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Found 5 results

  1. 4 Days & 3 Nights 2- 5 july 2015 Russia 3 Stages, Live sound, Perfomances & Fire Show,Camp area, Healing area and workshops, Flea Market, Cafe and Chai shops,Cinema, Kindergarten, Perfomances & Fire Show, Visual Art, Sports ground Our life becomes faster year after year, generation after generation. The human mind likes to delve into the past or escape in the future. But every inhale and every exhale happen in the present moment! There is no past, no future, there is only present moment! It happening here and now! There is the view of the sky and the sun, there is joy and sorrow, there is birth and death. Current moment embodies the fulness of life, all actions that are able to make our stay on this planet better and more interesting.The main them of the 2015 festival - Awareness. When you understand that everything happens in the present moment, feel it, only then one is able to fully disclose all of their abilities. You can appreciate the depth and diversity of life and around. Take a look at the world, look at it with a smile, make it better through your inner world. Be conscious every step of your dance to infinity! АpocalypseTV ( Night People, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/apocalypsetv ArtSense ( NUTEK Records, Russia ) LIVE soundcloud.com/artsense Cosmic vibration ( Space Trax rec, Germany ) LIVE in Concert https://soundcloud.com/spacetraxproductions CYBERED ( Horns & Hoofs rec, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/cybered Dgivash ( Goa-Freaks.com, Substance Sky, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/dgivash Drevlyaquilonisvox ( Visionary Shamanic Record, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/drevlyaquilonisvox Ectima ( TesseracTstudio Records, Serbia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/ectima E-mov ( Dacru records, Greece ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/emov Flegma ( TesseracTstudio Records, Serbia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/oflegmao FOBI ( Green Wizards Records,Macedonia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/fobi Fungus Funk ( Pixan,Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/fungus-funk GIOAL (Italy) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/gioal Hardy.Veles (TesseracTstudio Records, Serbia) https://soundcloud.com/hardyveles Neon Jade ( NJOI Music, Switzerland ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/neonjade Nostromosis (Kissthesound Rec, Timewarp Rec, Cronomi Rec, Russia) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/nostromosis Pantomiman ( Looney Moon Rec./ Party People, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/pantomiman Propagul ( Sonic Chakras Records, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/propagul Psart ( Aphid Records / Goa-Freaks.com, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/psart Psyc0ma ( Discovalley Records / Blitz Studios, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/psyc0ma Transdriver ( Impulse Audio Records, Russia) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/transdriver Shinboku ( Anton X-Trees from Moscow and Djane Satori from Saint-Petersburg, Russia) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/shinboku SHIVA ॐ ( Another Dimension / Visionary Shamanics / Banyan / Forest Spirit / Mathematician/ Space Baby, Ukraine ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/shiva3 Sonic Elysium (Goa Records, Russia ) LIVE http://www.sonicelysium.ru/ SULIMA ( Geomagnetic rec,Timecode records, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/sulima-alex Zyce ( TesseracTstudio Records, Serbia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/zyce Dj Sets : BizZyBonG ( Imaginarium festival, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/bizzybong Dj Hare ( Feeless/Antiscarp Rec, Russia) https://soundcloud.com/harefeeless LUCAS ( TIP records,UK ) https://soundcloud.com/djlucasobrien KittyNonHomeless ( Woman at work, Russia ) http://KittyNonHomeless.com/ Maiia303 ( Mystic Sound Records, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/maiia Dj Pam ( Psionic Force Promotion, Russia ) http://promodj.com/pam PopperHnool ( Impulse audio records, Russia) Dj set https://www.facebook.com/popperhnool DJ Psyspace ( TesseracTstudio Records/Dreams Catchers, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/dj_psyspace RACHARD ( Night People/Hypnotic Impression Family , Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/djrachard http://promodj.com/djrachard SETT ( Shapito S.S, Russia ) http://www.mixcloud.com/djsett/ Sun Shadow ( Neogoa Records, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/sunshadowgoa