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Found 9 results

  1. This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome back Finland based DJ Otus, DJ and producer Oden and DJ Sarana who will be cooking up some psychedelic bliss. Enjoy! Listen to the show: OTUS [SEMC - Seinäjoki Electronic Music Collective] FI Finland based DJ Otus ignited his spark into the world of DJing many years ago,enjoying the sounds on rave dance floors. Learning the skills at home as a hobby, it was not for a couple of years before Otus served his musical delights behind the decks for all to enjoy.Otus is a DJ that enjoys pushing musical boundaries from one genre to another, combined with his energetic style of DJing, this time blending and diving into the psychedelic world of full on and Goa trance. Facebook - Mixcloud ODEN [Blue Hour Sounds] FI Finland based Dj and producer Oden has been playing and producing music since the mid- nineties. Oden is well known for representing the leading psytrance organisation Original Pranksters for years.Oden’s psychedelic trance driven sets are in high demand in Finland since his unique capability of mixing his own music among his favourite tunes made by other preeminent musicians. Soundcloud - Facebook - Mixcloud - Instagram - Blue Hour Sounds DJ SARANA [Psylicious] FI Finnish Psytrance DJ Sarana has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical spectrum of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelic trance. Influenced by the sounds of Mad Tribe, Spirit Architects, Transient Disorder and Mono Sapiens to name just a few have significance in DJ Sarana’s soundscape exploration, taking her deeper down the rabbit hole of psychedelic trance. With monthly sets aired on Psylicious Radio and, Finnish online radio, Kaaos Radio, DJ Sarana is already turning heads within her native Finland and beyond. DJ Saranas' ear for music and rhythm as a trained former dancer are two elements that are clearly evident, combined with her octane driven energy she transmits onto the trance-floor fully engaging with crowd! Her style and sets are delivered from her heart and soul yet defined in a hinged mystery of where DJ Saranas' musical journey will take you - a mystery only she knows as she draws you in wanting more! Soundcloud - Facebook - Mixcloud - Instagram Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  2. This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome onto the show from Ovnimoon Records & Barby Records, BARBY with DJ sets from Blue Hour Sounds producer and DJ, ODEN and we welcome back Patronus Records label DJ, DJ PHASE1. Enjoy! <<<< Listen to the show here. >>>> BARBY [Ovnimoon Records / Barby Records] CH Barby has been producing and playing chill-out and psytrance in Chile for more than 20 years. Affiliated to Ovnimoon Records, he also created his own free-download net-label, Barby Records. Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Mixcloud ODEN [Blue Hour Sounds] FI Finland based DJ and producer Oden has been playing and producing music since the mid- nineties at prestigious venues such as Provinssirock, Konemetsä, Alppimuisto and Kosmos Festival. Oden is well known for representing the leading psytrance organisation Original Pranksters for years. Oden’s psychedelic trance driven sets are in high demand in Finland since his unique capability of mixing his own music among his favourite tunes made by other pre-eminent musicians. Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Bandcamp | Bandcamp DJ PHASE1 [Patronus Recs] DK DJ PHASE1 is a psytrance DJ from Denmark. His favourite genre is Night Psy in the bpm range of 148-154 bpm. PHASE1 has been into all kinds of electronic music from an early age. He learned to mix at age 13 when he played at the local youth club for a few years. He later on bought a pair of turntables and a mixer and continued to develop his skills on vinyl and later on CDJ´s. From the age of 15 he started playing outside his bedroom. He discovered the psychedelic scene in 2005 and found that it touched him like no other music. Since 2005 his favourite music style has been Nightpsy and Fullon. Since 2020 PHASE1 has been signed at Patronus Records. In 2020 PHASE1 released 2 compilations. 'VA - THE FIRST PHASE' and 'VA - THE SECOND PHASE'. A third compilation is scheduled for release in July 2021. Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud Want to be featured on Psylicious Radio? Connect with us on the links below to find out more. >>>DJ Showcases<<< >>>Producer Showcases<<< >>>Record Label Showcases<<< >>>Free Promotion<<< Psylicious Radio Links Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Mixcloud
