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  1. I am quite partial to some Aardvarkk when fancy a darkness tinged foresty vibe - Cosmic Radiation - Bugpowder - Disorient Express - Unity Gain Because he has some of the most intricate space riddims I have heard, check out.. 04.23 on in the track Bugpowder, Nigel going for it there. And 02.37 Cosmic Radiation.. it's got it, that is for sure !
  2. So a full on tempo thing, with some analogues, metalics and some beauty I hope.
  3. Short 'n' fat, and makes legs want to move..sorry could not work out how to get video frame to appear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDEPHiRTn38
  4. So many good tracks that could fit the bill. Asia Tribe E-Clip is a great track Padmapani and one which has been on my fave list for a few years, very good suggestion, epic melodic feel towards the end and deep dark atmospheres. Black Hole by Egorhythmia has a lot going for it, sweet, precise and and minimal and draws you in, as hypnotic as it gets. For me to express the full energy side of things I think Tuned in perfectly by Mad Tribe would be something archetypal. For those who find the Phrygian scale a bit moody and maybe a little inaccessible try Human Blue - Lone Ranger and Orion - Welcome to Reality - never fails to put the hairs up on my arms and is top class IMO. The latter 2 tracks falling into the old is gold sector. But possibly the most easy way in of all might be is Spinning Spoon by Human Blue whilst not falling right in "psy" it is dreamy stuff, which I first heard with sun rays coming through the trees one morning laying on the grass, that was a special happy sadness tinged moment to that. (Took me 3 years to tune ID it as it was on blank CD-R's according to the DJ) Great topic idea.
  5. Whenever there is a outdoor party that I find out about, typically at festival stages in spring/summer/autumn, I also try and attend some of the smaller psy trance only festivals here, nice spirit. I really love dancing, so will travel to a good old shindig. There is certainly action to be had in the Anjuna area in Goa, India.. police willing. I was there a couple of years ago on holiday and went to 4 events at Shiva Valley, Curlies and UV Bar. I think the police in the last year or so have been clamping down a bit and wanting music off at 10pm so just depends on how lenient they are. They seemed to be mainly playing progressive and full-on.
  6. Beaming smile from ear to ear, thanks for the kind words ! I went with a different scale for a different mood brought the tempo down and intertwined a few unusual synth sounds. Highly appreciate that positive feedback : )
  7. And so a new track is ready : ) This time a lighter feel, down tempo 133bpm, keeping it melodic, dreamy and tranced out. (If I have to position it using psy trance sub genres it is a morning prog track, to be played in between the trees in a secret grove) I hope you enjoy the mood and sentiment and that it raises your spirits !
  8. I liked that Hypnoxock. Maybe, post this era of tracks is when some artists lost the connection with the roots of Goa Trance. Things change and there are no rules. I do enjoy something that retains a glimpse of some Goa Trance heritage. Pure technology disconnects me from that fruitful coastline in India somewhat, however every artist is on their own journey within the realm of psy trance, you have to go where it feels right at any given time.
  9. So I invoked the spirit of the Goan beaches and made this, I hope you like it. This mix is full dynamics thus "DIRECT TO DAT MIX", like the old days. Track name : The Path to Anjuna
  10. A new track inspired by the excitement of sunset and those special moments filled with sentiment and expectation. With a production nod to the 2000-2005 period when psy trance sounded a little different - My new retro tinged track : Forever Sunset
  11. Highly appreciated response gfp1. First and foremost I am a listener and dancer to psy trance. A consumer also ! All I can really say is I latch on to some tracks from specific artists such as.. Tristan, Electric Universe, Space Tribe, Lunarave, Cylon, Aardvarkk, E-Mov, Spirit Architect, U-Recken, Sonic Wave Control etc. I usually have specific "WOW" tracks from each of those sophisticated and current artists often to the exclusion of many of their other releases. Then I have a healthy attitude towards the origins of psy trance so I like a few specific classic Goa trance tracks. On top of that good music comes from any year, so whether that is 1999 or 2003 or 2017 it matters not. if it gives a trancey feeling or has some beautiful melody, sweet synthesis or all 3 together I latch on and listen to that exclusively. I often listen to a selection exclusively and extract the maximum sensations I can from that on loop for a few months. As far as older artists tracks I love Human Blue/Orion/Alien Project/Cosma and always have open ears for "new old" sounds. I usually start by a synthesis session making sounds and sometimes recycling sounds I love. By sitting working with synths for deep 2-3 hour synthesis only sessions you discover new sounds and those that have gone before that you have heard and stored in the memory banks as "cool". There is a specific effect in this track that lasts 0.5 - 1 second and took me 3 hours to reverse engineer. Yes I hate to say I have heard it in someone elses track.. In fact I heard it only in 2 artists tracks but adored that specific sound effect. So those nice challenges exist but of course sounds in themselves are not much use without a kind of track idea in the head. Nothing sure in mind but for this one I thought... ok I want to try a more full-on bass style, higher tempo, more consistent energy and loud squashed mastering. Other than that I sit down and make lots of sounds and then end up with 60-70 tracks of synth sounds to start developing and arranging. I suspect this is a very similar approach to many other artists. I always try and dance along at various stages of production, so as you and I know that often (but certainly not 