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Found 103 results

  1. Full track stream/download from the NEOG027 https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/dissolving-who-we-are _____________________________________ First track from the upcoming debut Sun Shadow EP on Neogoa entitled 'Dissolving Who We Are'. Sun Shadow is Alex Vinshu from Russia. For more informations, please visit Neogoa on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr! 01 - Dissolving Who We Are 02 - The Lost Temple 03 - Searching For Winds
  2. FREE DOWNLOAD (WAV/FLAC/MP3) here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/pharaom-under-the-sun-of-goa Oswald Pfeiffer AKA PharaOm returns to Neogoa with his brand new full-length album - 'Under The Sun Of Goa'! This time he decided to explore his own musical roots and to bring back the true spiritual Goa trance vibe of the PharaOm project. Under The Sun Of Goa is not only a highly melodic work of psychedelic trance, it is also one of the most energetic and fast-paced releases PharaOm has crafted so far, so prepare yourself for a wonderful journey into the magical world of Goa! Artist: PharaOm Album: Under The Sun Of Goa Label: Neogoa Format: Digital Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Date: September 2013 Tracklist: 01 - PharaOm - Under The Sun Of Goa 02 - PharaOm - Full Obsidian Eyes - Free Download 03 - PharaOm - Ispahan Garden 04 - PharaOm - Shine Like Gold 05 - PharaOm & Nadasorion - Drums Of Babylon 06 - PharaOm - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas 07 - PharaOm - Sopdet To Giza Travelers 08 - PharaOm - Shiva's Cosmic Dance 09 - PharaOm - Goa's Sun Will Shine Forever * all tracks are written and produced by Oswald Pfeiffer (France) More info and links: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa https://facebook.com/neogoa
  3. OUT NOW!! Neogoa strikes back with an excellent full-length album by PsiloCybian from Croatia... a beautiful blend of modern full-on psytrance and new school Goa trance! ​http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/psilocybian-brain-dissolver I'm so happy to announce that Neogoa will release full-lenght album by PsiloCybian / also known as Screw Loose, Mammal Footwork and Dual Barrel alongside with Deimos, in January 2014! Check out samples for 'Brain Dissolver' at our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/psilocybian-brain-dissolver
  4. Artist: Various Title: Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij Remixes Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2013 01 - Blessings From Irij (Screw Loose Remix) (145 BPM) 02 - Blessings From Irij (Trinodia Remix) (138 BPM) 03 - Blessings From Irij (Sky Technology Remix) (148 BPM) 04 - Blessings From Irij (Imba Remix) (145 BPM) 05 - Blessings From Irij (Perfect Blind Remix) (120 BPM) 06 - Blessings From Irij (Decadent Sympozium Remix) (147 BPM) 07 - Blessings From Irij (GoaTree Remix) (138 BPM) 08 - Blessings From Irij (Original Mix) (136 BPM) I salute you sir. I salute you for making an album of remixes the right way. No full-on clones, no paint by numbers sketches, no unimaginative drivel that makes me want to jump out of a f*cking window. The original track by the Lunar Dawn duo has its origins in Slavic folklore and we all know that means vampires because what the f*ck else could it mean? Hold it...I'm getting word that it actually means paradise. Surely they mean a vampire paradise where they walk freely in daylight with harems of busty virgins. *Sigh* If only... Neogoa has become a fixture on the goa trance scene much like Suntrip where you expect the highest quality. The all digital label does it for free and has earned its bones. So what you get is the original track and a bunch of remixes some some of the best and brightest in the genre. A shocker I know. Seems like they incorporated parts of the original and then went on to make it their own. You know...like the f*cking definition of a remix? Know how I know this works? It's not because I'm a damn genius although the evidence speaks for itself. It's because I don't think the original is that special. No offense. It's not bad, just a personal preference. But each remix takes the original and moves it along a different path. Especially Imba's. I don't know what he was remixing, but it sounded like something else entirely. And over 11 minutes? I had to take a piss break halfway through. Trinodia gets all dancey and rhythmic while Perfect Blind serves up a downtempo space trip. Silly Perfect Blind...there are no such things as space vampires. What the f*ck is that? What's with the unibrow? It's a good track even if it sounded like a slowed up version of the original. The ones I didn't care for were the Decadent Sympozium and the Goatree remix. The former was too euphoric although I appreciated the way they worked in the original during the break. The latter was a little too...too...what's the word. Maybe that's a little too critical, but you get the idea. Then again the original was medieval sounding also. Still, it's a remix album that is done right and if you liked the original or even if you didn't, these fresh goa takes will make you smile. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  5. OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD @ EKTOPLAZM: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/morphic-resonance-chromatic-world Morphic Resonance is a new Neogoa discovery, coming from Spain. Behind the project is young and talented producer Christian Fernandez and his style can be described as a blend between the oldschool and newschool goa trance but with highly energetic and acidic sound. He will release his debut EP release on our netlable in early 2014. For previews you can check this link(s): https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/morphic-resonance-chromatic
