in during kid naptimes. Ergo, something had to give. But these breaks from the music allow me to come back and listen with an eager appreciation. You can only play Lionel Richie's Easy 30 times before I start sweating like an alcoholic at a wine tasting. By the way, Easy isn't really that easy to play. You gotta have soul. And I gots dat. So here is another twilight artist (no idea who he is) brought to you by the people responsible for such beautiful fairy tales like: Damn, that's just sit by the fire with the grandparents music ain't it? That's just a few. So while they're skullf*cking Mother Goose's rotting corpse, here comes Shehoor with a brief 3 tracker. It's high tech intensity with a futuristic approach. Eerie pads are the backdrop for groovy fast paced bass lines and racing leads. The first track has some cool Matrix-esque cyber sounds in the breaks with plucky acid bursts. Not overwhelming, but entertaining for sure. Malefique is like a nightmarish plunge with lasers and a darkpsy feel to it. Clever effect work gives it some appeal and it gets me thinking of what life in the circuitry of a computer would be like. Sure would make travel easier. I don't think there is a middle finger big enough for the TSA. Wait, hold up.... Mother pus bucket is that real? This is the finger of the doc that just wants to check your prostate. The last track is the least appealing as it is just a straight forward droning track. Still like Meatball said, two out of three...something something.... Beatport Mdk
  11. Zinx - Unclean EP 1. Zinx - Rated R 2. Zinx vs. Brainwash - Techno Slave 3. Zinx vs. Iliuchina - Audio Violator Mastered by Artifakt Label: Terror Lab Industries Cat. No: TLIDIG007 Format: WAV / MP3 Release Date: April 2012 Get it @ Beatport: http://www.beatport....clean-ep/889728
  12. Release Information: DJ Archive, fellow prowler of darkness and commander of the South African terror unit, has surgically selected, collected and dissected this double compilation for your nightly pleasures of the flesh. He will guide you out of the terrors of the night and will lead you into the lucid joys of the light. Night Terrors is an explosive demolition pack, featuring 21 hi-tech bombs globally handcrafted by more than 30 of the world's most feared dance floor devastators. It contains 9 original blasters, 7 vicious remixes & 5 deadly collaborations, all jam-packed into 158 minutes of sheer terror! A World Wide Beast System is coming. Are you prepared for the Night Terrors? Tracklist: Chapter I: Out Of The Night 1. Rubix Qube – Kwaailight 2. Z3ro – Dark Jungle (Smashed Rmx) 3. Orca – Where Ever 4. Sinful Reactions vs. Eyetek – Shinra Tensei 5. Iron Lotus vs. Absense vs. Stereopanic – Night Terrors 6. Panayota – The Trouble Maker (H1N1 Rmx) 7. Tryambaka – The Forsaken 8. Zinx – Articulator (Ironstein Rmx) 9. Damage – Dopeman 10. Critical Mass – Awaken Chapter II: Into The Light 1. Lost & Found – We Have Explosive 2. Shehoor – Immolation (Brain Driver Rmx) 3. Ironstein vs. Zion Linguist – War Dialing 4. Damage – Crank (Karmacrop Rmx) 5. Twisted System – The Way of the Master 6. B-55 – Multiverse 7. Zion Linguist – Head Trauma (Conscious Chaos Rmx) 8. Super Evil vs. EMP – Dopehat 9. Deliriant – Out of Control 10. Remove – Amazing Simba (Z3ro Rmx) 11. Orca vs. Technodrome – Absolute Truth Dissection: DJ Archive Mastering: The Artifakt @ Timecode Studios Artwork & Graphic Terrors: Thomas Ewerhard Label: Terror Lab Industries Parental Advisory – Explicit Terror Psyshop Link: http://www.psyshop.c.../tli2cd005.html
  13. Stereopanic - The Avengement EP 1. Stereopanic - Man From The Future 2. Stereopanic vs Alienn - The Avengement 3. Stereopanic - M.A.R.S. Attacks Label: Terror Lab Industries Cat. No: TLIDIG003 Format: WAV / MP3 Release Date: February 2012 Mastering: Artifakt Artwork: Meskal Art AVAILABLE @ BEATPORT / iTUNES / JUNODOWNLOAD http://www.beatport....ement-ep/861637
  14. Artist: Various Title: Dead By Dawn EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: December, 2011 1. Dead By Dawn - Zinx Vs. Wired 2. Bad Boy - Damage 3. V:48 - Critical Mass 4. Deadly Sector - Zinx From the label that holds your ears hostage at the butt end of a Kalashnikov, Terror Lab Industries delivers some more hyper energy twilight shenanigans. Obviously the first thing we need to discuss is the cover. Like it or hate it, I'm guessing it's a statement against the masses who follow generic trance like zombies. Or...this is truly the end of days and the zombie apocalypse is clearly upon us. Either way, get your guns and canned food rations and head for the bunker. Dead by Dawn- "Hey man is this where the party's at?" Love the futuristic cyber heavy feel in this one. Licks of acid flash like the tongue of a snake as he molds sounds into percussive elements that produce some funky rhythms. The leads form a dark melody as this thing grinds it out. The final bit is a swirling array of acid that will twist you and even though I'm not a fan of the extended buildup, this is still a punishing track. I mean, the title should tell you that, right? Bad Boy- F*cking autotune. Really, f*cking autotune? If I wanted to listen to Akon I'd punch myself in the nuts. It's this pop crap that infects otherwise great psytrance that makes me want to tear what's left of my hair out. Cause other than that stupid sample, the track itself is a funky bit of nasty. It's got a good beat with dark blasts, but enough with the samples. The breakbeat