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  1. I really enjoyed this one. Especially Natural Energy and Electric Particles are excellent songs. This album was on repeat many times last month. Very good
  2. I thinks this music is perfect for early morning dance floor Very nice, though I would have liked to see it even darker...
  3. Interesting topic and I listened to many artists. Would like to give you some names. Dhamika - Endless Horizons and Energy Flow Cabeiri - Self insider E-Mantra (and Night Hex) - all his down tempo albums Suduaya - Venus and Unity There are many albums but these artists and their albums stand out for me. And definitely Altar Records is the place to look for....
  4. Well i did have a lovely listen to this album. Together with the first album, both are masterpieces. Keep up the good work
  5. Spirit

    Dhamika - Energy Flow

    It won´t get much better than this. At night i fly and Scientific mysteries are among the best down tempo songs I ever listened to. But this album as a whole is fantastic. Great album
  6. First time I listened to this album I didn´t pay too much attention. It liked it but after listening with a headphone i realized how much I like it. This is a dark, hypnotic album that takes you on a trip.... Very good and very recommended.
  7. Very nice album. I really enjoyed listening to this one. Especially the beginning of the album is very good with Ecouri and Nightwalker as the highlights.
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