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Found 4 results

  1. Radical Distortion 12 Dimensions Label: Zion 604 Tracklist: 1. The Score 2. Computer Controlled - Physical Reality (Radical Distortion Remix) 3. Homo Universalis 4. Quantum Gravity 5. Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix) 6. 12 Dimensions 7. 24 dB (Odyssey Mix) 8. Dragon Birthy 9. I Am Locutus After a first listen I came away from "12 Dimensions" very disappointed. Following the grandiose intro of "The Score," a wild cinematic track bursting with what sounds like a full orchestra, things got poor pretty quickly, so much so that by the time the tunes seemed to be getting better it was pretty difficult to check back in. As for round two the gems of this collection started to shine bright and beautiful helped in no small way by listening to the album on random so that the later tracks, the better tracks, got the first look they deserve. Nothing as big or broad as "The Score" lead-off track is found elsewhere on the album so it sets the bar pretty high early on. Interestingly, in sequence from the CD, the three weakest tracks play next and they just seem to lag and overstay their welcome. Beginning with "Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix)" and continuing to the album's conclusion on the unspeakably great "I Am Locutus" the tracks get infinitely better - subtle, slow-burners, remarkably better over time, so nuanced that there does not seem to be a way to savor all the beauty in just one listen. The finest part of these latter five tracks is that they are gloriously old-school in spirit but delivered within the crystal-clear clarity of modern technology. There is no sensory overload from an avalanche of effects and no risk of running a Caesar by piercing the listener to death with synth stabs. "12 Dimensions" is not overly complex with its layers nor is it as dismissively simple with those layers as the first listen could make it seem. "12 Dimensions" is a great album (complete with some wicked cover art) once you get past the rough spots. There are no dance floor bombs here so it is gorgeous at-home goa and for five beautiful, intricate, well-paced, superbly crafted tracks it lives up to its name as a multi-dimensional gem.
  2. Skizologic Robotized Zion 604 Tracklist: 1. DNA - The Square 2. The Swamp 3. Anomaly (Remix of 2Minds) 4. Robotized 5. Fusion 303 (with Moonweed) 6. In-Space (with InnerZone) 7. Spectrum 8. Neutron (with Radical Distortion) 9. Robotized (Nervasystem Remix) On March 10, 2015, Skizologic's "Robotized" became available to the music world. However, it occurred in a way that was very unexpected. With no physical format available for purchase and no online music shops selling the album, a professionally put-together "digipack" popped up on torrent sites and peer-to-peer file sharing programs instead on the scheduled release date. As of this writing, no word from the Zion 604 guys about what this is all about. Yet, the Discogs page still shows March 10 as its release date, there is still no update to the label's Band Camp page selling (much less promoting) this digipack, no word here on Psynews.org hyping the album (though Zion 604 honcho Roy Sasson is usually very active with his posts) and only the briefest of updates via their Facebook page regarding a vague date for when the release of this album will actually occur. So, with that very organized digipack out there for the populace are we to assume this was "leaked" intentionally? Or is this just a small record label that is overburdened with the details of a release neglecting to promote or being able to release the thing on time? A clever marketing approach to gets tongues wagging or a victim of inner sabotage that allowed their new release to be pirated? Of course, none of this would be very relevant if "Robotized" sucked. But it doesn't. In fact, it is quite fucking fantastic! A slew of co-productions adds a hearty dose of variety to this great debut of Israeli producer Skizologic whose individual approach to goa sounds very relaxed, organic and wickedly groovy. In fact it occurred no less than three different times during the course of its run time where this could very well be the new Hallucinogen album that has been years "in the making." Zion 604's Roy Sasson teams with Skizologic on the bouncing funk of the "DNA" opener, most definitely the strongest Hallucinogen-ic on the album. It is the type of floor-filler that can get many asses a-shaking even beyond the goa crowd, a great crossover track that could possibly appeal to even the most