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  1. Recently bought all the Suntrip releases from 2019 & 2020. Currently BOTFB album. It's pretty good, but I feel like the tracks meander with no real direction. I know it's his style but it gets quite repetitive. Actually if anything It's making me crave a listen to Tim Schuldts early work that had this darker/spooky vibe but actually took it somewhere.
  2. That track is beautiful. Who does the vocals? Really nice feeling to this. Am haven't a been feeling that emotionally great this week & that track just brought out the tears. Will buy the album. Thanks for the music!!
  3. Mike D from Australia. feel free to ban me again but I promise to behave... I've got 2 kids now, have been through some serious mental health issues but got the right help the last 8 years. No meds. Loads of exercise, no alcohol/drugs & a great wife n' psychologist. Sorting out my abusive childhood/teen/early adulthood has really helped me realize why I was being such a dick online and offline.
  4. Amazing label. Thank you so much. 2017 after my eldest sister killed her self after a fast mental health breakdown this label & Zenon Records were the two musical style that got me through the grief when I needed to be lifted up. just ordered the new 2020 shirt. Cannot wait to wear. it much respect.
  5. Check out some amazing bands from my country atmospheric melodic black metal https://atravetosus.bandcamp.com brutal death https://depravityaustralia.bandcamp.com Black space metal https://omegainfinity.bandcamp.com/album/solar-spectre death metal https://earthrot.com.au/album/black-tides-of-obscurity
  6. Been here many times and have a bad rep. just came back as I got back in with some new labels now that the quality of music is so good again. anyway I'll be kicked off again shortly but before I am super serious apologies for all the shit I did. I am now spending my elder years trying hard to make amends with the universe. Much love.
  7. I had this bad a few years back but daily doses of zinc & aged garlic extract have cleared up so many of my health issues that big pharma doctors said were untreatable.
  8. I have to say the scene is so much better now genre & quality wise Han say between 2000-20010. I really thought it was dead that decade except for a few of the labels like Parvati, Mistress Of Evil & Rockdenashi Productionz pushing the envelope. now with Global Sect, Suntrip, Parvati, Zenon, Iboga Tech, Alice-D & Ultimae there is so much quality variation and new sounds it's a buffet of psychedelic and progressive gems.
  9. Great release, the Chi AD remix really took me back to when I first heard it in a Goa-Head comp. when life was much more free & simple. fav tho is the Phenomena remix, perfect morning tune. I played it heading out for my morning run today as the sun rise, really lifted my spirits.
  10. Hi all its been some time. Nice to be back. The scene is really great music wise again these days. Plur.
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