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  1. Hmm it's not bad, though it sounds quite lofi to me, is that intentional? It somehow lacks that crispiness The short reverb is a nice idea. Btw the rythmic structure is really nice but you can make a lot more out of this if you add some variations now and then. OR... you could use this loop as a base and build on top of it some heavier drums, for example a distorted compressed kicksnareride combo to add a "flow" to it. anyway, I'm just having a brainflow
  2. Nice!! Please post a review once you drooled yourself dry after it arrived :P (I know I would)
  3. http://www.chineekong.com/vstmain.htm some good stuff
  4. It depends on what is your problem with the sound. "doesn't sound good" can mean very different things. I thought back to a few times when I had this problem and thought I'd share my experiences. 1. The sample sounds muddy and dull. Lets say you got a drumloop that has a real flow, you use it as it is or slice it up, and you are satisfied but.. the samples sound like dipped in wet shit. Especially compared to the rest of the sounds in the tune which are full of brilliant, shiny highs, carefully engineered tight punchy basses, and asskicking synths. I think this is the most common problem, especially for people with a collection of oldskool samples, maybe ripped from xm-s. it-s etc etc... or hunted from altavista-s audio search but it could be the problem isn't so serious, you just need a little extra "punch" to that particular sound. There are of course a trillion ways to solve this, but what I do: first, I put a sony enchancer plugin on the channel strip. It comes with soundforge. Advantages: almost 0 CPU load, counts when you are already at 70-80%. And it sounds good It has a single fader, so you dont need to read 100 pages of manual, and you can quickly decide wether it helps or not. Well if this doesn't make it better, I turn to the Hyperprism Harmonic Exciter. Very very good plugin. Lots more settings to tweak, very fun This plugin almost always makes my old crappy samples sound fresh and clean. You can even apply it to the master channel for extrafun, thought this freezes out my machine about 2 times in 5. 2. Kickdrum or bassline. Yea yea I know.. Well first of all... you need good quality kickdrums. They define everything, it's like the foundation on which the track is built, and the bassline(s) are the cement which keeps it from falling apart. Or you might want excately that... ... I can really recommend from my heart for you, to get some very high quality kickdrums. Let me leave it to your imagination how Bassline: If you have a bass sound and you desperately want to use it in your song, but the sound sux when you play the whole song... well... get yourself a lot of cold food and water, make a litre of coffee, lock the door, turn off your phone, and start working on it. Suggestions: Waves Rbass: three settings to mess with, CPU friendly. VERY good bass tweaking tool. If you have a problem with the subs, first eq them out gently (-2...5dB) then use the Rbass with a freq set to 90-100 Hz. If your bass lacks the sub punch, set the freq at about 50 EQ and compression usually does the trick on the bass though... you just need a lot of patience to tweak out the right settings. 3. Synth sound eats the song. About 5 years ago when i changed from ft2 to fruitty, i was obsessed with the delay plugin... it was a dream come true. What I learned after years of producing chaotic sounding shit was that MUCH feedback is a a BAD idea 90% of the time... So be careful with delay plugs, they can make quite a chaos. Also if you use a compressor on the master channel, keep in mind that synths usually use the full frequency range, and they are usually "loud", or have a dominant place in the song, but only when the sound is played. This can drive the compressor crazy and make your drums and basses that you worked hours to sound good with, sound worse, by lowering their volume, to give space to the synths. Always keep an eye on the volume of each sound in relation to each other, you need to leave space for everything... even if you use side-chaining a lot or you are desperately after that thumping compressed sound. It's difficult to set it up right, takes some patience. 4. You make the song at home, you write it to cd, play it at friends place, at car, in the party etc.. and it sounds totally different. A quite common problem I think... And the solution? Well you can do two things: 1. Improve your room (acoustic isolation, diy rulez) and your tools (speakers, headphones, soundcard) 2: learn look around in the world for information. Sound is an amazing thing and its tameable. It has its laws. You dont have to be an engineer or a math guru to understand it. That's all folks for today, sorry for the lenght, I hope it helps!