  6. Artist: SoulQuark Title: Slow Tachyon EP Label: Neogoa Date: May, 2013 1. Nitrogen Narcosis 2. Soul Bruise 3. Tāne Mahuta 4. Celestine Language 5. Lost In Frozen Dream This was released by Neogoa around the same time as the Goatree EP and while a review thread was started pretty quickly for that EP, Slow Tachyon has been largely ignored. Why? I'm looking at you hippie. Yeah, you. Is it because it's not goa in the sense we are used to? Too ethnic sounding? It's definitely different, full of chopped up vocal chants and beat patterns not usually seen in today's goa trance. So it's not goa. What it is though is melodic and deep with emotional feeling and a tribal essence. Nowhere is that more evident than in Soul Bruise with its battle of the bands like percussion. Celestial Language is a downtempo track that is brimming with electronic wonderment. With plenty of well placed soaring vocal phrases there is a strong spiritual component. Lost in Frozen Moment is another track that slowly ascends the mountain top while also being symphonic. This wouldn't be out of place in a big budget Hollywood soundtrack. Or God willing a Bollywood production. Throw away your preconceived notions of what this is and what box it should go in. Unless you have a box labeled moving electronic music. Yeah it would fit in there. Get on this if you're looking for something outside the norm. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: Turlitava 2 Label: Neogoa Date: August, 2013 01 - Dimmat - Small Mountain (69 BPM) 02 - Ekaologik - Lake Travel (73 BPM) 03 - Deep In Mind - Nymphaea Alba (100 BPM) 04 - Alba - Arising And Passing Away (100 BPM) 05 - Scuba vs Yechidah - Beyond The Illusion Of Life (140 BPM) 06 - Menkalian - Tibetan Prayer (90 BPM) 07 - InnerSelf - Life Is Only A Dream (100 BPM) 08 - Spectrum Vision - Cutscape (90 BPM) 09 - Uth - Signals To Paradise (Chill Out Mix) (70 BPM) 10 - Osmose - If The Sky (133 BPM) Are we really talking about the 21st release from Neogoa? Take a bow Ivan Richpa for thou hast achieved longevity! The first Turlitava back in 2011 was one of my favorite compilations of all time and DJ Anub1s is back at the helm bringing together another bunch of tunes for the sequel. Small Mountain- The first track is short and gentle organic ambient intro with full pads and nature sounds. It's like glimpsing the Himalayas from a great distance. Lake Travel- Wow, what a track. So lush with deep lows and cloud shredding highs. Nymphaea Alba- Combining piano and melancholy guitar riffs this sounds like it could be...nay, should be played live. No knob twiddling just straight up musicianship. Arising and Passing Away- This one has it all. Delicate electronica, acoustic guitar, a full on monk chant, and someone swiped Raja Ram's flute. It even takes it to that mid tempo level. Dee-lishus. Beyond the Illusion of Life- The flute remains as a deep dubby bass hums. But it doesn't rest on its laurels as it gains strength and speed. Tibetan Prayer- Perhaps the most "goa" sounding of the tracks this ethnic beast wouldn't be out of place in a Ra set. Melodies swirl as this track comes from high in the heavens. Life is Only a Dream- Whenever I discuss this artist I always seem to confuse him with someone else. My apologies my friend, but if you keep making music like this that will no longer happen. More mid tempo goa that is layered beautifully. Cutscape- Continuing to keep it fresh is this track with the guttural sounds and glitchy percussion. Vocal manipulations reminiscent of Shpongle can also be found here. Signals To Paradise- Does this dip its toe in the pool of dubstep? Slightly, but it is so much more than that. Layers of synths oscillate and this track has some good old fashioned knob twiddlin'! Moody and lush it's pure awesomeness! If the Sky- Closing out the compilation is a slow dreamy outro. They play with the vocals a bit, but it's not bad and it fits with the theme. There seems to have been a conscious effort here to include tracks with more real world sounds. Actual instruments and a global feel permeate this album complete with mystical chants. At times it was eerie and oftentimes it had a spiritual and tribal component. Another plus was the changes in tempo. What began as a downtempo track didn't stay that way. Mainly though it was the very rich compositions. Sound quality was superb so great job Mr. Stryder. Congratulations to Neogoa yet again with another outstanding release. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  8. darkill

    GoaTree - The Force

