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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Feel the Force Label: Spectral Records Date: June, 2005 1. Twisted System - Die Nagmerrie (Menog Remix) 2. Khopat - Alien Explorer 3. Shift - Serius Problem 4. Phyx Vs. Menog - Danian 5. Menog - Spiritual 00 (Audialize Remix) 6. Tryambaka - Filth 7. XRC - Medusa 8. Spectra - Borealis 9. Probe - Probe Feel the force. Hmmm....ok, a simple equation ought to sum things up nicely. = X Massively small tiny hands multiplied by a super slow acceleration will guarantee the survival of drosophila melanogaster. Probably the first time that classification was used in a review. While the label begun by Menog & XRC has had it's great moments this one is mostly a miss. The three tracks worth your while will be the bombastic and aggressive offerings from Shift, Phyx & Menog, and of course Twisted System. Pure acid mayhem. Things truly go off the rails by the time you get to Spectra and ends in a dumpster fire of a track by a project called Probe. Same last name as Menog so I'm sensing some nepotism is afoot. As I said mostly a miss aside from those three bangers. Psyshop
  2. Artist: Various Title: Global Alliance Label: Fragile Planet Records Date: June, 2005 1. Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Byson 2. Scorb - Tundra 3. Winter Demon - Time Attack 4. Principles of Flight - Lava Frog 5. Psychoactive - Stick Ya Disco 6. Killer Buds - Behind U 7. Shift - Cipher Jabbawokkee 8. Phatmatix - Pyroman 9. Mr. Peculiar - Funny Mushrooms Hmmmm...I seem to be mired in mid 2000's full on when it comes to reviewing. Well can you blame me? There is a lot of it. This particular subset of psytrance exploded with so many cut and paste releases, each one being a carbon copy of the next. Fragile Planet Records was gone almost as soon as it appeared which is a shame because they seemed to be on the right track. This compilation is an example of night time psy music that pulsates. It's dark, melodic and powerful with a great atmospheric feeling. I know cause I was rocking this at 4 this morning. Wasn't at a party or anything like that. Just woke up and needed some music. As with all compilations there are some weaker moments, but the majority is solid. Unlike Ketuh Records who went out like a wet noodle, this label's final output made some big boy noise. Shift and Killer Buds in particular really own on this album with Mr. Peculiar also putting in a strong showing. If you're a night time full-on lover this one should already be in your kit. Recommended. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Various Title: A Pinch of Psychedelic Label: Space Tribe Music Date: June, 2005 1. Space Tribe - A Pinch of Psychedelic 2. Electric Universe - Fully Awake 3. Space Tribe & Sirius Isness - Dead Serious 4. CPU - On Air 5. Dark Nebula - Pheremone 415 6. Eskimo, Legohead, & Ozzy - Imaginary Headphones 7. Theoreme - Sapporo 8. Psywalker - Hellfire 9. Safi Connection - Full On String Fully Awake That's it. Game over. Even if every other track on this compilation was a Skazi track. The same Skazi track remixed by Skazi's three legged blind dog, Fully Awake is so unbelievably bad ass that you still buy it. It is for my money one of the best psytrance tracks from Boris and quite possibly my favorite of all time. Luckily that Skazi nightmare has yet to be wrought upon us and we could easily just download the one we want from Beatport. Of course this album is not just a one hit wonder with almost equally brilliant stuff from CPU (yes, that one), Space Tribe of course, and an acidic choon from Theoreme. Well worth a purchase. Mdk
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