  3. EarthAlien - Soulscapes Soulscapes is the latest DJ promotional mix from EarthAlien, downloadable in WAV for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! With driving bass lines, hidden depths, enchanting melodies and hypnotic dynamic tones throughout, Soulscapes is a dimensional change and enhances the musical diversity within the boundaries of psychedelic trance that EarthAlien provides as a DJ. Listen | Download: Click Here Track Listing: 01: Random Mode - Electronic LSD (Xamanist Rmx) 02: Peyo - Daphne 03: Gido - Spring Grooves 04: Shakri & Imox Maya - Merkebah Travelers 05: Abnormal Project - Submission 06: Ajja - Sidewinder (Flying Mix) 07: Archaic - Creep Frequency 08: Gido - Glowing Freedom 09: Giani - Dharma Kaya 10: Peyo - The Cleaner 11: Archaic - Sonic Driving 12: Oden - Micro Molecules 13: Gido - Via Gravity Info & Bookings Psylicious: Click Here Metabolizm Records Facebook: Click Here EarthAlien Social Media Facebook: Click Here Instagram: Click Here Soundcloud: Click Here Mixcloud: Click Here Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud
  4. Artist: Gido Title: Orange Sunshine Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: May, 2017 1. Tangerine Ice 2. Goa Merkabians 3. Sacred Substance Mechanizm 4. Orange Sunshine 5. Bangkoxx 2055 6. Via Gravity 7. Another Civilization 8. Mystical Vision 9. Space Pirates 10. Glowing Freedom Seriously. The debut album of one Adomas Juozapavicius from Lithuania was an album I was looking forward to. Unfortunately after multiple listens I came away a wee bit disappointed. Look nobody would like to see Blue Hour Sounds back on top more than me, but my goodness this sounds like one long track. Where's the dynamism and variety? The formula seems to be punchy bass preset which always takes center stage, gurgling sounds (which are great), and keep the melody on the light side. Sacred Substance Mechanizm gave me hope as it seemed to be heavily layered and acidic, but that track was followed up by droning full-on filler. I miss the days of Beware of the Fish by Ianuauria which was a juicy, forest surprise that was constantly shifting focus. This resembles that album with the darkness and acid, but without the same detail. I don't want you to think I don't like it because enjoyable moments are there. He creates some vivid musical hallucinations at times, but listening to this all the way through is a bit of a challenge. Blue Hour Sounds Bandcamp (Digital) Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Artist: Pineal Title: Cauda Pavonis Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: December, 2012 1. Squaring the Circle 2. Cauda Pavonis 3. Pantalika 4. Stregatto 5. Nostoc 6. Zeta Landscape 7. Prime Numbers 8. Gravity Waves 9. Yonisphere 10. Induction 11. Moonbase Alpha This reminds me a lot of the Kaaya Project sound with its tablas and worldly vibe. You'll hear dubby basses melded with guitar painting a dreamy naturescape. Pineal is Domenico Canzoniero from *spoiler alert* Italy and his debut is a combination of real world instruments as well as some dissonant sounds which give the tracks an irregular feel. Certainly is interesting. Sometimes it plods slowly along (Stregatto) or it gets a little busy (Zeta Landscape). The whole thing is a little odd and can be difficult to fully embrace. There isn't an absence of melodies as much as there is a collection of sounds. Soundwise it's great and crystal clear thanks to your boy Aes Dana who did the mastering. Not for me, but if you're in the mood for something different give it a go! Psyshop
  6. Artist: Various Title: The Persistence of Memory Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: October, 2012 1. Theory Of Big Bang - ONCE UPON A TIME PLAY 2. Post 100 (Ianuaria rmx) - HUX FLUX 3. Crystallised - GAIANA 4. Hypnotic Quality - GIDO AND AVARA 5. Jack The Tripper - AJJA VS FLOOTING GROOVES 6. Outbound - ANTISPIN 7. Hippy Hoop - MARK DAY 8. Motoremoto - PEYO 9. Movements - JARAMOGI AND NAIMA 10. Expecto Patronum - FLOOTING GROOVES When you say Blue Hour Sounds to me I think of two things. The multi-colored EP's and the exceptional Ianuaria Beware of the Fish album. This Italian label specializes in very detailed stuff with the psychedelic factor turned up to 11. So to see them with a new release I think it's fair to say that my expectations were pretty high. Mastered by Braincell (a guy who knows a thing or two about great psytrance) this album is one of storytelling, but without lots of twists and turns. Hypnotic and hallucinogenic, they supply pumping rhythms as the backbone and allow melodies to slither in amidst healthy effects and delay. For the most part it's pretty psychedelic, but I felt it could've benefited from a bit more detail as there were some thin stretches in the tracks. Sometimes it seemed as if it lacked power or wasn't very dynamic. When you set the bar high it's difficult