    Information : Artist : GoaTree Title : The Force Label : NeoGoa Date : 29 May 2013 Genre : Goa trance Tracklist : 1. Ray Subject - Nanoverse (GoaTree Remix) 2. Mementos Mortis 3. The Force 4. Sleeper 5. The Prayer Review : I recently heard about NeoGoa, a new label releasing newschool goa stuff. This is the project named "Morphic Resonance" who catched my intention and this is why I've been looking for other things made by this label. I've to say that Im not disappointed ! So NeoGoa come here with a little album (or a big EP, it's how you want) called "The Force", with 4 track from GoaTree, which I've never heard about, and one remix from the same person. Alright, let's check it ! Ray Subject - Nanoverse (GoaTree Remix) : This album start with a remix of Nanoverse, originaly from Ray Subject. At start it sound quite spacey and strange, but fast come some great melodies. It sound very nice, like an oldschool goa trance track released with newschool equipment. Later come strong acid lines, who slowly but surely get developed. Then you got a break with some background sounds which give this track a nice atmosphere, and then, BOOM, you got this kick in the face, accompanied with awesome melody, at 4:40 ! This whole track is excellent, with nice melodies and pretty good acid lines ! This is what gave me the desire to listen to the whole album. Mementos Mortis : After such a good first track, you always need something very good to continue the great serie. And GoaTree made it, oh boys. The track start with a strange sound but very fast come a very strong and heavy kick, just as I love it, giving this track a terrible rhythmic. Acid lines and background melodies follow, making of this track a nice song, combining a powerful kick with beautiful melodies. The bassline is very nice too : simple but effective. I particularly appreciate the sound coming at 4:49, it fits very well with the track ! To resume, that's a very good track. The Force : Another nice song, using a lot of melodies with a nice kick & snare to give this track some good vibes. The acid lines playing at beginning of the song are just awesome, oldschool forever ! This track contains a lot of beautiful melodies, which have always something changing second after second, making it great ! Nothing else to say, a good track, but not as good as the previous one. Sleeper : A sample, some background sounds, a rise, and here you are thrown in another song. This is the track with the highest BPM of the whole album, melodies are going faster and you quickly feel it. Here again, the tunes are pretty good, giving this track an oldschool aspect, with those kind of acid lines and uplifting melodies. It still has a good kick, with nice rythmic, using hat and snare. At 5:19 the track take another dimension : there's a flute melody with some voice samples at end of this one. I've say that I didnt except that, but it does fit very well with the rest of the song. Pretty good track here too ! The Prayer : What a track ! It starts with a huge powerful kick, I've rarely heard such loud one ! It's clear that at the beginning, this track as a more dark atmosphere than the other one of this album, because the background tunes are less melodic. But then come some nice synths notes. After this, a break, and then, at 4:10, GoaTree got all the elements he needs to make you dream ; he throws this great rythmic with the loud kick, and he serve it with an awesome melody, like you may hear in oldschool goa trance or in nitzhogoa tracks. Without forgetting the dark atmosphere of the beginning, it make a great combination. Is it already finished ? No, then come some beautiful voice samples, sounding somehow religious but who perfectly fits with the song, and giving this track a deeper atmosphere. And of course, on 6:52, we got back some famous acid lines, nicely filling the track. The song slowly ends with the voice samples. This is far away the best track of the album. Not a very good track : a legendary track, who surely deserve it's place in most of newschool goa trance compilations ! Overall : What an incredible surprise I got while listening to this album ! This if for me one of the best newschool goa trance album I've ever heard. It contains some very nice tracks, with a lot of wonderful melodies and pretty nice acid lines. There's also some amazing heavy kicks, giving those tracks nice rhythmic. The tunes made me think a lot about those nitzhogoa melodies. By the way, the last track is exceptionnaly good, it became a classical goa song to my ears ! Some word on the cover : A very nice cover, directly linked to the artist's name "GoaTree". A nice job from our forum mate Richpa ! Last thing : this album is free, avalaible on Ektoplazm ! Enough said for me ! Best track : 5 Worst track : 3 (Still a good one of course !) Rating : 9/10 To download it : Free @ Ektoplazm.com
  9. Richpa

    Goa Mix

    Soundcloud/Download: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/goa-mix-by-richpa YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkzw92VButg 'Goa Mix' is the name of my latest mixed selection of psychedelic Goa trance tunes and it features only Croatian goa trance artists and it serve as a showcase of diverse but yet powerful Goa trance scene in Croatia. If you want to learn more about Goa trance music in general and get latest news about some of the artists listed below, please visit: facebook.com/neogoa. If you like the music, please support the artists, go see them live or buy the music! Tracklist: 01. DOGMA - Sutra Sarma [blue Moon Productions, 1997.] W&P by Damir Ludvig and Goran Stetic 02. PROJECT SHIDARTHA - Strange Architecture [Cosmic Flower Records, 2010.] W&P by Petar Hadrovic 03. M-RUN - Alien Brain Train [Cronomi Records, 2012.] W&P by Mario Matakovic 04. VOX - Inner Polarity [Metapsychic Records, 2007.] W&P by Tomislav Crncic 05. NOVA FRACTAL - Perplexed [Neogoa, 2011.] W&P by Renato Brnic 06. LIQUID FLOW - Land Of Time [Dimensional Records, 2011.] W&P by Tomislav Savic 07. GOASIA - Transonic Fields [Dimensional Records, 2010.] Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic (Kanc) 08. LUNAR DAWN - Genesis [Croatian Psytrance Community, 2012.] W&P by Kristijan Ilisinovic 09. SCREW LOOSE - So Much To See [Neogoa, 2012.] W&P by Sasa Dukic 10. PERFECT BLIND - Nimbus Two [Akashic Records, 2010.] W&P by Igor Ceranic Enjoy!
