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Thanks for the profile visit. What really means the most to me is if you listen to my music on Sound Cloud when I post up new tracks or Youtube and make some commentary / like it / follow.:+1:  Making the music is great fun for me and I do it with a passion and listeners in mind. Right now pushing my music as far as I can go is what I am interested in so you get something interesting to hear. Hopefully something a little different.Using Cubase and Access Virus Snow, + many VSTi's. My musical goal is to make someone get the hairs stand up on their arms when hearing a track or goosebumps. Each track is taking 2-3 months to produce in spare evenings and weekends.

To labels, I am in a bit of a strange place as far as releasing music goes. Releasing is cool and I would ultimately like that, but I need a label that understands that each track I make may draw from multiple sub genres and influences and won't easily fall into one specific genre. You can easy hear a night time/forest sound in my Full-on track as an example or a Goa type sound. I will always do this with what I feel is good taste though. I have to make the music I have to make and what I personally want to hear.

I am on mikromakropsy@gmail.com if you want to connect for ANY reason.. and that is anyone who wants a chat about psy trance, festivals etc. and labels of course... let's be friends and connect !



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