Sunshine ( Insomnia, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/kostakisunshine Dj Trickster ( Basic Algorithm Rec./ BK-Family, Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/alexeytrick CHILL OUT STAGE Live acts: Abiogenesis (Altar records, Russia) LIVE Презентация нового альбома https://soundcloud.com/cj-catalizer Art Imagination (Endless |SHF| Quest / Space Baby rec,Ukraine) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/art-imagination Chronos (Mystic Sound Records,Russia) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/chronosproject Iacchus ( Mystic Sound Records, UK ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/iacchus Mahaon ( Hidra beats,Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/mahaon Maiia ( Mystic Sound Records,Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/maiia NK Vibes ( Uxmal records, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/nkvibes RODIOM (The Roform / Обнинск,Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/rodiom-1 Spreadscope ( Magnitola Trip, Russia ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/spreadscope SPACECATS LIVE https://soundcloud.com/spacecatsmusic Squazoid ( Gaia World,France ) LIVE https://soundcloud.com/squazoid Snakecharm https://soundcloud.com/snakecharm1 Босиком Sound System https://vk.com/bosikomsound Жан Жаныч & baodub http://vk.com/baodub Гайдук http://rastamantales.com/ Коля Маню https://vk.com/club16321712 ПОРА ИЗОБИЛИЯ https://vk.com/ska_reggae ТАКИ ДА ! https://vk.com/takidagroup https://soundcloud.com/takidaband Улиткас https://vk.com/ulitkas Bulat Gafarov LIVE http://www.bulatgafarov.com/ https://soundcloud.com/bulatgafarov RAPAPAM&DUBCHIKIDUB LIVE https://vk.com/rapapammusic ПОZИТИВА LIVE https://soundcloud.com/pozitiva-1 https://vk.com/pozitiva TripleSS https://vk.com/triplessmusic ShantyNatty https://vk.com/shantynatty DJ Sets: Annes Zia ( KissTheSound Rec, Russia ) Mixcloud.com/anneszia Soundcloud.com/anneszia Bionic Buddha ( Russia ) http://promodj.com/bionicbuddha http://www.mixcloud.com/bionicbuddha/ FAURA ( Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/fauramusic FUSIONISTA ( Russia ) https://soundcloud.com/fusionistamusic http://www.mixcloud.com/Fusionista/ Tikki Masala (Masala records, India, Belgium) https://soundcloud.com/tikkimasala VinShu ( Russia ) www.mixcloud.com/vinshu/ ALTERNATIVE STAGE ***TBA*** Tickets: 24.03 -12.05 - 1300 rubles (25 euro) 13.05 - 30.06 - 1800 rubles (35 euro) On a gates - 2500 rubles (50 euro) This year 2 countries have a FREE entrance to a festival. It's Greece and Serbia, you need just show your passport on a gates. Stay tuned and see you on a dance floore! More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/900191320013001/939490186083114/ http://www.vk.com/imaginariumfestival2015
  2. Artist: Enichkin Title: "The Ride" Artwork & Design: Ayalien (http://ayalien.deviantart.com) Genre: Mental Trance Format: Audio CD / Jewel Case Length: 71:51 min. Mastering: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios ( http://www.4cn-studios.com ) Label: Mind-Expansion Music (http://www.mind-expansion.net) Release date: 12. 07. 2013 Release-ID: MECD006 Distributor: Arabesque ( http://bit.ly/MECD006CD ) Tracklist: 01. Prolegomena [ 04:48 min. ] 02. Greetings From The Source [ 11:25 min. ] 03. To The Other Side Of Morning [ 11:30 min. ] 04. The Ride [ 07:59 min. ] 05. Outside The Known [ 11:35 min. ] 06. Sunbeams In The Shards Of A Broken Mirror [ 12:23 min. ] 07. Ancient Way To See The Matrix [ 12:07 min. ] Release description: The new Enichkin album "The Ride" presented by Mind Expansion Music is a complete story, sub divided into 7 episodes. The story touches some fundamental things about the human brain and it is dedicated to the definitive role of choices in the formation of personal reality. When one moves through the curves on this galactic amusement park, Love and Wisdom are the key elements to transform multiple lifetimes on Earth into a magical force. Enichkin and Mind-Expansion Music share this knowledge with you, because they consider it as the ultimate expression of their gratitude to people and forces involved into the spiritual evolution of humankind. We are all One, as quoted by Bill Hicks: "Vibrations in the mind, of one true God whose name is Love". Due to the psychedelic nature of this album, audience discretion is advised. All tracks written and performed by Sergey A. Nazarenko @ Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia. Mastering by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios ( Germany ). Cover-artwork designed by Ayalien. "The expansion of the mind, is the union of forces." 2013 Mind-Expansion Music.
