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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Tales Chapter 2 Label: Digital Psionics Date: August, 2007 1. Artifakt - Doom Doom Doom v1.0 2. Xatrik - Sketchy Bizznizz V1.3 3. Abomination - Lost V1.0 4. Bon - Regulated Power V1.1 5. Kluster - Dark Walker 6. Scatterbrain - Psychological Experiments 7. Safi Connection - Give Me Gitara V2.0 8. Fractal Glider - Only A Lifetime V2.3 9. Menog - End Of Story (Dark Nebula Remix) 10. Space Tribe & Psywalker - Spiritual Nobody "Yeah, I wanna wreck it, but I think it wrecked itself." Instead of searching for interesting album covers for this series just use this one. For every album. It really sums up the entire series. I like the series, all the albums have some worthwhile tracks. But read on fellow lover of knowledge! Digital Psionics is a label that has been around a long while and I believe the Psionic series is the reason why. And also Dark Nebula making the same album like nine f*cking times. But back to the series. I'm attempting to make my way through all of them, but let me tell you their formula. Create a compilation and pack it with a 50/50 ratio of good tracks and utter disappointments. So far this theorem holds true. Take this compilation...The first three tracks are proper night time trance with power and atmosphere. Things get a little darker with the next 3 and if you're into darkpsy and mechanical scraping washes then those might appeal to you. The WTF moment comes with the "remix" of the Give Me Gitara by Safi Connection. Honestly...is there a more annoying track on the planet? Absolutely abysmal and bears direct responsibility for the creation of ISIS, child sex trafficking, as well as kidney stones. He should have to walk around with this track draped over his neck like a scarlet letter. Then they close things out with tracks like the last two which make you think, "You know that wasn't bad...I look forward to the next installment." That's how this album is. It's how they all are. You could halve the amount of albums that have been submitted to the Psionic series if you just took the tracks that were worth a f*ck. Just one man's humble opinion. Of course this coming from a guy that has purchased almost all of them. Ah...the things I do for you guys. Psyshop Beatspace
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