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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Phatmatix Title: The Divine Comedy Label: Yabai Records Date: December, 2008 1. Babylon Circus 2. Labyrinth 3. The Punishment 4. Beyond Reality (Live Mix) 5. The Void 6. Dominator 7. Hominus Nocturna 8. Melodreams 9. In Tenebris Ah I miss music like this. Unfortunately I don't believe he is making music any longer (same with the label sadly) and that is a great loss. Dark, evil, and hard hitting this is what nighttime psytrance should aspire to be. Phatmatix is Stephane Rault and his music is similar to another Frenchman called Concept. This is serial killer clown atmosphere with futuristic implications. That opening downtempo introduction drips with fear. He then launches into minor key acidic madness that continues the pervasive eerieness. This music lives and breathes and like a vengeful spirit it hunts. Grand and thematic in its depravity. I didn't care for his third and ultimately final album Eternalis, but this one and his debut Sorcery nailed it. I'd link to it, but since the label disappeared any of their releases have become quite difficult to locate, leaving one to the Discogs market.
  2. Artist: Tickets Title: Dreaming of Places Label: Timecode Records Date: December, 2008 1. Intro 2. Dark Fears 3. City In Japan 4. Harpsicheek 5. Finish What You Started 6. Aurora Borealis 7. The Quest Rmx 8. Circumstances 9. Massive Attack - Heat Miser (Tickets Remix) 10. Sympathise and Mesmerize Karma-karma-karma-karma-karma... Bringing back a classic! I mean...well, I didn't, uh...I didn't think it was a classic when it came out. But, like celebrities doing community service you pick up a few things. After his album Timelapse I was expecting more of the same and was a little disappointed he didn't deliver. No, you know what, disappointed wasn't the right word. I wasn't ready. This is a different direction yet he still hangs on to the signature Timecode rawness and brutality. The thump and acid are still there, but it's a deeper work. No longer is it just four on the floor power. It's rooted in cinematic grandeur not unlike Talpa's The Art of Being Non. Layers invite dark minor key exploration with a focus on atmosphere. Creativity abounds and it also brings that danceable Timecode swagger. It's like when the Beasties Paul's Boutique came out. I didn't get it, and thought those guys were done. I wasn't ready. And they f*cking kept on till that one guy died. But just feast on that Circumstances climax. Quality work that I can now appreciate. Looking forward to his next album. Now...can someone tell me what the f*ck Harpsicheek is? Beatspace Timecode Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Space Tribe & Accomplices Title: Electro Convulsive Therapy Label: Space Tribe Music Date: December, 2008 1. Space Tribe & Mad Maxx - Time Warp 2. ESP - The enlightened hillbilly 3. GMSpacetribe - Alternate alternate future (2012 end of time mix) 4. Space Tibe & Mad Maxx - Electro Convulsive Therapy 5. Space Tribe & Azax Syndrom - Epidemic 6. ESP - Light up the dark 7. Space Tribe & Laughing Buddha - Atom Bomb 8. ESP - Deep purple haze (Star Spangled mix) 9. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Prophecy "Sometimes you have to lose yourself." I cannot believe he actually put that in there it makes my point without even trying. At some point everyone loses their way. It happens to all of us and believe me Olli will tell you that he is no exception. As we get older we tend to lose it a little. Like when I ask my wife where my sunglasses are and she smirks and points to the top of my head. I know she still loves me and doesn't actually think I'm a dumb ass. This came out in December of 2008 so...merry Christmas? I don't know what kind of mind altering substances he may or may not have been taking at the time, but this album is one of his wandering the forest with no pants moments. Yeah it's not a hot, but the potential for tick bites on the bean bag should make you think twice. From the get go things go wrong and go wrong like big girl on rollerskates. From the radical tempo changes in the opener to the dueling banjos in the Hillbilly track I'm this close to throwing this right in the trash. I get even closer when he f*cks with Alternate Future and polishes it like a shiny full-on turd. Guitars seem to be everywhere as are the terrible full-on cliches. Normally a healthy dose of acid can salvage almost any damage done, but with this...let's just say there is a lot damage being done. None of it in a good way. Just ask Jimi Hendrix who should be turning over in his grave. The lone shining star would have to be Atom Bomb which was a blistering acid explosion. If I'm being honest other than his first two albums I wasn't a fan of his stuff to begin with and this didn't make me a believer. There is a theory that states whenever you see a Disney movie and that fluorescent green color appears then evil crazy sh*t is about to go down. I think it applies here as well. And while I often root for the villain in most movies, I think I'll be holding out for a hero when it comes to this one. Ouch.
  4. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - West"

    Artist: Various Title: West Label: FreeAnce Date: December, 2008 1. Mr. Peculiar - West (Mindelight RMX) 2. Shake - Shaked World 3. Twilight - Super Sonic 4. Mindelight - Dynamite 5. Ananda Shake - Love, Secrets, and God 6. Under Beat - Turbo Brake 7. Eclypso - For the Girl 8. Mindelight & Sharigrama - We Are One (Mindelight RMX) 9. Blue MD - Higher Oh f*ck this one was hard to swallow. I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one. I'm just going to give you some advice that you should really follow. Ok...just skip the first two tracks unless you feel like stabbing your ears with a sharpened pencil. It's not until Super Sonic that you get to some full on that isn't bottom of the barrel type stuff. There is of course a western theme so you have to put up with harmonica's and boogie woogie type nonsense. If you didn't know that when you bought it or for some ridiculous reason bought without listening then please follow the following steps. Go to the nearest automobile, open the car door and stick your penis in, and then repeatedly open and close the door with force. Listening to this will have the same effect. It's science. Where were we? Love, Secrets, and God is the type of full-on that is what you would expect Ananda Shake to create. It's like cotton candy, good for a time but after a bit it'll just give you a headache. Turbo Brake was so unflinchingly uplifting I felt it should've come with it's own hashtag. #suckmybuildup or #Ish*tflowers. One of the shining lights on this disaster was For the Girl with its funky bass line groove, but it eventually reverted to full-on diarrhea. Mindelight seems to be the chief offender here (Dynamite deserves two f*ck yous) and his third track makes me wish someone made him go get pizza so they could replace his tracks with the sound of dial up internet. The merciful final track provides the final kick in the pills with a house like vocal that claims she will take me higher. And what could be more psychedelic than a trumpet. Get the f*ck outta here with that. So let me be clear. There is absolutely nothing psychedelically redeemable about this compilation. It's full-on to the bone and mostly sh*tty full-on that as you can tell by the beginning of the review will bring about certain dry heaves. Sorry about your junk...it's the only way you'll learn. Psyshop *Link provided so you can be as miserable as the music made me Mdk
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