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  1. Yeah, i really dig that Noma album. Thanks for the suggestions
  2. I'm curious, would Noma - Navigator be considered dark progressive?
  3. Not sure what the situation is, but I have to say thanks for the great music you have made. It's touched me deeply, and they are some of my most listened to cds, and I appreciate the effort you put into making music.
  4. This movie was indeed awesome in its crazy weirdness. I need to watch it again. The singing girl in the radiator was one of my favorite parts. Dang, I really need to watch it again, Ive already forgotten so much about it.
  5. No problem Let me know if you need me to upload Alpha Trajectory - Ocean Waves.
  6. Hmm, It's not exactly like that, but you may enjoy this Proton Kinoun - Apeiron Also check out Alpha Trajectory - Ocean Waves, Spoonphase - Songs For Psychos Pt 1, Spoonphase - Messy Messy Messy, General Fuzz - Soulful Filling, Webbed Hand Presents String Ambient, LSG - The Unreleased Album Edit Hmm, it appears the audio files aren't on archive.org anymore for Alpha Trajectory. I could upload them for you if you'd like.
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