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  1. Only Bust A Move and Suliman Remixes are worth listening, the I wish version is ok and thats it, Yamaks In Space is really nice but not my thing, and the Saeed Remix is horrible IMO.
  2. Hi dudes, thats my latest track, started as a joke about some stupid story that a friend was involved in, thats why it called that way and thats why it so serious and dark and has those silly vocals , but what I like about it is that for the first time besides the Kick Bass and the Piano every single sound is a sound I created from scratch, it would be nice if you could give a listen :).
  3. Hi guys I have just finished my latest track, happy new year
  4. Hi dudes, recently I heard the theme song of GOT and I thought it was pretty awesome, unfortunately after I finished it I discovered that there are millions of remixes for it but only Sesto Sento's remix is truely psytrance.
  5. That is my latest work, quite long track with many changes, not the usual psytrance but thats what came to my mind, I will appreciate any comments, thanks . https://youtu.be/4Nhaurx0_Zw
  6. Really nice! I loved the melodies and the groove, maybe I would make a little bit more changes but that's only me, anyway overall is a great track in my opinion .
  7. I have to comment only on the "Duvdev" part, I'm Israeli (just like Eisen and Duvdev) so maybe its not that great example but I saw Duvdev 2 days in a row, the first day was at a masterclass he and Eisen participated at my college, the day after was at dinner at the hotel just before their show. I took pictures and had a few words with them, the difference between Duvdev and Eisen is that Duvdev knows he is star and Eisen doesen't, Eisen is more humble than Duvdev for sure, but Duvdev is a nice funny guy, I don't think that the fact that he ignored your friend means he is a prick, and on the live show he is the entartainer, but of course they both participating equally at the production.
  8. Hi dudes this is my latest track, I think it could have been much better, I took my time too much with it because I had many things going on for a while, so it I didn't have the best workflow, But this track has its advantages over the last ones (IMO sounds better and more "connected"), some creepy sounds and samples here, some comments will be nice .
  9. I hope its fine to answer for him , he is a die hard fan of Infected Mushroom and also used 2 of their plugins in this track (if I am not mistaken), it has some similarities but its not the same at all
  10. I'm sorry but I think its terrible, maybe The Gathering style is the kind of music some people misses, because this is a different style called Nitzhonot and IMO its one of the worst things ever and even the artists who did it themselves make jokes about it and say how terrible it is. By the way, they consider The Gathering as some sub style of Nizhonot and Erez said he thinks its terrible (IMO it was a masterpiece and it was not similar to that style, but that's his opinion, so if you would mention this I think he would have denied that he made this track ).
  11. By the way I saw some people didn't like any of the tracks but actually if there was one reason why its the most "oldschool" Infected since 2001 its just because of Gravity Waves, I know its a remix for an old remix they did at 1999 (by the way its sounds much better than the original and you can barely claim they are even a bit similar), but I saw a video that someone filmed, it is their most oldest dj set on the web, and you can see people raving the s**t out of themselves to this track (its basically even got better now). Also, if you know The Fly which they made with Space Cat (Cat On Mushrooms) you can find out that Milosh intro is very similar to this track's intro (it was also played at the same dj set at 1999).
  12. The most accurate comment on this thread, I am a die hard fan of IM so I'm not the greatest example, but looks like many people here are very close minded, and the thing that is even worse than that is exactly what you wrote, what did people expected? I really like The Gathering, Classical Mushroom and B.P. Empire era, those 3 albums are pure gold for me and nothing match its quality, but in our days the music does't get better unfortunately (I'm talking about musical quality, not sound), and those great albums belongs to the past, and even when its supposed to be kinda old school album, they still had to make something relevant for nowadays. I know every beat from every track they ever had, and yes its the closer they got to "old school" Infected, in fact its not that close (even quite far) but its closer relatively to the other albums, While its a little bit sound like the Supervisor or CV trance side, it still got something deeper and darker than those, (Vicious Delicious and the Black Shawarma were a hybrid between psy and heavy metal so I don't consider it) and its especially good when comparing it to Infected 2012-2014 era. I have seen a comment here when someone wrote its sounds amateur when compared to "real" psy releases, that's just ridiculous! for example I really love Astrix and yes the latest album has an unreal drive to it, but still many of the tracks sounds pretty much similar to each other and many consider it one of the best psy albums, Including me also, But I don't know many artists who are at the production level of IM, and the more known psytrance artists are not even close IMO, or maybe we look at things differently.
  13. Great Dark Forest track! I am not really familiar with this sub genre and maybe it should be like that, but there is no melody at all, So I believe this track can work great on the dance floor, and in a specific "mood" .
  14. Brilliant!!! I really liked that, especially the change you did to the bass in the middle, great track!
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