to maintain that level of quality. That said, there are portions where this is extraordinarily deep and involving. Don't know how that last track made the cut though as it didn't fit with the theme of the album. So it's a good comp if not a little disappointing. Not great, but good. GoaStore Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  7. Artist: Ianuaria Title Beware of the Fish Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: November, 2011 1. Intro 2. Sternplattler 3. Tintifax on acid 4. Trip Drop 5. Asavari 6. Kabum 7. Vacuum Tango 8. Shadow of the black Jaguar 9. Downfish Syndrom 10. Native (2002) 11. My Little Dream If I said...baby alligator bouncing on a pink balloon as a miniature blue rainbow pegasus looked on, you would probably wonder what mushrooms I have eaten and where can I get some. Well this is how I felt after reviewing the latest from Master Margherita. Odd to say the least. I needed to get back on track, back to an artist whose music I can usually connect with. Ianuaria is Josef Hofinger from Austria with his 2nd album. I don't recall his first, but I did review his Orange EP for this same label, Blue Hour Sounds and it was damn good psytrance that was fresh, pumping, and evolving. Like it should be. If I'm being honest what initially attracted me to his album was his style, but a very close second was the cover with its vibrant colors. Beware of the Fish tells me that the listener is in for an underwater adventure. Interesting. Intro- Wow, what a bubbly, liquid treat for an intro. Deep in the bad neighborhood of the ocean where your parents tell you not to go. You know how fish travel in schools? Well, these fish dropped out of school. And they have permanent frowns on their faces. And what's with the inexplicably long teeth? Sternplattler- I know the album has a water theme, but this is straight out of Sweden's darkest forest. It's a bubbling, frothy menagerie of hallucinations and creatures of the night. And boy do they have a bad attitude. Juicy and tangible like you could sift the forest floor through your fingers and make waves. It's delightfully liquid experience as sounds echo through the darkness. Think of that forest dumped into the isolating depths of the ocean. Tintifax On Acid- The sparkling sunlight synths can only penetrate so far into the vast blue world as trippy voices are late to discover. Loved it again, with deep forest sounds scraping the bark off ancient trees. Juicy moss-soft bubbling hides creatures who glow evily in the dark. But tell me...how is this different than the first track? Don't get me wrong, the more layered slushy forest sounds the better, but I didn't see this coming. Trip Drop- "Relax...and just feel the energy." Now this is more of what I was expecting. Is that soft melody a pinprick of light or the call to order of something more sinister? Same style as on his Orange EP and compilation work, multi layered and very psychedelic with melodies. Squirty sounds and effects flutter and chirp throughout as the melodies begin to stack. Psychedelic melodic forest. Asavari- Wow, someone needs to tell him the ocean's that way, because we are deeply entrenched in the forest. I still can't find my way out of it. So hungry...maybe I'll have some of these sacred mushrooms. Oohh, that didn't help. Falling into an impossibly deep puddle the bubbles pop in unique colors. Didn't think it could get darker...shows you what I know. Kabum- Great, now the forest is taunting me. What was in those mushrooms anyway? So many effects to chew on as tendrills wrap around tree trunks. The layers are deep and will lure you to a dangerous place. The final bit is Temple of One power and atmosphere with a nod to the old days of goa. Vaccuum Tango- That ripping sound is the sound of trees older than time tearing free of their Earthly prison amidst ever present bubbling. F*ck me this is trippy. I think I passed Derango a ways back and even he doesn't know how to get the hell outta here. Someone light a match all these digital farts are making me hallucinate. A melody sneaks in late to polish it off. Shadow of the Black Jaguar- Twinkling + crunchy synths + bass line = No.Way.Out. This is how forest trance should be done. Deliciously bubbly with a dark atmosphere. So many layers you need a GPS to navigate through. Somehow through the black forest nightmare he brings melody out like a flamming broadsword to cut a path outta this mess. If this track could speak this is what it would say. "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am." Downfish Syndrome- Is there a telethon we can donate to these poor unfortunate fish souls who have been stricken with this maladie? Maybe Jerry Lewis can host it since MDA gave him the boot. That fossil wouldn't know what to do with this