  10. Artist: Various Title: Spiritual Doping Label: Neogoa Date: July, 2013 01 - Abstract Concepts - Toxic Feeling (85 BPM) 02 - Imba - Interspatial Vibrations (100 BPM) 03 - S.I.O.D. - The Truth Is Out There (135 BPM) 04 - Tavi - Gautama Buddha (The Awakened Sage) (80 BPM) 05 - JBC Arkadii - Molekula (101 BPM) 06 - Sky Technology - Transformation (100 BPM) 07 - Katedra - Eidos (? BPM) 08 - Sky Technology - Road To Nowhere (80 BPM) 09 - Language Of Love - Rasa Lila (Sinoah Edit) (114 BPM) "Turns out mathematics alone prefers the universe to be in 11 dimensions." Great. I just got a handle on three. When's my TV gonna do that? Neogoa is a digital label that has become such a vital part of the goa trance scene today. When he's not walking down lonely roads or changing his profile pic, Ivan Richpa is running the show. The Neogoa empire if you will. Releasing some of the highest quality stuff in the scene (for free I might add) he's also a very talented artist. If you love goa and actually buy the CD's I bet you have some of his art in your house right now. But running a label sounds like a lot of hard work and he doesn't do it alone. This new compilation was put together by Sky Technology (a great goa producer) and mastered by Stryder. The artwork was done by Ivan himself. Here's his site...not only does he do fabulous work, but he's also one of the nicest guys I've ever met. With this release you get nine tracks of down to mid tempo goa trance. When I first heard this I immediately began searching for a day where I could unload the kids and head to the nearest mountaintop. It's that type of music. Pack a lunch and listen to this while thousands of feet in the air. Melodies tumble over each other like individual water molecules and I can see each one. Catching the sun's rays they form a staircase of many colors. It brings me that much closer to the clouds and before I know it I'm on track six. The middle of this compilation is bursting with deep trance that elicits vibrant imagery. But I wasn't thinking about a thing. I was being. The music transports you and let's you dream aimlessly. Ever follow the flight of a hawk for 10 minutes? I did. And to my surprise when it was over I felt totally relaxed. I didn't have a spiritual experience, but I did get was a feeling of total respect and appreciation for nature and the beauty within this world. It's amazing what meditating high above the valley can do for you. It does have in my opinion on misstep. The first track doesn't seem to fit. It's jarring and loud and I skip it every time. Other than that and the annoying bubbling lead on the last track this journey was sublime. Perfect for getting lost even if you know right where you are. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  11. Many of us here in psynews are complaining about neogoa's failing potency to mesmerize us. Nonetheless, there isn't anyone who doesn't have many or fewer favourite tracks. So, if you have to make a compilation of your favourite neogoa tracks how it would be and which tracks would be included? Would it be a single cd compilation, that is around 7 to 9 tracks, or a double cd compilation, of 16 to 18 tracks approximately? It doesn't have though to be a (physical) cd compilation which means strictly to 80 mins. It can be also a digital compilation for your mp3 player. You can give to your compilation or each cd a title, if you want. You can even place the tracks in certain order, in a flow. Have in mind that the compiling refers to new produced goa & new remixes, not unreleased nor remastered. Music of the new scene only, from Tranceform records aka 2003 and forth. For example Virtuart - Zanchin, D5 - Caprica and Crop Circles - Cerealogy belong to the old scene's output. You can also perceive this differently. What if you would have to compile the best neogoa tracks as a request of a mainstream Label or just for a friend of yours. Let's compile our favourite neogoa tracks -->
  12. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/goatree-the-force Artist: GoaTree Album: The Force EP Label: Neogoa Format: Digital Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Date: February 2013 Tracklist: 01 - Ray Subject - Nanoverse (GoaTree Remix) 02 - GoaTree - Memento Mortis 03 - GoaTree - The Force 04 - GoaTree - Sleeper 05 - GoaTree - The Prayer * all tracks are written and produced by Lukas Bartosek (Slovakia), except track #01 (written and produced by Marek Dendes (Slovakia). Samples: Click me More info and links: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa https://facebook.com/neogoa
