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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Lunatic Vs. Zed Reactor Title: Lunatic Vs Zed Reactor EP / Battle 2 EP Label: TSL Records Date: September, 2011 Lunatic Vs. Zed Reactor EP 1. Nightmares - Lunatic 2. First Flight To Cosmic Space - Zed Reactor 3. Take Me - Lunatic 4. Future Shaper - Zed Reactor Battle 2 EP 1. Dead Mask - Lunatic 2. Asena - Zed Reactor 3. Iron Cross - Lunatic 4. Pogona Vitticeps - Zed Reactor I like cheese. I do. Not that artificial processed sh*t but the real deal. Put it in my eggs, top my everything bagel with a couple of slices...hell you can't have a sandwich without it. Saying you don't like cheese...well, you might as well find the nearest cow and kick it in the milk holes. So yeah, I like cheese. But it has no place in music. Kinda. When dealing with the genre of Greek Uplifting or Nitzhonot you have to expect at least some of the shredded stuff. What we have here are another couple of free EP's by artists who work in this medium. Agneton, Goalien, Persistent Aura, Rama...all have shown that when you combine nitzho with goa trance the results can be blistering and superb. Even Zed Reactor's latest album Interplanetary Entity was a dark sojourn into the parts of nitzho that rarely saw the light of day. So to speak. Let's start with the first George..Lunatic. I hate to be the one to have to say it (no I don't) but his music is the definition of cheese. Cheesy leads, cheesy melodies, cheesy samples....If you need a face for your argument why this genre is cheesy, there you go. Every single track on these EP's is so laden with cheese that if you choose to listen to it your doctor will be quick to recommend Lipitor and other cholesterol lowering drugs. The real star of the EP's is the other George, Zed Reactor. He takes a darker approach and combines it with goa trance to give his tracks a deeper, more complex sound. I.E....less eye rolling. The melodies don't take the easy road so oftentimes it is less predictable. Also absent is his need to slow down or stop and start his tracks. Now that is not to say he is without fault. Like the other George he is prone to use samples as well, at times with a bit of a heavy hand. And don't forget, it's still Nitzhonot with it's signature lead sounds so if you aren't a fan to begin with... In short, it is my opinion that Zed Reactor's music is more for adults while the music of Lunatic will appeal to that teen that rides by on his bicycle and kicks over my trash cans. Yeah, keep running motherf*cker. http://www.tsl-records.com/#!trance Mdk
  2. Artist: Lunatic Vs. Zed Reactor Title: Dark Travel Label: TSL Records Date: November, 2011 1 - Lunatic - Burn The Leads 2 - Zed Reactor - Tyrant virus 3 - Lunatic - Welcome To Hell 4 - Negous - stage 1 (Zed Reactor rmx10) 5 - Lunatic - It's Your Travel 6 - Zed Reactor - Life In The Deep Having reviewed the dark and fun Zed Reactor debut Interplanetary Entity I recently discovered some more stuff that he had a hand in. This is just out for free at this label's site. http://www.tsl-records.com/#!lunatic-vs-zed-reactor---dark-travel It's a net label run by George Tsomokos (aka Lunatic) that offers trance and house music for free. That's right hippies I said for free. So drop the rolling papers and go check it out. The layout is very nice and it is bristling with a bunch of info and releases. I haven't heard the vast majority, but this one caught my eye. If they bring the same good time goa and nitzho combo that Zed did, then it's win win for free, isn't it? Burn The Leads- This is some dark nitzhonot ripped from the pages of Zed Reactor's debut album Interplanetary Entity. It's loud, and has the trademark kick that we all know. Like key changes? Yep, it's got 'em. Like a funky break? Present and accounted for. Think of it like the little nitzho kid in school that the bully pick on until one day he decides enough is enough. My my...don't think that kid was expecting a southpaw... Tyrant Virus- "Stay sharp...we're not alone." That's right...the intarwebz are watching. This one is a thicker piece of Nitzho, with swarming leads, well placed samples, and vibrant break full of eerie intent. Well, the Resident Evil sample was kinda corny along with the evil laughter, but I can look past that in the name of fun. Coulda come right off his album. Welcome To Hell- "Welcome...to hell!" What was beginning as another nitzho fun time quickly turned into a dark, uncomfortable trip. He's twisting knobs, people are scared...Then the track switches focus. I know he's the head of the label and Zed wouldn't speak bad of his employer, but George's tracks come off as less polished. Raw, even. This track in particular changes direction so frequently it seems as if it is a sketch pad. Yep, he even ventures into euphoric trance territory. Felt like I was in the club mix of the Man United fight song. Mark my words, he'll be governor of California one day. Stage 1 (Zed Reactor rmx10)- It takes 2 minutes before we get that nitzho fix but this was a bit of a miss for Mr. Zed. It just kinda...went. The lack of direction aside he starts to create a wall of sound and key changes at the end. It's Your Travel- With his last track George melds electronica with some techno industrial vibe. Like he threw Trent Reznor in the blender. Yeah take that you pretentious prick! Area 51 samples getting twisted and this one is a more moderate pace. Not a big fan. Seemed a big expanse of energy like his equipment had a last gasp. Yeah, better idea on paper, right? Life In the Deep- Final track and it sounds very detailed and organic. Something alive and crawling. Glitchy tendencies and deep bass pads. It says life in the deep but it could just as well be an alien land. Rocketing at drum n bass speed in a break beat style the isolated feeling kicks into high gear. The synths scream heading for a climax that never comes. It all just fades away. Loved the beginning, but it lost steam for me. Hit or miss. Tyrant Virus was the best track for me as it kept with the Zed Reactor theme. The rest had some good moments, but failed to stick with me. Still, it's all for free so you can't lose. http://www.tsl-records.com/#!lunatic-vs-zed-reactor---dark-travel Mdk
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