music though as it is more of the same thumping ocean forest with species of fish mother nature never intended. The effects add to this tale of course, as these mutants spiral and swarm. The bubbling is filthy and the layers are tasty on the tongue. Submerged. Shoulda left it alone George. Shoulda left it alone. Native (2002)- I'm guessing this track was from 2002 and he added a little polish. Jungle sounds, a didgeridoo, and deep bass sweeps join with that very popular scratchy darkpsy sound. It's pumping and there actually seems to be a path out of this forest. The synths rage together and it ain't half bad. Not as deep as the other tracks, but those are a tough act to follow. My Little Dream- What's with the real instruments? Talk about being shaken out of a dream. The guitar melody is pretty and throw in some Shpongle vocal gymnastics and we've actually got a bit of a happy track. He goes all Middle Eastern flute and dulcimer on you and at first I didn't feel this track belonged on the disc. More of a throw in. And I still feel that way, but it was still a pretty good track on it's face. Just different from EVERYTHING else. This was a tough one to review. If you dig into an album expecting one thing and come out with something else, I don't believe you fault the music. Of course you don't. Who knows when Josef became a forest trance producer, but one thing I think we should all agree on is that he is damn good at it. His atmosphere and layer manipulation is second to none. It is fluid and totally involving. When it sounds this good it is easy to feel part of the music. Not only that, but he kept true to the dark forest sound and brought a lot of power as well. Sometimes the darker stuff can be a little inaccessible for one not used to it, but the way he did it made it easy to hop on board. This was a treat, but for unexpected reasons. http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4672 http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8927 http://www.beatspace...ish/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.c.../bhs1cd005.html Mdk
  8. Artist: Atati Title: The Full Spectrum EP's - Yellow Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: December, 2011 1. Bana Moyi 2. Fluorospherical Pressure 3. The Molecula of Sacred Water Italian label Blue Hour Sounds is a relatively new player with a handful of comps and artist releases. Ianuaria's Beware of the Fish was a baseball bat to the head surprise forest release that I didn't see coming. So they focus on the details, and as the devil says... I've been snatching up their colorful artist EP's because I'm compulsive, but also because they are pretty damn good. But like potato chips, you can't eat just one so I am fully invested in expanding my girth with these differently hued little nuggets. They're an Italian label, so calling them drug dealers might be offensive, but they know how to hook somebody. Look at the pretty colors! Look at them!!! Bana Moyi- With a nice descriptive long intro full of electric throat clearing he explores some futuristic Blade Runner territory. A tone rings consistently in the background giving it pace and this has the feel of a sterile environment not unlike that of Gattaca. Huh...two science fiction films mentioned in one track. If you called this downtempo space goa, I wouldn't punch you in the face and take your lunch money. Superb atmospheric track that almost churns for 10 minutes. Fluorospherical Pressure- Twisted pads join some electronic synthery in a faster pace. It's midtempo with varying textures...some flutes, computer twiddlings, and the like with the same dark feel. It reeks of old school sound complete with a tribal like sample. The Molecula of Sacred Water- Water is the most precious resource we have on this planet so ya damn right it's sacred. With another 2 minute intro he's back with a beat bigger than the sandwich I just had for lunch. Stings are strummed, pads float ethereally through the sky and the beat just drops the hammer. Squiggles, blips and blops, and computer effects give this a lush, layered experience. At the break the skittering and jumbled effects really hit home as the melody unwinds. Very good. This is a great mix of big beat, psy, and of course downtempo. Intricate and layered providing a very involving listening experience. Keep making music this good and I'll continue to collect your colored narcotics. Beatport Mdk
