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Found 5 results

  1. 15 interesting tips & tricks for Fruity Loops that you will find useful. 1. Use the Peak Controller 2. Keep all Windows open 3. Close all Windows at once 4. Undo properly 5. Spear Playlists 6. Give live feel to your Instruments 7. Insert gaps in your Timeline 8. Duplicate automation clips 9. Create reversed reverb 10. Smart disable & save CPU usage 11. Faster Recording 12. Copy/move Effects 13. Convert VST into Sample 14. Get the notes of a Sample 15. Smoother transition between Vocals Follow me on Spotify:
  2. Hey, I created last the a remix of the Mako Reactor theme from FF7. Hope you like it.
  3. Hello everyone ! Let me introduce myself , I'm Flooz , I'm 15 , I produce Psytrance on Fl Studio 11. Recently I'm posted out my new EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp available in "Free Buy Now " on board, a piece of intro typed downtempo and three other tracks psytrance . If I come on this forum is for the purpose of making me known on a wider public , so do not hesitate to give me your feedback on my songs it really helps me ! Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/flooz-sound/sets/ep-time-to-travel Bandcamp : https://flooz.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-travel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour à tous ! Tout d'abord je me présente, je suis Flooz, j'ai 15 ans, je compose de la Psytrance sur Fl Studio 11 depuis une année environ, depuis peu passer sur Ableton. Récemment j'ai sortis mon nouvelle EP disponible sur Soundcloud et Bandcamp en "Free Or Buy", à la carte, un morceau d'intro typé downtempo et trois autres morceaux psytrance. Si je viens sur ce forum c'est dans le but de me faire connaitre sur un publique plus large, alors n'hésitez surtout pas à me donnez vos retours sur mes morceaux ça m'aide vraiment ! Sur ceux, très bonnes écoutes à tous ! Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/flooz-sound/sets/ep-time-to-travel Bandcamp : https://flooz.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-travel
  4. Hello I produce music using FL studio 8 since 1999 & i would like to try to remix someone's track. The track must be provided in open source *.zip format with all samples, patterns & sequencers. The track must be written in FL Studio 8, progressive psy trance in genre and the author must at least have 1 official release. My final result will be around 137 bpm. It does not matter if the track has already been released as long as the author provides written approval that i can release the remix. Here you can have a taste of my latest album on which i have great feedback so far. http://www.soundcloud.com/djopensource/enormously-insignificant-preview/ The track that i will remix will be included in my next album which includes physical worldwide distribution through arabesque and digital in more than 300 portals. And here is a video clip of mine. If this interest you please contact me at contact@djopensource.com Many thanks for reading this topic.
  5. Hello people! First time im going to introduce my music to you. Ive just uploaded a new track and i would like to hear some opinions. So please lend me your ears for a second https://soundcloud.com/killik/killik-derealisation Cheers!
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