100pct necessary) means well worn arrangements that trance excite, allow a little rest and then drop another adrenaline releasing power section. The tracks are mainly made 95pct sober and 5pct not so sober, having that shift of perspective is very useful and helps widen the appeal and make these dance floor ready. (and hopefully nice to hear at home and with sufficient details/surrounding elements using some nice crystal clear headphones) Each track tends to take 8-12 weeks and I do this in spare time around normal life. What I do know is I won't release something until I am totally satisfied (at that time). I came to realize you can only release a track once really, so I aim to make sure it is as good as I can personally manage at that time. So yes it is a bit slow and painstaking and at times frustrating as sometimes I have to re-write entire sections if they don't work. At this moment I have in mind something that might be a bit retro say 2000-2005, maybe less formal modern psy kick and bass and something harking from the past. I don't have a "career plan" as such, ha ha... other than make something I like that has some melody and is trance-y. and hopefully that resonates with others. The ideal would be to make magic. That can be elusive even in a good track. For magic you need a synergy between the track and the listener and that is not something predictable. The music that puts the hairs up on my arms from other artists is the ultimate goal, those moments where you become totally absorbed in someones music and you feel connected to something larger than the specific track. That for me can be the magic of psy trance. It is spirit music for me, ultimately a form of active meditation. Thanks again for the kind words ! Edited to add and answer your actual questions... I think it is becoming a little more efficient, not much.. but a bit. The issue is there is a situation developing where I have to push myself a bit harder with each track, this can make more work despite learning and being a little more efficient in some areas of the production. Objectivity is always difficult making music but I have a "know what I like to hear" approach and I cut what I don't like and keep what I do. It seems to basically work out.
  12. This one is slightly up tempo at 146BPM, dare I say full on in style. I hope it energizes and provokes a good feeling in you !
  13. Many thanks for the nice review gfp1 and comparisons. A bit of insight into how I tend to work. Each track I start from scratch with a new kick and bass. There is no intentional goal to sound like a previous track, although I suppose given I am the same person as made the last track there is possibility to bring forth a self made preset and tweak it. Or it could just be that I made a new sound and it just so happens to be similar. There is also the possibility that some sounds "sound" just right for my own sonic enjoyment and so I may simply like to use them albeit tweaked. I am a sucker for some nice FM sounds.. oh yes we like the FM here. I actually dislike a fair range of psy "farts" / squelches.. they can almost descend into comedy at times.. too gastro, too jokey sounding, too high up the octaves and they lose impact... too pitch bent (out of range) for sitting in key etc. If I find something that has the right fidelity, power and punch I may tweak it up and play it with a different MIDI variation.The downside is possibly some lack of variation in squelches. I take note ! I guess the other side (and I suppose you can discount psy squelches as they are a short effect typically).. is that somehow a style may develop and some continuity occurs, of that I am kind of.... and kind of not... in control of, it tends not to be a conscious, forced or guided evolution. I try and make what tickles my ears. I am inspired to get going again and hope to do so in a few weeks after a bit of reflection, a tune de-brief (where I take notes about what I like etc. what I may do differently) It is a good buzz to be in front of the DAW and tweaking some parameters to get some interesting noises going. First stage rather technical and heady is getting a decent kick and bass. Once this bed rock is sorted a sense of freedom appears to get some elements together that may, or may not work... and so the iterative process begins. Thanks for listening, that is the most important part once the track is made that it actually resonates with people and hopefully invokes a feeling. Hopefully a feeling that I like to feel when I listen to psy. A sense of being part of something bigger, energizing, makes you want to get happy and dance ! It is fun, learning slowly (and sorry yes it takes long for me to make a track 3-4 months typical so far) gently spreading my ideas around the music I like to hear and dance to.
  14. Hi all psy lovers... I hope all are well.. I humbly present my new track, I hope you enjoy the sound !
  15. Thank you for the kind words gfp1, they are heartening and mean a lot. I use Cubase here though imagine it could be produced in any of the decent DAWS. Prog is not 100pct locked down as a term I suppose but I guess it is not fast enough enough to be full-on, it is not retro vibe Goa, it's not dark psy or Hi-Tech has a mix of modern/classic sounds in there. I say prog but it is what is heard : )
  16. New Spring release...Progressive Psy Trance - 146 BPM Key G Sharp minor - Full dynamics psy trance, densely arranged with a touch of wild energy ! Free .wav for DJ's/Promo etc. contact mikromakropsy at gmail.com (at=@ nogaps)
  17. MiKroMaKro - Solar Plexus Connexus Labels, radio, DJ's contact for high quality 24 bit .wav or 16bit loud version. mikromakropsy at gmail.com - at being @ without spacing No loudness war mastering - audiophile experience psy !
  18. A psy trance track with a sprinkling of pungent Goan spice. mikromakropsy"at"gmail.com for DJ's/labels/radio for free high quality .wav file. (Remove "at" from email address and use @) Better quality on Bandcamp search "On the Crest Of Time"
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