  13. Today we like to introduce you with our new DJ and member of netlabel - DJ Luca Bertoletti from Livorno, Italy. His passion for Goa trance music started long time ago, during the mid '90s he got his first contact with electronic music in Ibiza, and in 2001. he visited Goa in India to experience the true roots of this genre. In 2009. after he moved to Fortaleza (Brazil) he started to play psytrance and Goa trance music. In 2013 he bacame part of two Goa trance labels - Cronomi Records and Neogoa with mission to promote this kind of music in Brazil and beyond. His favorite style is groovy psytrance and newschool Goa. For more informations and DJ mixes please check his Soundcloud page. You can download his latest mix for our netlabel below: Tracklist: Hypnotic Signal - Pychotria Viridis Trinodia - Annunaki Trinodia - Groombridge Nova Fractal - Perplexed Radical Distortion - Amorphia Trinodia - Eltanin Somnesia - Sunlight Trinodia - Nashira Arronax vs Somnesia - Black Hole Trinodia - Inspired Brain Radical Distortion - The Others Worlds Screw Loose - Mentally Unfit Radical Distortion - The Dreamer Daimon - Edge Of Darkness Trinodia - 7th Ace MP3/320 DOWNLOAD: via Dropbox | Soundcloud More Goa trance DJ mixes can be found here: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/music
  14. DJ Stevo - Live Mix (Part I) @ Apocalypse My Ass - Goapocalyspe 22/12/2012 - Knin, Croatia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auMwd6FPRMU 1000 Download slot available: https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg/dj-stevo-live-goapocalypse-22
  15. This is previously unreleased version of Indian Spiciness tune by Sky Technology, a slightly different mix was released on Future Architecure, so while we're all waiting for new releases on Ektoplazm, here is free download for this one, 100 d/l slots only, in MP3 320 format. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/sky-technology-indian YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlXE3GNx0MM
  16. Artist: PharaOm Album: Cellar Door Remixes EP Label: Neogoa Format: Digital Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Date: January 2013 Tracklist: 01 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Sunbeam Genesis Remix) 02 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Whirlin Merlin Remix) 03 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (Imba Remix) 04 - PharaOm - Cellar Door II (Bonus Track) * all tracks are written and produced by Oswald Pfeiffer (France), remix #01 by Casper Christiansen (Denmark), remix #02 by Richard Meade (UK), remix #03 by Nikola Petrovic (Serbia). Samples: Coming Soon Bonus track from EP 'Cellar Door Part II' is available for FREE DOWNLOAD now, but hurry up, it's only limited to 100 download slots. You can grab 320 MP3 version here: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/pharaom-cellar-door-ii-free More info and links: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa https://facebook.com/neogoa
  17. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: here is my new 148 bpm goa demo: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  18. Artist: Various Title: Dimensional Gateway III Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2012 1. PharaOm - Space Outpost Titan V [142 BPM] (07:40) 2. Trinodia - 7th Ace [139 BPM] (09:02) 3. Screw Loose - So Much To See [145 BPM] (08:10) 4. Astrancer - Fenomena [146 BPM] (09:41) 5. Decadent Sympozium - Lux Invictus [144 BPM] (08:20) 6. Nova Fractal - Redemption [146 BPM] (10:08) 7. Lunar Dawn - Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years) [147 BPM] (09:22) 8. BlackStarrFinale - Sagittarius A* [145 BPM] (10:59) 9. Menkalian & GoaHuman - Spirit Of Life [120 BPM] (06:34) Creator of the Neogoa label (and now Graviton Records head) Ivan Richpa presents the third installment of the phenomenally successful Dimensional Gateway series. Not only did he compile all the tracks (which I can only assume meant going door to door with the requisite begging and threatening) but he's also responsible for the impressive artwork. A gateway should be ornate, impressive...making you feel like you are about to enter something substantial. To what dimension does this lead? Richard Gere's hamster could not be reached for comment. Gateway drug? I don't think so...unless it's a gateway to laughter and a bag of Doritos. 2. 2 bags of Doritos. And some funions. Crackers. Ritz crackers with some cream cheese. And do you still have those pork rinds? "I tell you B...why doesn't he get some help? Why? I'm tired of tip-toeing around this, he has to know he sounds like this. It's been over 70 years and I still can't understand a f*cking thing Donald says!" So here we go on the journey through the 3rd and presumably final gateway with the usual cast of characters as well as a couple of fresh faces. Space Outpost Titan V- I don't like it. I'm sorry I don't. Oswald Pfeiffer recently released his debut Tesseract (for free) and I found it to be a great album, but this sounds nothing like it. The problem I have with it is that it relies too heavily on samples. In fact it sounds as if the track was built around them instead of using them as an enhancement. It also doesn't help that the samples themselves are quite cheesy. But one thing I did like was that he experimented with a different style. While I might not like it, I definitely respect it. 7th Ace- Daniel Eldström is no stranger to the scene having released Human History (also for free) and Stargazing on Ovnimoon Records. This one is a combination of spiritual goa meets outer space goa. Twirling melodies as you would expect, but when that 303 growls to the