  9. Artist: Master Margherita Title: The Marginal Rules Label: Blue Hour Sounds Date: May, 2011 1. Agung Part I 2. Atesh (Hoehle rmx) 3. Nepalesio 4. Bugnite 5. Tactile 6. Spy Game (Hoehle rmx) 7. Lisbon Dub 8. Agung Part II Blue Hour Sounds is an up and coming label based in Italy. They are responsible for the Made of Dawn and Garden of Delights compilations as well as a series of EP's based on colors. Not to mention (at least for me) the highly anticipated Ianuaria release Beware of the Fish. I cannot confirm the title is a warning to all Gulf Coast residents after the BP...umm, accident. Nonetheless, their music is a little bit different. Speaking of different... Master Margherita defines what it is to be a little left of center. His music anyway. This is Moreno Antognini's latest release after Mastura and Hippies With Gadgets. Agung Pt. 1- Is there anything more relaxing than the soothing sounds of nature and a soft buddhist chant? Like the slow breaking of dawn comes the increase in loudness and the gentle patter of a rainshower. A mystical melody from ancient times wails, dripping with sadness. It gets a little hallucinatory as he monkeys with the modulation wheel, and where the hell did that guitar come from? All then fades into the steady rain. That...is an opening statement. Atesh (Hoehle Rmx)- The beat crawls slowly as a stringed instrument is plucked with ferocity. The female vocal is rife with delay and then he dubs out. It creeps at a snails pace while he adds a flute to the mix. Seriously, you couldn't purposefully walk this slow. It's enough to make me reach for the bong. You know, the one the wife doesn't know about? Please...you think I like barbecue Pringles? Nepalesio- The great cat purrs softly as this is another crawler. If I didn't know any better I would say he sampled a squeaker fart and then messed with it. For creativity, he gets an A. Picture being in a coffee house with 5 of your closest stoner friends and jamming on the stage. Only it's not open mic night, it's 2:30 in the afternoon. Then realizing none of you whizz bangs hit record on the sequencer. That's what this is. Bugnite- Out of the stoned slumber we come, with a brisker pace. Hippie tablas thump in a funky groove. Well as funky as an unwashed stoner can manage. It's percussion pandemonium! Aside from some synth sounds, the same guys that got kicked out of the coffee shop decided to form a drum circle in the parking lot. No loitering! Tactile- "Tactile, emotional, or sexual?" With a funky breakbeat he takes a page out of the Propellerheads book. Bass and beat combined with sharp stabs and stacatto samples. Did I mention it was funky? The weed must've worn off and his focus was laser sharp. I liked it. Spy Game (Hoehle Rmx)- Holy sh*t did I just step into a James Bond movie? Love the orchestra hits. It's got that cool Puffy trying to be like Frank Sinatra vibe with electric piano and real bass. Jazzy. Feel like rounding up all of my friends and heading to Vegas to drink vodka I can't afford, gamble poorly with money I don't have, and then unfortunately coming home to the beating of my life when my wife realizes I left the kids in the closet with a bunch of kibble for the weekend. It's gonna take a lot more than that sir... Lisbon Dub- So...now where back to being mellow with random sounds? *leans out window and shouts to friends* "Pack it up guys, time to go home!" This is some random sh*t right here. Mid tempo beats, more percussive trickery, and some odd sounds. Did I accidentally drop some LSD and put the wrong disc in? Where the f*ck are my Doritos? Agung Pt. 2- 16 minutes? I bet 7 of that is rain. Holy f*ck I was right. Seven minutes of rain. You lazy cheeba monkey. Is this the part where the stoner tries to tell you that the blue color of the sky is a conspiracy by the government to sell blue paint to artists so they can paint the sky blue? This guy's music is weird and oftentimes all over the place. I swear this whole album is improv. I'm always complaining that there isn't enough evolution and variation in the music, well here it is. This guy is the king. It's like trying to follow a map after I spilled coffee all over it. Who the f*ck knows where we're going? The album opens up with a very spiritual ambient track and then descends into a smokers paradise of slow beats only to pick up with some frenetic percussion work and on the spot jamming. Obviously I don't think he did it in one take, but man did it feel directionless and random. It's different, a mish mash of styles in true experimental fashion. Downtempo, tribal, jazz, dub...sometimes all rolled into one track. I don't know the guy, so I can't tell you if he gets high or not. I can't tell you that after a recording session he might not be able to find his way home from the studio. But what I can tell you is that after not smoking for over 10 years, his music makes me want to get high. http://www.psyshop.c.../bhs1cd004.html http://www.beatspace...les/detail.aspx http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8758 http://www.goastore....inal-rules.html Mdk
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