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  1. Yes. And awesome album NP Carbon Based Lifeforms - Betula Pendula
  2. +1! I submit a few of his fire marshall bill skits as evidence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g_arzPICEA...feature=related
  3. I managed to grab it from saikosounds, brand new. I was surprised to see it in stock, so I had to get it. It appears to be out of stock again now though. Sorry!
  4. Finally got some new music... Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers Evan Bartholomew - Secret Entries Into Darkness Artifakt - Artifakts Artifakt - The Magus DarkPsy - Fear James Reipas - This is Not in Fashion Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra Various Artists - Midnight's Shared Blossom Various Artists - Peace For The Wicked Various Artists - Tales From The Dark Forest Xyla - Esoterica Lustmord - [ O T H E R ] Various Artist - Gungfly Various Artist - Humants Dead Can Dance - Aion Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool Atrium Carceri - Cellblock Manifesto - Core Nathan Siter - Exoshpere Audela - 39 Mysterions
  5. How is this? I heard it was a little more melancholic than his previous releases.
  6. You better get on that man, it's essential!
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