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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Geko Title: Poison Flowers Label: Digital Psionics Date: June, 2009 1. To the Face 2. Like This 3. Heads Up 4. F*cking B*tch 5. Iron Fist 6. Squeeze It 7. Suck My Ectoplasmic 8. World On Fire (Battlegoats) 9. Poison Flowers "I don't want to set the world on fire..." Well good news...you didn't. For me it's kind of hard to get excited about full-on projects even though my mind is always open. There's good stuff out there if you know where to look (be prepared to wade through a waist deep morass of crap though) and recently I've had a couple fall into my lap. This is an Israeli artist whose brand of full-on is acidic and punchy and he's a had a few good tracks on some compilations. With his debut (and only) album he beats you over the head with its aggressive nature loaded with harsh sounds and dark, futuristic themes. It's not the best I've heard and there are some cringeworthy buildups that will test your fast forwarding finger. What I've found is that there are some really thumping beats and fat basses that seem as though they will set the world on fire. Yet... Sometimes he takes that momentum and slams it into the wall with the aforementioned buildups. Let me just say that I love the last track. Supremely powerful with it's Chemical Brothers brutish swagger that will keep your head nodding. That is how you put an exclamation point at the end of a decent yet unspectacular album. Psyshop
  2. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Riot Label: Digital Psionics Date: 2009 1. Electrypnose - Find the Button and Press It 2. Rubix Qube - Event Horizon 3. Xatrik & Slug - Check Positive 4. Hux Flux - Bring Your Own Bios (Kluster Remix) 5. Biorhythm - Grab & Rip 6. Xatrik - Wouter 7. Panayota - Space Station 8. Vanghoul & Sonic - Insulin 9. Dark Nebula - Zone Stalker 10. Multistate - Crunchy So close. This was almost a really good compilation. Aussie label Digital Psionics flagship series has been churning since 1999 with mostly above average results. Compiled and mastered by Xatrik this had all the pieces to be something special yet failed to deliver the goods. Find the Button and Press It was a great opener from the wizard of weird Electrypnose and Event Horizon is eerie and constantly changing, but the rest of the tracks didn't achieve their full potential. Each track seemed to take their foot off the accelerator and never reached that level of thumping madness. The Panayota track had several abysmal buildups (so painful) and also tried to cram every Family Guy sample into it's otherwise decent track. Sigh, I believe they left some ideas on the table. Good, but not great. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Tales Label: Digital Psionics Date: October, 2005 1. Kluster - No Doubt (Rmx) 2. Fripic Bounce - Inflated Troll 3. Frequency Deluxe - Our DNA 4. Rastaliens - System Shock Rmx 5. Bon - Problem Child Rmx 6. Xatrik - Specific Procedure 7. Damage - Wicked 8. CPU & Skazi - Highest Party 9. Space Tribe Vs. Psywalker - Twitch 10. Scatterbrain - Hex 11. Dark Nebula - Firefighter "Welcome to the highest party in the world!" The label identified by the kissing door knocker was already 6 albums deep into their Psionic series by the time this came out in 2005. This compilation tries to have it all by combining lighter and darker tracks, some with identifiable melodies and some just good old fashioned pounding psychedelia. Inflated Troll by Fripic Bounce destroys while hanging onto its goa roots while Our DNA and System Shock Rmx blend together for some sick psychedelic madness. Specific Procedure is futuristic mayhem as is Damage's Wicked, but the bass is pitched too high for me and the lead is too screechy. Side note, I never realized Skazi was an actual person. Thought is was just a ghost story used to frighten children. His thumping and acid laden team-up with CPU wasn't half bad and then Twitch had its moments. The final two were just noisy nonsense and not very interesting. I was listening to this during my workout and it's partially mixed so oftentimes I didn't even notice when the track changed. But sometimes the mixing wasn't done that well and it was impossible to not notice. Minor quibble. Not a bad compilation considering when it was released. Psyshop
