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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Need for Speed II - In Speed of Light Label: Metatron Production Date: May, 2006 1. Burn in Noise - Psy Drugs 2. Z-Machine - East Generation (2006 Dance Mix) 3. Luxor - Mexican Theme 4. Sidhartha - Transform 5. Killer Buds - Organize 6. Technodrome - New York Baby 7. Insane Logic - Face To The Road 8. Karma Crop - Killer Crop 9. Technodrome Vs. Karma Crop - Ignition 10. Nemesis Divine - Last Man Standing Need for speed? What the fine folks at Metatron needed to do was slow down and find something other than mediocre run of the mill full-on. Look we all know what this is and in 2006 it wasn't bad. Unfortunately it doesn't really hold up today. Galloping bass lines? Oh you know that's in here. Lasers? Sure, but you like lasers. Changes in tempo and bass line patterns? C'mon man...it's 2006. That's like asking if there are enough guns in the US. There are parts of tracks which actually do hold up, but they aren't maintained. In fact some are ruined by stops and starts that were typical back then. No track development or depth just a quick burst of energy and then on to the next one. It's the equivalent of bad Chinese food. Musically you'll be hungry in about 10 minutes and sorry to say, but Fat Kok is the last thing you'll want. So this is just another disc that will end up on the vast mountain of sh*t I don't have to listen to again. Beatspace
  2. Artist: System Nipel Title: Deep Into Matter Label: Trancelucent Productions Date: May, 2006 1. Dream Vision 2. Lift Me Up (Feat. Visual Contact) 3. Steal The Robot 4. Afronomical 5. Deep Into Matter 6. Fair Telly (Feat. Electro Sun) 7. Guest For The Future 8. Donkey Drunkey 9. The Misted Muppet - From the Legend (System Nipel Remix) 10. Unlimited (Chill Out Remix) Need I say more? It's cavity inducing full-on from a time when full-on threatened to choke the life out of anything psychedelic. This has more in common with euphoric trance than psy with galloping bass lines, cheesy melodies, and of course what would a full-on release from the mid 2000's be without some house-like vocal. I've heard worse, but if you take this in one big gulp you might want to make sure you have that insulin pump handy. I'd link to it, but as of this writing Psyshop and Beatspace are both out of stock. *Wipes tear* But lucky for you there are a few sellers on Discogs that would be happy to sell it to you for waaay too much money. Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Distortion Label: Digital Psionics Date: May, 2006 1. Audialize - Overdrive 2. Menog - End of Story 3. Dark Nebula & Psywalker - Unlimited Power 4. Artifakt - Doom Doom Doom 5. Xatrik & The Slug - Melon Smoothie 6. Scorb & Chromatone - Best of Both Bowls 7. Miraculix - D-Day 8. Scatterbrain - Space Invaders 9. Safi Connection - Coke Musca domestica rejoice! Look I'm not saying this compilation is weak, but... What the f*ck that's exactly what I'm saying. Look let's start by not ending compilations with the weakest tracks. Sure you might start great, but then it's an absolute chore to make it through the thing and I come away with the feeling that this CD sucked. I recently reviewed the Psionic Earth compilation, and while this one is better (slightly) I think it's more of a kick in the nuts, because it's almost as if they didn't learn their lesson. Most of it is just uninspiring full-on. Even my man Xatrik let me down and he's usually automatic. I'm expecting John Stockton at the free throw line and f*cking Shaquille O'Neal shows up to throw the ball over the backboard. Not one killer. Everything is so damn linear. Artifakt's track was the only one that held any interest to me and that's because it was so different from everything else on here. Did all the artists attempt to outbore each other? This might be a snapshot of where psytrance was back in 06. The only reason I'm keeping this is because I'm such a damn completionist. Psyshop
  4. Artist: Various Title: Colour Saturation Label: Space Tribe Music Date: May, 2006 1. ESP - Midsummer Night's Dream 2. The 3 Mosqueteers - Into The Brain 3. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Short Term What?? 4. Electric Universe - Mind of God 5. Sirius Isness & Theoreme - Implants 6. Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe 7. Space Tribe - Don't Believe The Truth 8. Psywalker - Psykick Situation 9. Menog - Violent Operation "The energy, the magic, the beauty." Twerk that sh*t Skinner! Oh boy. There is a lot of acid in here. A whole lot. Should've come with a hazmat suit. And that's a good thing. Of course when all the tracks display such wanton disregard for acidic safety they sure do sound similar. But in the right hands with stomping basslines and a rigorous pace I don't think you can have too much acid. Mind of God is a standout as well as Midsummer Night's Dream, but they all have their moments. Samples of chakras and LSD abound, but this is some serious stomping music. Highly recommended for the twilight music aficionado! Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
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