surface I take notice like teenager at a Hooters. You can tell he is a storyteller as his break is vast and the launching pad for more snakey leads and a nice full climax. And I think that a nice full climax is something we can all agree on. So Much Too See- "This is one corner...of one country on one continent on one planet that's a corner of a galaxy that is a corner of a universe that is forever growing, shrinking, creating, destroying, never remaining the same for a single milisecond and there is so much, so much to see." Yeah...take it all in. So. Much. To. See. Proof that the Balkans not only dominate progressive trance they have goa trance square in their sights and Sasa Dukic lays a rumbly goa smack down on you. That 303 bounces like it's dancing on a hot stove and did you check the way he slid that sample in there without giving you a chance to catch your breath? It catches you up without strangling you with melody, but you don't have to ponder whether it's goa as he layers nicely. Great track. Fenomena- Like a lot of you Bruno first came to my attention with the Dzog Chen track on the Pyramidal Trancendence comp back in 2006 and it's been high expectations ever since. I mean how do you top that? Well he didn't do it here, but he nonetheless made a ok track. It has power, but not much evolution. Even with that shortcoming it still sounded full and very spacey to my ears. Lux Invictus- Here is the first of the fresh faces with a very shiny and shimmery lead melody line. It's another track that smacks you right in the beginning without many twists and turns, but it's still good. Methinks Ivan may have stumbled upon a gem here. It will be interesting to hear more stuff from this project. Redemption- we all have all done things that we weren't proud of or maybe wish we could've done better. "Ok, so you missed the question on the contents of a twinkie, I dunno I thought you were gonna nail that one, but, but let's move forward. All you gotta do is get clear of this last test and we win the million dollars. You can do it, redeem yourself. That's it, wait for it wait for it...Oh c'mon!! Damnit, you had this!" More Croatian dominance as Renato Brnić delivers another long goa tale. The beginning and break resembles Filteria's Filtertraces and he has a great Shawshank sample with Morgan Freeman speaking about...you guessed it redemption. That guy's voice is legendary. I'd be riveted listening to him read the terms of my mortgage. Besides Morgan's awesomeness it's a goa track that doesn't sound like a goa track. Sure the elements are there, but none of the cliche stuff that some are sick of hearing. Great track. Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years)- Lunar Dawn owns the Chuck Norris of tracks on this compilation. Overtly aggressive with searing leads and 1970's power. I really don't know what that last part means. "B*tch, don't touch Chuck Norris's steering wheel!" With a nice calm before the storm intro you can tell right away this isn't your daddy's buddhist monk goa trance. He layers sounds like my kid stacks leggos. Which reminds me: When Chuck Norris steps on leggos, leggos cry. The pace is brisk with only short breaks and it travels like a tsunami adding to it's destruction total. One if my favorites surely! Sagittarius A- Luis Pabon seems to believe that you have nothing better to do with your time because he offers an 11 minute track. AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO IT! It's got lasers in it. You like lasers. And that lead that sounds like the one in Blade when they walked into the "club" and the showers came on. Only it wasn't water. Oh no it was blood. That's how you do a vampire movie Twilight b*tches. Powerrrrrr. Sorry about that I was leaning on the r. Spirit of Life- And to close things out we get some fresh blood here with a downtempo-ish type track. I like that it's not a true downtempo track. After the previous tracks that would be like going through the windshield at 65 miles an hour. I think that's like 476 kilometers for the Euros. But you might want to check my math. The sound of this one is more melancholy and Lord of the Rings than Event Horizon if you get my meaning. Still nicely drifting and a great way to close it out. So there you have it. Ivan has done it again with the 3 volume of this series. Plenty of goa with a heavy dose of psychedelia to see you through. As with the previous albums this one is also free and I think will be available December 1st. Congratulations to him and all the artists that continue to make this series something to look forward to. Coming Very. Very. Very. Soon. Mdk
