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  1. So... why the risk Goa-Head ?
  2. Link does not seem to work! :-(
  3. In "reasonable" prices (PM if anyone wants to sell, together with the price) Nitzh-like cds: Various ‎ Shagaat Various ‎ Maximum Ptzatzot Various ‎ MTV Trance 2001 Various ‎ Trance Party Vol. 2 Cyber Planet ‎ Mind Tripping Various ‎ Janana 4 - Club Trance Various ‎ Tripout Volume One One Man Game ‎ Total Trance Kintaro & DJ Miko ‎ Hatikva Goa cds : Future Prophecy - Seeds Of Rage Various - Trance Mix 5 Amithabda Buddha - Goa Gate SynSun - Full Power of Goa UX - Audissey (Live & Beyond)
  4. lol great statements! let me provide you with some potatoes then --> http://www.potatoes.com/ have fun :-)
  5. every trance track that has psychedelia in it can be claimed as either psy or goa. if not then it is not. if i say i agree with you then i can find psychedelia in dubstep (for example) and then that is making dubstep a genre of psy (since dubstep can be claimed as trance also due to its trance -litteraly- effects) in other words we have a huge mess , and this cause just we like to "find" genres and subgenres and subgenres-genres , which actually DOES NOT exist.
  6. psy is psy, goa is goa etc. simple as that.
  7. where is the poll? it is just a topic with barely 10 replies lol (about the second urL) about the first ima check it now and yeah! since we have the huge amount oF 18 PEOPLE claiming that full on and prog is subgenre sure! and i thought i was about to see hundrends of people.. not just some "people" (genuine single vote on each subject? probably 1 person could double or triple vote easily...) cmon i think you are an adult...
  8. i can quicky reply on the subject of inactivity, there are few psy trance/goa projects around. most are progressive, techno etc. and as far as i can tell this forum is mainly based at psy trance and goa one part is this the other one is based considering drugs. i mean few people are listening psy/goa and are mentally ok, even to pop into a forum and speak. i hope i helped
  9. well...the majority, do a poll and you will see "do you think progressive and full on are GENRES of psy" it is like saying that Maroon 5 is metal band .. or Beyonce is rap but whatever
  10. says who? i am not "trying" to say anything. i am just saying the obvious, that they ARE NOT genres of psy. "baptise" them as you want though, call them even rock, the truth cannot be changed :-P
  11. full on and progressive have nothing to do with psy. efforts merging with psy are 99% failure. 1% belongs to Cosma (and Cosma-like groups) who managed,with success, to combine minimalistic-proggy sounds with psy
  12. well, 100% the 2nd one won't get reprinted again :-P so in my honest opinion, yeah as for the 1st, i hope that it will get reprinted for all the reasons decribed above
  13. believe me you will see ppl selling it for probably 200 euros each copy. i already have 2 of my contacts "waiting in the corner", doing that in case of not a reprint
  14. if i may ask, how many copies of Suntrip releases do you print? (each)
  15. the answer for this is very easy..! there were only 50 copies of Sakura, so ppl wanted to get it a.s.a.p. before it will disappear! while Nemesis can be bought next months without any "out of stock" issue :-P
  16. eventually 500 copies from MR2 got vanished in like 2 months. thats something REALLY GOOD, comparing the fact that many ppl are just downloading music.. well we cannot expect that suddenly 1000copies will get sold in such a short time (also this is NOT a commercial release so still a lot of people DONT KNOW THAT IT EXISTS!!) and lets not forget that the reason of MR in general is not the profit but to help a group of people, right? or am i mistaking something here? (maybe i am, really!) so..if MR1 will get reprint, the original cause will be accomplished much better!! i will respect the decision MR team will make, whatever that will be, but i will be very happy if i see it reprinted and sad if not (for the reasons i decribed at my above posts) remember that the goal in our community is to help each other with any way we can (well..i guess..)
  17. a lot of members of MR team are claiming that it was a mistake releasing ~600 copies and not 1000. also Draeke (owner of DAT) himself said that he will put an effort for a reprint. all these showing that there would be a POSSIBLE reprint of the rest 400 (they never said that there will be a full reprint) and agaim i'm saying, just cause ppl were urging to get it at stupid prices, this does not mean that "HEY DON'T REPRINT OMG I PAID 100 EUROS" 'cause this is what you actually mean (at the guys who paid so much and they "yell" for not a reprint") the hell i have it and i want a reprint for the reasons below : --> scamming from people that are waiting to sell it (like i said at my previous post) will be eliminated --> more profit for the actual target of the release (which would be the right one of 1000 total copies) --> lot of people who missed it (AND THEY DONT WANNA HAVE IT ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADED) will be happy. conclusion : there are ONLY positive remarks at a possible reprint, and people should stop acting such egoistic (i'm speaking about the buyers not MR team)
  18. no but to avoid getting it at wtf prices, get it as soon as possible.
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