  5. One more thing i noticed.... in fruity. if i set the kick and bassline in the mixer to around -8, -10 dB (full scale), then i always have enough headroom for everything else, synths, pads, lots of drums.. (im also into minimalprogressiveelectrogoawhatever... style) oh yeah, and i recommend the waves Lin-MB. IT ROX!!! i'm not using anything else on the master channel and the sound that comes out just owns.
  6. doing live is sometimes very frustrating and difficult, you have to be experienced, otherwise it's just bad for you and bad for the crowd... i can tell you some of our experiences and a few hints that usually do good... 1. practice!!!! at home a lot! so you have the things in your fingers. that doesn't mean learn the songs. just practice so when you go to stage it won't sound like you are just figureing out how things work. 2. always double check before you go away from home or studio if you have all the cables etc. with you. 3. always bring everything you need for it yourself. don't rely on the organizer who says everything will be there. some things will be definitely missing. It's the best to have your own mixer, cables, connectors etc... also ALWAYS ask the organizer to bring a big table so you can comfortably put your stuff on it. 4. bring power splitters too (what you plug into the 220 or 110 whatever... Volts, to get many plugs out of one). wish you good luck!
  7. It always comes together with the music ideas... i rarely get that really powerful inspiration boost, but when it hits me, it's a full song, everything in the right place. I just need to make it real, using the tools avaiable, and the knowledge i have. to be more technical: 90% of the times V-station, a very clean deep sound, and then distortion on it, of course fine tuning it to get the right "fat vs. crunch" ratio i'm a bass addict though, so i tend to make the kick and bassline a bit too dominant... so i usually have to double check everything on speakers, headphones, friends, neighbors, my place's windows, before i know they're right edit: btw seawasp... amazing avatar picture )
  8. Plugins are good, but will never beat the real thing... Check his videos http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=nadishana
  9. I think these are awesome... really worth to listen.
  10. I have the axiom-25, and it's a great one, my only problem with it is it's a bit big. I can still put it into my backpack next to my laptop and go play music with them, but only the cables fit into it nothing else. So if you are looking for something slim, the O2 should be better... but you don't get pads... and those are pretty good, I love them. Very useful and fun... you can assign them to drums, percussion, even one-shot soundeffects, or to audio effect buttons. Ah and the knobs are digital, which means they send + or - information. For example, if the knob is set to 0 position, and you connect it to a parameter which is at setting 64, then when you move the knob, it will suddenly change to 1, than 2, 3 ... and so on. You have to keep this in mind if you (like me), keep reconfiguring the knobs while you play.
  11. On a second thought... probably most sound cards capable of midi today, is built to the lowest possible latency... so it shouldn't be such a big problem. I don't really know, I only have experience with usb connected midi keyboards. I own an m-audio axiom 25 and it works fine, almost unnoticable midi latency. I do miss some analog knobs, though
  12. You definitely have to try it out yourself, before you decide on buying it but that goes for all sort of audio equipment. As for latency... it all depends on your soundcard, I think. The keyboard will send MIDI data to your machine, and the time it takes to process them depends on what sort of hardware you got. Or you are using the keyboard through USB and in that case I have no idea how latency issues change. Happy musicmaking
  13. Really nice site. Personally I think the prices are a bit too high, though. Considering you can get a macintosh + sound card + midi controller(s) + software for the price of one piece of analogue equipment, and you are able to do practically everything with software..... A system 700 must be a dream to work with, though. something that software will never give you.
  14. Hello everybody! This is my first reply as a psynews forum member... but i've long been browsing this page, back to the days when there was more than a forum Anyway... ontopic: PLEASE!!!! If anyone knows when OTT is starting, please write it here... i don't want to miss him play because (besides sphongle) this musician is among my absolute favourites..... I will be there with some more english and hungarian friends Everything is booked and i can't wait... Especially for younger brother, sphongle and ott... hmm hmm maybe some classic room THE LINE UP IS UNBELIEVABLE. Anyway, thanks in advance, for any replies... i hope there is someone here who knows the timetable... or perhaps there will be a time table at the party so my question is without point? Anyway... i just HAD to ask it, because i rarely get a chance to go to England and... well... i LOVE OTT's music (blush)
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