  19. OUT NOW: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dimensional-gateway-3 After eight months of hard work, we're finally happy to introduce you third installment of Dimensional Gateway, with almost 80 minutes of high-quality psychedelic trance music from some of the best artists in modern Goa trance genre. All tracks are selected and compiled by Neogoa label-head Richpa, with mastering by Igor Ceranic at Deimos Soundlabs and artwork design by Ivan Paric at Neogoa Design Studio. Artist: Various Album: Dimensional Gateway III Label: Neogoa Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Release Date: 01/12/2012 Format: Digital (FLAC, WAV, MP3) Compiled by: Richpa Tracks: 9 Lenght: 79:56 Samples: http://soundcloud.com/neogoa Tracklist: PharaOm - Space Outpost Titan V [142 BPM] (07:40) Trinodia - 7th Ace [139 BPM] (09:02) Screw Loose - So Much To See [145 BPM] (08:10) Astrancer - Fenomena [146 BPM] (09:41) Decadent Sympozium - Lux Invictus [144 BPM] (08:20) Nova Fractal - Redemption [146 BPM] (10:08) Lunar Dawn - Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years) [147 BPM] (09:22) BlackStarrFinale - Sagittarius A* [145 BPM] (10:59) Menkalian & GoaHuman - Spirit Of Life [120 BPM] (06:34) Mastering by: Igor Ceranic [Deimos] at Deimos SoundlabsArtwork design by: Ivan Paric [Richpa] at Neogoa Design Studio This compilation will be released under Creative Commons licence and available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Ektoplazm - the world’s leading distributor of free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music. For more informations, news and updates, please visit: Dimensional Gateway III countdown event Official Neogoa Facebook page Official Neogoa Ektoplazm profile Official Neogoa Twitter page Official Neogoa Bandcamp page Official Neogoa Soundcloud page Official Neogoa YouTube page
  20. Introducing Lunar Dawn's first release on Neogoa, we present you a taste of his style and approach to Goa trance music. Blessings From Irij can be downloaded for free here: http://soundcloud.co...sings-from-irij MIRROR DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?cm8yzuu6s218w01 Iriy or Irij, according to neo-paganist manuals, was the paradise in old Slavic religion and part of Svarga. This term is probably derived from the word for paradise in contemporary Slavic languages.
  21. Hey guys, I would like to release special DJ mix of Neogoa's discography on July 14th and I need a DJ who will record that mix, he will be credited and mix will be available for free download with special artwork. So if you got time and skill please let me know here or via my email: iparic70@gmail.com are you interested. Mix should be ~ 75 mins long You will receive enough of material in high quality formats It would be great if you can provide link for your mixes as a showcase For all other questions, contact me via email. Thanks _Richpa
  22. Coming soon on Neogoa netlabel! Two full tracks: http://soundcloud.co...llelii-bells-of http://soundcloud.co...nizm-parallelii Samples for whole album: http://soundcloud.com/neogoa/shamanizm-parallelii-1 More informations and samples will be posted in upcoming days
  23. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xukdmk 01 - PharaOm - Cellar Door 02 - Astrancer - Tetragrammaton 03 - Sky Technology - Cosmic Space 04 - Screw Loose - From Fear To Eternity 05 - Antares - Xibalba 06 - Arronax & Somnesia - Black Hole (Extended Trip) 07 - Mindsphere - To Infinity (2010 Remix) 08 - Blackstarrfinale - Bonetti Defense 09 - Perfect Blind - Exosphere (Spaced Out Mix)
  24. Artist: Various Title: The Omega Point Label: Neogoa Date: April, 2012 1. PHARAOM - Rainbow Project 2. SIAM - Colorful Expansion 3. NOVA FRACTAL - Connect 4. TRINODIA - Deceive My Eyes 5. INNERSELF - Modules 6. AGNETON - Wizards From The Future (Afterlife Remix) 7. ARRONAX - The Dark Flow 8. SOMNESIA - Eternal Life 9. PSYRIUS - Draconid (Imba's Be My Light Remix) After reviewing the absolutely awful Dynamic album (yeah I know it's my own fault. Blind people told me to get the hell out of the way.) I attempted to throw myself down the deepest hole I could imagine where escape was all but impossible. So you can imagine my surprise when God called to me from the internet parting the sea of bits and bytes...Ok, it was actually Richpa who said, f*ck it, here are some wave files, have fun! Seeing a release from Neogoa is like the LOTR scene where the Balrog falls into the chasm and just when you think Gandalf made it out....BAM! He plummets into some new goa freshness. But instead of fighting for my life against an evil minion from the underworld I get to immerse myself in twisted goa melodies that this netlabel was known for. The tracklist is more impressive than the ability of a fat man and 12 reindeer to deliver all the presents in one evening. "Sorry Detroit, looks like we'll be spending a little more time in Mexico this year!" So while label head Ivan Richpa has devoted the lion's share of his time to Graviton Records he still wanted to keep Neogoa alive. Mastered by the guy who seems to master everything, Igor Ceranic (aka Deimos) is on sound quality while Ivan did the artwork. Pleasing to the eye, no? One thing you'll notice by looking at the liner notes is the varied countries that are represented here. It's like a f*cking Benneton ad. More the merrier I say. What you get are 9 varied tracks that should do the trick. Frenchman Oswald Pfeiffer opens with a great track with an even greater intro sample. Unified theory and teleportation are the keywords but it's the numerous evolving and twisting melodies that