is a nice touch and it allows me to roll through Crenshaw without getting a second look in my 6-4, but the rest is a commercial mess. Lots of starts and stops and a buildup that makes me want to blast zombies, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure. Until I roll up on some homies that actually do some wicked gangster sh*t, but at that point it wouldn't really matter. V:48- "Well I've always had an attraction for extreme personalities." I think I'm gonna be sick. Atrocious samples, too many buildups, and yeah it's got some acid. But in a more not cool way. Five minutes in and I still have more than 4 to go? Be positive, be positive...the break was cool and I did like the last part of the track. This could've been a monster, but you've got to wade through too much poo to get there. Deadly Sector- Zinx closes this EP with a great track full of acid and cyber nastiness that reminds of his Rampage EP. It's dark with electrical energy like a live wire. Synths shimmer in a blinding array as acid flies. Pretty potent stuff that had my head bobbing at the end. The Zinx tracks are the best of the bunch I think. It's dark, melodic and pretty damn powerful. So far this label has yet to put all the pieces together in a blockbuster compilation, but they have the ingredients. Bears watching. http://www.beatport.com/release/dead-by-dawn/840095 Mdk
  15. Artist: Zinx Title: Rampage EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: September, 2011 1. 911 2. Solid System 3. Rampage 4. Hazardous 5. Annihilation (Zinx Remix) - NRS Vs. Bolt 6. My Terror Bitch (Zinx Remix) - Terror Sekt My one experience with this label was the very heavy Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 2 compilation. Dark and intense that really had me wanting a nap after it was all over. And a hug from mommy. Twilight hyper trance is a good way to describe it. It wouldn't surprise me if this label was into other hardcore sh*t like snuff films or porn. What? They have a compilation called snuff? Get the f*ck outta here. This is João Varela from Portugal so expect that Portuguese sound and intensity. *In no way do I purport to know what this label is into. This review is purely for entertainment purposes only. -The lawyers 911- I heard pendejo and some gunfire. What do ya expect, the label pic has a Kalashnikov on it. The track itself has a chunky, duh duh chicka-chicka-chicka waaaooow quality to it. Very metallic sounding with leads that scrape across a chalkboard. Intense isn't a strong enough word for this hyper trance that sh*ts on light speed and takes it to ludicrous. I think João had a lot of fun chopping this thing up in numerous ways. This is like someone on cocaine needing some speed to get out of bed. Solid System- This has a science fiction feel with a few buildups and a very heavy bass line. More hyperactivity that makes me want to dance. This is steel on steel futuristic stuff with a cloak of darkness. Nah, a cloak implies it's hiding something and that is not the case here. It's a balls to the wall right hand uppercut. That poor soul's nickname was "The Fridge" which is apropos because the whole in his face could hold all sorts of vegetables. Rampage- "This song is just like you when you get the giggles. It's great to feel this way. And it's great to hear funny music." This track has a very big chip on it's shoulder and it dares you to knock it off. Intense twilight that still remembers that this is dance music. Very groovy with samples that make you feel a wee bit scared. The lasers eventually take over as they should and this is a serious song. There's more acid here than in your orange juice and probably equally nutritious. Great stuff. Hazardous- "Let the games begin." I keep going back to the cover and feel like I'm in the Matrix. Only the ending isn't a happy one. Poizon lends a hand here with some metallic machine gun fire. The effects make this an alien affair and they are on some old Timecode shit! The sample near the end was a little juvenile, but let it go, the rest is worth it. It's just downright evil with power and I haven't seen this much vile hatred since I ran afoul of my co-worker. "Oh no you didn't. Motherf*cker did you just eat the last piece of cake?" Annihilation (Zinx Remix)- "Harmful and wrong." This is a remix of a track from the A Violent Reaction compilation. It's chunky and clunky to start with lasers and squirty leads but becomes a pretty good stomper. Not a lot to say about it really. My Terror Bitch (Zinx Remix)- "I'll show you f*cking nasty." And he does. Shortest track on the EP, but good things come in small packages. Oh f*ck...this makes Penn State look like Sesame Street. Lasers and acid combine for an unrelenting barrage of blister. Metallic darkpsy squelches and groovy bass line manipulation make this one of my favorite tracks. It's a mover that totally rocks. Dark and twisted but fun as hell. Hi there, I'm the repeat button. Like acid? Good, you're gonna get a sh*tload of it. Like your trance to tell a story? Too f*cking bad, if you are in it's way you're roadkill. This is four on the floor left lane driving hyper stuff that laughs at the idea of ending it with a downtempo track. All the tracks are good with a few being exceptional. if you're in the mood for some intense and fast twilight psy, look no further. This is the droid you are looking for. http://www.beatport....mpage-ep/673020 Mdk
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