  3. Good day friends. Our present to you the creation of a group of http://vk.com/alphabetofgoa this community is situated in a social network vk.com register does not necessarily listen to the entire audio collection of the group.Group created for all fans and lovers of this magical relationship in all styles, the base material is very large, see for yourself. We write reviews, comment. The future plans of creating a common site to the entire Goa trance was always in your pocket and can be easily downloaded.I apologize for google translate ////// Sincerely your Insanity Universe
  4. Artist: Anix Gleo Title: Fatum Label: Arkona Creation Cat: ARKNCD005 Format: CD + Digital download (MP3/FLAC/Wav) Cover design: Anix Gleo & Manush Mkrtchyan track list: Freestyle Daddys Honest Dance Deep Sky Atonal Gleostep Highway Loop 1000000dollars Moondub For album preview click here This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gained flesh. This music is not a totally dance orientated due to the whim of the author . Half is dance and half is history, stories with his actors, conflict, complication, crisis and denouement. 99% of the attention on the album is devoted to the development of sound parts, but does not fill the frequency space evenly by design. The structure of the album "FATUM" has two breaths, two emotional splashes - in the first half and in the final. This was not planned initially but t by the end of the album, the music actually ceases to be a trance in its usually understood form. The whole collection of experiments led to the pure psychedelic sounds of the album outweighing the dance floor’s psychedelic prowess. What is the album “FATUM” about? About freedom, twilight crackle, the cosmic dust, the diffusion, the voices of distant countries, the corridors of the material world, about people... For more info visit http://www.anixgleo.com For any booking requirements visit http://www.arkona-creation.org CDs & Digital downloads now available @ Arkona Creation Shop http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com CDs also available at following online shops: Psyshop, Beatspace, SaikoSounds Digital downloads: Junodownload Other Arkona Creation releases: VA - PERKUNEYA PRADOX VS BASSID - EXFOLIATOR PEACE DATA - INFECTED WASHROOM RADIOACTIVE CAKE - THE NEW KIND PROJECT SKETCH - PARADISE VALLEY THE GROBIANS - TRIPWIRE BRUJO'S BOWL - HEALING WITH SOUND VA - JAVANESE PEACOCK Coming up soon on Arkona Creation: PRADOX - BLOOMY RUST BASSID - HOME VA - PSYGRESSIVE CHANTING For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please click here Follow Arkona Creation on: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArkonaCreation soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/arkona-creation youtube: http://www.youtube.com/arkonacreation twitter: http://www.twitter.com/arkonacreation
  5. ... …And the Brahmins, and Troubadours - native command Sinestesia present their new album! Bizarre surreal images here, as they say in the range of juggling and images, genres,artists temporitmom no shy. Dub-ambient, downtempo replaces the Far North, afterbreakbeat calm can play with the new-age guitar flamenko, expression ofshamans alternate with the grace of boundless snows, anxiety, and the elements of winter blizzard is changing irrational anxiety, stood in a dream, the reality of the border completely erased ... 1. Worlds Lights 2. The Change 3 Telegram to God 4 Ashtavakra 5 Liberty 6 Sally 7 Abroad 8 Pole 9 Mushroom's Dance 10 Satya Severa This time their music is more resonant with cold season of winter, spilling dark somber tunes all over the room. Ethnical themes enrich this ensemble of underground electronics with spicy flavor of spiritual forces. Strong emphasis on subconscious and psychedelic tone of compositions provide deep involvement for a careful listener. Attention towards details, which has always been a powerful side of this music project, is realized at its best in this work saturating tracks with dozens of cleverly combined sound effects and samples. If you enjoy being carried away by impressive multilayered music with its own philosophy this release will surely leave you satisfied.. Offical Page Free Download Album (zip, mp3)
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