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  1. Hello people! First time im going to introduce my music to you. Ive just uploaded a new track and i would like to hear some opinions. So please lend me your ears for a second https://soundcloud.com/killik/killik-derealisation Cheers!
  2. cool topic! i remember how i heard a track from astral projection on an internet radio in 2006. the DJ on the radio said its goa, so i searched for more stuff on the internetz cause i liked it from the very beginning. weeks or months later i was walking home in the middle of the night when i heard sound coming out of the nearby forest. me and my friend decided to check whats going on there. when we got there, there was a fire, about 30 people sitting around it and a dj on the decks playing "strange stuff". one guy came to us, offered us a beer and was so friendly from the very beginning.
  3. http://youtu.be/TSd9hDcvvVE Egorythmia - Dusty Grooves pretty good mix and stereo image imo Vertical Mode also got some high quality stuff. Very hard to pick the one and only best track but those 2 are the ones coming to my mind at first.
  4. ah its actually not that complicated. you have your main thing going on like drums and base that is about 5-6 tracks. then the main riff melody that goes along with rhythmic psy fx. 1 or 2 additional fx shots thrown in now and then. a track with white noise and there you are with about 12 tracks for 30 seconds of psy. often it sounds more complicated than it is. automations also add to that and might let you get the feeling of 100 things going on there.
  5. indeed it sounds similar, but its not it, unfortunately. but the links you posted are great! i will hear through them, thank you
  6. not really a lost track but i want to know the name so badly of that track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4RnhPjjNII&feature=share&list=PL32DE55A507714763 aroundt 1h 37 min i really hopesomeone knows the track :3
  7. ok new one guys. 3:46 the mainlead i think the track is in e minor. but i cant manage to recreate that sound
  8. not my cup of tea tried it but i dont like the result too much. i like the idea of this thread pretty much tough. maybe someone else manages to recreate it
  9. here we go. not 100% but itsclose i guess http://soundcloud.co...urfkill/mirinda
  10. im not sure if i get that right. why should an artist need money to make an album? i dont mean making the cd itself. i mean the process of making the music on your computer. i wouldnt care beforehand about how much money people are willing to pay if i finish a track or not. or are we only talking about production material costs here?
  11. 1) What programs you use, and any hardware instruments, midi controllers, etc (PC Specs too)? FL 10, Edirol PCR midi controler, a lame computer that could be way faster 2) On average, how long does it take you to build and finish a Song? usually 20-30 hours. 3) Which parts do you find tedious when building your track (if any), if it pattern sequencing, automation, etc? arrangement. glueing parts together. giving a track one topic instead of several 4) Where did the inspiration come from to start producing music? to be honest, i forgot why i started making mus
  12. oh yea very pleasing sound. good find. maybe ott is something you like too then. if u dont already know them
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