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  1. Hello guys, I finished a track recently, posted here already. However, my environment is far from ideal for mixing. I use my monitors and headphones to reach some kind of agreement but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get it nailed in this setup. Anyhow, when I uploaded my track to soundcloud I decided to give a go at their ''mastering'' on the track. The first thing I noted was that the volume was quite reduced on the track after applying this mastering. I tried to compare A/B with my mix from Cubase and sorta thought the soundcloud mastering seems to have added more control on the mix, but I'm not sure. Now listening to my mix at lower volumes it seems better -maybe because it's louder than the soundcloud master and thus better. But I'm not sure. The issues with my mix seem to come when I crank a bit more - just seems a bit more volatile than the soundcloud mix. But then I thought to myself well I'm mixing in my living room / kitchen and have no idea what's really going on'. If anyone with a studio that's been treated studio can compare the two mixes and tell me which they think sounds better? Of course bear in mind the difference in volume and try adjust it. I'm curios what you think sounds better. This soundcloud mastering is a gimmick? My mix: https://soundcloud.com/kick-flip-official/kick-flip-fliping-out_mix2 Soundcloud mastered mix: Cheers fellas
  2. Def not bad for a year and a half, keep it up! PS think most of us work full-time unless we won the lotto mate
  3. Reading through this whole thread now and bring back many golden memories. The first thing that got me in to psytrance was Atomic Pulse - De-Toxicated, tracks like Trip to Space... man... this album drew me into the web of psytrance for sure. All of the stuff posted here was a blast down memory lane, Ephedrix, Protoculture and the whole SA scene (I'm from SA) and of course some reference to later on, like Delirious Noon -it seemed that was kinda like the peak of the morning psy scene? Then things went.. well.. kinda ''blah''. As mentioned in the first comments, the morning full-on style really is an art of trying to put JUST the right amount a little bit of that cheezy, yet softer and easy going feeling in the track. A bit uplifting, yet energetic and full of power... Recursion loop your track sounds f-ing sick dude! DEF reminds me of Delerious Noon! In fact browsing you SoundCloud and it's all a-grade man!!! We need the full-on morning revolution! Soldiers, man your battle stations!
  4. Thanks recursion loop & astralprojection! Nice nostalgia thread, will be digging through it for some gems! Sacred geometry track is cool! With cool people like you around I don't feel too bad if a label will get back or not, thanks for being awesome
  5. Hello psyber friends, Hope you all having a great year.. cough cough... So this year at least got me focused on finishing some tracks for a project I started. I got one track down (more or less) and have another 2 in works which I fee; have some potential. Anyway, I had posted it in some forums for feedback and overall got a great and warm response. A couple people had suggested to me that I could probably try get this kind of material released. I didn't think too much of, but then another guy who run a decent Youtube channel told me the same thing, and then also my track somehow was picked up and shared / liked by a pretty big producer (Somatic Cell) and it did get me thinking about it! I have been producing for about 15 years, with some large gaps in the middle because of some personal stuff. Got back into it pretty hard about two years ago again and have been having lots of fun with it. This year I'm focusing only on my psytrance projects as I would like to get a small EP of material done hopefully in 2020. I've never approached a label, big or small, and in fact hardly shared my work with many people at all. Most of my friends do not understand this music, I'm mostly just doing this alone and that's why I finally decided to ask some communities like here, reddit, for some reflection to help my direction and help me improve. For me, I guess anyone can get some released right? Depends on the label? I am not asking if I am ready to get on Nano, Dacru Homega etc. I am modest and think there might be a small, but cool label doing this kind of morning / full-on psy that perhaps I can check out. I have been looking around and found a couple of interesting potential ones. I know we all get caught up in our work sometimes, like our last songs are the best ever haha. I wanted to ask some advice from any knowledgeable people here before I go out doing this, whether you think my production is up to par. Perhaps you also know some cool upcoming labels. Here is a link to my new project, there is one complete track and a preview for my next track. I know it's not a hell of a lot to base an opinion on - or is it? Take a listen, I'm open to any advice, people who have been in similar situations, your first approach to a label, know you knew you are ready, etc. Link to my project: Thanks for you time
  6. Ok guys small correction... don't invest your future in ethereum rather be an OG and use a bitcoin addy pls.
  7. Not sure if the full track is out. But this is banging
  8. All of that wouldn't happen if you enhanced your name with for example an Ethereum address. OMG I'm dying
  9. First of all, hi guys! I'm kind of a lurker on here and never said much but wow this is such a relevant topic to me right now. I actually asked the a similar question on r/psytrance a few hours ago. I am lucky that in my situation the name is with slightly different spelling and the other artist is in a different genre. This Feliipe guy you said you had an unpleasant experience.. I don't know much about that encounter but hopefully when a shit-uation like this arises we can all be cool headed and reasonable folks. It's a tricky topic.. I have also been searching for a name since I started to make some progress in my work but sooo many are taken.. even some of the most abstract ones you can think... I was more interested from a legal perspective too, if this is copyright etc... I am no lawyer and have no clue thus I went to reddit to look for answers... as RTP mentioned it doesn't seem to be legal violation... still... kinda sucks if someone in the same genre took your name before you made it ''official''. I am not sure about the etiquette here for sharing links and hope its ok, if you care to chime in here is my reddit post:
  10. Thank you so much, it really means more than you can imagine to me. I worked many years making only unfinished projects and finally made something I can show people. I would like to extend the project a little, try to get at least to 6 mins because I agree it's a little short for a pystrance track.
  11. Hello everyone :) Long time lurker but don't post much. I recently finished a first track in a what the aim will be a bigger project. Inspired by the 2000's era (golden era imho) and I wanted to share with you guys; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBrrD_RyuVo Open to feedback of course :-)
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