progressive-minded of the psy community. No question, one of the absolute bests here! Skizologic's remix of 2Mind's "Anomaly" is another grooving beauty that spends half of its 9-minute length stomping around quite nicely, and just when it feels like the track has shown all of its elements in comes the wildly good keyboard work, tuned in to some infectious organ sounds, making it a sensational goa riot of bliss and euphoria. The co-production with labelmates Radical Distortion on "Neutron" is funky, groovy, squelchy and excellent. "Fusion 303" is a tasteful overload of goa effects where Moonweed's usually over-the-top production style is reined in by Skizologic's more groove-oriented approach and the result is another winner. Of the three original tracks where Skizologic goes it alone, "Robotized" takes top-honor - it is a full-on beauty masquerading as goa. "The Swamp," "Spectrum" and "In-Space," produced with Innerzone, may be the album's filler tracks but even those sound fantastic. The down point (of course, based on personal tastes,) is Nervasystem's take on "Robotized." Gone is the gorgeous, stomping full-on of Skizalogic's original and inserted is a wild, over-the-top, exuberantly experimental approach that clashes quite significantly with every other track on the album. Hearing "Robotized," though, brings up that taboo issue of "to download or to not download." To slake one's curiosity or to await the "official" release in order to shell out the cash to support a great goa label. And, granted, that's assuming the Zion 604 guys have not given this pirated digipak their blessing. Either way, if you hear it now or hear it later on, chances are when the "Best of 2015" polls come around, this will make the top three of many, many lists. Some albums are just that immediately good to give enough confidence to make such a prediction. "Robotized" is definitely one of those albums. ()
  3. OUT NOW!! Title: Memories from Goa Madness Tracklist: 1: Ephedra & Omnivox: Into the vast dark ocean 2: Radical distortion: Overdose 3: Asmik: Initially 4: Merrow: Pray for Mars 5: Omnivox: Light up the sky 6: Radical Distortion: Ancient Aliens 7: Ephedra: Trip through the heart of the galaxy 8: Liquid flow: Psychoactive 9: Agneton: Jurassic attack Artwork by: Neogoa design Goa Madness records is proud to present their very first compilation: Memories from Goa Madness! Nine beautiful Goatrance tracks carefully selected by Ephedra & Kuririn. All the artists involved in this compilation played at some of the crazy parties organized by the Goa Madness crew during the last seven years. This project is dedicated to all the Goa trance freaks around the world and will probably fit every taste. Acidic & mental goa lovers will be pleased by tracks from Merr0w, Radical distortion & Omnivox that will kick them in outer space, while melodic & euphoric Goa lovers will be amazed by the magical melodies from Liquid flow & Ephedra. Even Nitzhogoa addicts will be blasted, the master of this genre: Agneton comes back with a crazy track filled with some supersonic melodies. Goa madness is also very happy to present the very first release of Asmik. A Belgian talent that just joined the crew. Just listen and let the madness surround & submerge you! Previews available here: https://soundcloud.com/goa-madness-r...om-goa-madness Get your copy here: http://www.beatspace.com/7751/Goa+Madness+Records/Various/Memories+from+Goa+Madness/detail.aspx
  4. Eutuchia Music proudly presents the brand new album from Radical Distortion ''Back in Time'' !!! Eutuchia Music Label is officially entering the Goa Trance scene with its first Compact Disc and presents the 4th album from Greek Pioneers of the genre, Radical Distortion ,including latest killer works together with a few older and unreleased special material !! This album will surely travel you back in time ,in the golden years of Goa/Psychedelic Trance !!! Contact with us for buying one of the ''200 limited copies'' via our facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/Eutuchia or by mail @ e_psylon@hotmail.com Price : 7euros + Shipment (Worldwide)* *By buying this cd you support via donation our Non Profit Music Organisation and our artists. **New Goa/Psychedelic Trance compilation from Eutuchia Music selected by Alkis and Tripper (NickRadicalDistortion)...Soon More Info... http://www.eutuchia.org http://radicaldistortion.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Radical-Distortion/58275409291?fref=ts http://www.facebook.com/alkis.trancemissions
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