  4. Artist: Dark Nebula Title: Dreamfuel Label: Digital Psionics Date: March, 2006 1. Unwanted Emotion 2. Mary Poppin Pills 3. My Domain 4. Dances With Werewolves (feat. Scatterbrain) 5. Our Priority 6. Kraftworld 7. No Religion 8. Pheromone 415 9. Clinically Insane (feat. Fractal Glider) 10. Round & Round (Live Mix) (feat. Kluster) "Your prescription for unwanted emotions!" Ok, let's see....I'm feeling, how am I feeling... *looks to sky for answer* like I no longer want this CD. "I let my guitar speak for me!" Oooh...that's unfortunate because your guitar annoys me. As a matter of fact your leads which sound like guitars annoy me. "There's nothing left for you but a slow death as your lungs fill with toxic gasses!" Seriously? I'm only up to the third track. Your marketing skills leave a lot to be desired. And I liked this track with its heavy acid bent. That is until the cheering crowd showed up. "Your safety is our number one priority." That's funny because I thought it was to make fast bass lines. Throw in some samples and acid here and there and you have a Dark Nebula Album. There are moments where I like it, but more where it just drags on uninterestingly. "My music is a pillar on which whole worlds have been built." Now that is just cocky. But I like the creepy sample. Surprise surprise another fast bass line and sample. This one had a little more groove, but it's missing something. Electric Universe and Space Tribe do the same things, but I suppose they do it better. Can't quite put my finger on it. It just misses the mark. Well, that and the "singing" on No Religion. Not fantastic. "You can't run from your past....you'll end up running in circles." Need I say more? I've got it. The melodies aren't as competent and easy to grab hold of, but I also think he tries to be psychedelic for psychedelic's sake. Instead of making a bomb track it just feels like a bunch of unfinished phrases run together. A lot of sounds and weirdness thrown in one pot and then just shoved in the neighbors faces. With the cover I wanted it to be a night time tour de force, but wishing for it doesn't make it so. It's not bad, but I judge music on how much I would like to hear it again. I don't need to hear this again.
  5. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Tales Chapter 2 Label: Digital Psionics Date: August, 2007 1. Artifakt - Doom Doom Doom v1.0 2. Xatrik - Sketchy Bizznizz V1.3 3. Abomination - Lost V1.0 4. Bon - Regulated Power V1.1 5. Kluster - Dark Walker 6. Scatterbrain - Psychological Experiments 7. Safi Connection - Give Me Gitara V2.0 8. Fractal Glider - Only A Lifetime V2.3 9. Menog - End Of Story (Dark Nebula Remix) 10. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Spiritual Nobody "Yeah, I wanna wreck it, but I think it wrecked itself." Instead of searching for interesting album covers for this series just use this one. For every album. It really sums up the entire series. I like the series, all the albums have some worthwhile tracks. But read on fellow lover of knowledge! Digital Psionics is a label that has been around a long while and I believe the Psionic series is the reason why. And also Dark Nebula making the same album like nine f*cking times. But back to the series. I'm attempting to make my way through all of them, but let me tell you their formula. Create a compilation and pack it with a 50/50 ratio of good tracks and utter disappointments. So far this theorem holds true. Take this compilation...The first three tracks are proper night time trance with power and atmosphere. Things get a little darker with the next 3 and if you're into darkpsy and mechanical scraping washes then those might appeal to you. The WTF moment comes with the "remix" of the Give Me Gitara by Safi Connection. Honestly...is there a more annoying track on the planet? Absolutely abysmal and bears direct responsibility for the creation of ISIS, child sex trafficking, as well as kidney stones. He should have to walk around with this track draped over his neck like a scarlet letter. Then they close things out with tracks like the last two which make you think, "You know that wasn't bad...I look forward to the next installment." That's how this album is. It's how they all are. You could halve the amount of albums that have been submitted to the Psionic series if you just took the tracks that were worth a f*ck. Just one man's humble opinion. Of course this coming from a guy that has purchased almost all of them. Ah...the things I do for you guys. Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Distortion Label: Digital Psionics Date: May, 2006 1. Audialize - Overdrive 2. Menog - End of Story 3. Dark Nebula & Psywalker - Unlimited Power 4. Artifakt - Doom Doom Doom 5. Xatrik & The Slug - Melon Smoothie 6. Scorb & Chromatone - Best of Both Bowls 7. Miraculix - D-Day 8. Scatterbrain - Space Invaders 9. Safi Connection - Coke Musca domestica rejoice! Look I'm not saying this compilation is weak, but... What the f*ck that's exactly what I'm saying. Look let's start by not ending compilations with the weakest tracks. Sure you might start great, but then it's an absolute chore to make it through the thing and I come away with the feeling that this CD sucked. I recently reviewed the Psionic Earth compilation, and while this one is better (slightly) I think it's more of a kick in the nuts, because it's almost as if they didn't learn their lesson. Most of it is just uninspiring full-on. Even my man Xatrik let me down and he's usually automatic. I'm expecting John Stockton at the free throw line and f*cking Shaquille O'Neal shows up to throw the ball over the backboard. Not one killer. Everything is so damn linear. Artifakt's track was the only one that held any interest to me and that's because it was so different from everything else on here. Did all the artists attempt to outbore each other? This might be a snapshot of where psytrance was back in 06. The only reason I'm keeping this is because I'm such a damn completionist. Psyshop
  7. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Temple Label: Digital Psionics Date: November, 2006 1. Abomination - Lost 2. Concept - Syndrum 3. Shift - Project Neutrino 4. Dark Nebula - Soul Bruiser 5. Psywalker - Dream Weaver 6. Geko - Kill As Many As We Can Find 7. Bon - Regulated Power 8. Electrypnose - Misunderstood Rage 9. Psyboriginal - Sexadelic 10. Fractal Glider - Only A Lifetime "Should I get on all fours?" Yes. It will make it that much easier to thrust my boot up your ass. Seriously are you kidding me? What are you 12? Maybe putting those juvenile samples in your music and then blasting them through loud speakers at a party magically separates women from their panties in Europe. In which case can you teach me to be a DJ and I'll be right over. But let me tell you over on this side of the pond it makes me cringe. Psyboriginal's masturbatory opus aside this compilation in the Psionic series isn't half bad. Unfortunately if you get 50% on a test you still have to go to summer school like a dumbass while DJ's blast the panties off chicks at the pool. Digital Psionics is a night time trance label that was very prolific, just take a look at how many installments are in this series alone. The compilation begins with a tsunami rendered earthquake of goodness coming from Abomination, Concept, and Shift. Power incarnate with dark melodies. Soul Bruiser wasn't bad, but put me in the camp of those who feel Dark Nebula's tracks aren't that memorable. Psywalker was good even if I think he tends to ramble. Like that guy at work who can't get to the f*cking point. After that it's a sh*tshow. Geko and Fractal Glider bore the pants off me and the rest lack any sort of punch whatsoever. In like a thunderstorm out like a mouse fart. I'm with you Jerry. Who the f*ck is in charge over there? Thank God I only paid 3 bucks for this. Psyshop Beatspace
  8. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Ritual Label: Digital Psionics Date: December, 2013 1. Outer Signal Vs. Tickets - 254 Kilograms 2. Earworm - Energy Field 3. Khopat Vs. Smashed - Substances 4. Locked Locker - Substance D 5. Tantrum Vs. Catarsis - Force Field 6. Remove - Idea 7. Shuumat - Don't Shoot The Process 8. Rubix Qube Vs. Nevermachine - Definitely Dead 9. Rabdom L - Black Hole (Iliuchina Remix) 10. Dark Nebula - Sajuuk Khar "Do you understand what I'm saying? The whole system's gone...haywire." The label with the signature kissing door knocker is back with another chapter in the Psionic series. It's a digital twilight ride with a copious amount of acid, lasers, and well manipulated samples. Some tracks have a theatrical quality to them, but one common thread is dark power. It's what they do. Blistering tracks like Substances and Definitely Dead have that rapid pace and swirling energy. The girl interrupted sample in Substance D is delightfully twisted. Right up my alley. Most of this compilation is top notch with only a few misses near the end. Great sound and furious energy. Welcome back Digital Psionics! Beatport Mdk
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