unfurl like a flag in a hurricane that garner the most attention. I've heard a couple of tracks by John Pitsakis before, but I think this is the first one he's actually released. Good for him, he's talented. It's more of a progressive sounding goa track that takes a while to get on its giddy up, but once it gets going it's a nice bit of sunshine. Nova Fractal is Renato Brnic from Croatia who delivers one of the stronger efforts here complete with breakbeat (I love you...squeal!) and moody atmosphere. Reminds me of Filtertraces. Not a stormer, but a track that you can melt into. Has their been a faster rising star than this guy? This Daniel Eldstrom from Sweden and I remember him working with Miraculix in his psytrance days, but he has really come into his own in the goa medium. This is the track for me, as it absolutely slays. Spiritual, grandiose, and just manhandles anything within reach. What a great sample also. "Oh yeah, you like that? You want some more? Hold up...what is that? Is that...is that a Ho-Ho? Gimme dat f*ckin' ho-ho! Mines b*tch! Uh! Uh! Like Lionel Richie we can do this all night long!" Kristian Petkovski from Macedonia unfortunately has to follow that so it's not all his fault. He is also right before the 2nd best track on the comp so perhaps he is just a victim of poor placement. It's not bad, but when you are the meat of the sandwich you better be more than spam. Elias comes in at a close second to Trinodia here as he does what he usually does. Crazy melody heavy goa with a kiss of nitzho. The lead is a scorcher so don't forget the sunscreen. "Nah it's ok baby, you can pet me...I'm like a teddy bear. Yeah...that's it." Mirza Aljic from Bosnia Hersa...Herca...Bosnia is set to release his debut album on Graviton and I cannot wait. Now he brings an abrasive lead over the top while the surrounding gurgling flows without restraint. You might like it. You might not. Public Enemy had a sound that was like this and that camp was divided as well. I'm not saying he is as legendary as PE. Not yet. But he's got intense melodies that keep changing sounds, always seem to be building to the knockout blow. Good God he is hideous. You do realize he was part of one of the most revolutionary rap groups right? Know how hard it is to find evidence of that little Gremlin dancing around? Christophe Grossel from France is the third best track for me here, but loses out only by a fraction. Dancing melodies with a great break that really pull you in. It really is a deep tour de force that is absolutely hypnotic and powerful. Superb. Knock knock motherf*cker, there's a new sherrif in town. The liner notes say this is Psynews own Nikola Petrovic from Serbia to close things out with a downtempo joint, but with the racing scales I could swear it's keyboard cat. Waitaminute...maybe Nikola is keyboard cat. You clever kitty, suck them in with cuteness and then drop your goa bombs on em all! Truthfully I don't have any proof that he is keyboard cat, but I also don't have anything disproving it. Either way its mystical, ethinc sounding slowness warms the skin. And there you have it, goa awesomeness served up the Neogoa way. Quality tunes with an unbeatable price tag. Several styles are represented so there should be something here for everyone. Unless you're into rap goa, and I haven't heard any of that yet. I don't think Flav is working...he would do it. That motherf*cker would do anything for a few scheckels. Hey if we can get a Croat and a Serb together on one compilation perhaps there is hope for this little mudball yet. Get your goa on! Ektoplazm Mdk
  25. I showed the recent Omega Point to a friend who is not a fan of Goa, and he pointed something I had to agree: Siam and PharaOm tracks sound different from the rest. I asked him why he thought that, his opinion was that they sounded faster, louder, while the rest of album was more frenzy or soft in his opinion. Me too, since listening to the album for the first time, liked the two tracks best. Not that the rest of the album is not great. It is. But to a different crowd under the same umbrella - as observed in the review of the album. But the second half of the album is a little "pure goa" or nitz, where we can hear very different kicks, basslines and melodies from the mentioned two. What I want to point is that I think goa now is branched out in different styles: classic Goa, Neogoa, nitz, and the sort of goa that Siam and PharaOm wrote. Does it matter? Apparently not. But it would help a lot people like me, I waste a lot of time searching for "goa" and end up with nitz or classic goa - styles that I appreciate, but that won't be played in my next party. Mind you, I want tracks that sound more agressive, while being Goa all along. It would help a lot if we came up with different names for different styles of Goa. My vote, if you agree, is to call it Full Goa. Which describes tracks like Siam's (most of his whole work), PharaOm in the Omega Point album, and looking back in some CDs, as far as Sheyba's famous Ganesh track. To mention some. What do you think?
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