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  1. Upavas - Here and Now EP is out now !! Bandcamp https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/here-and-now-ep-sangoma Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/here-and-now/1402111
  2. Upavas – Here and Now EP Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP06 Release: Oct 29th 2014 Artwork by: Swaroop Guhathakurta http://www.SGdesigns.co.uk Mastering: Ady (Scorb) @ TRK Mastering Tracklist: Running order 1. Ballistic Junk 2. Magnetron 3. Modulation Squeaker 4. Maximum Sangoma Records is happy to announce the EP from its newest family member, Upavas, an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. The name „Upavas“ originates from the Prakrit language, a predecessor to Sanskrit. It refers to a state when one becomes very close to the divine energy that flows deep down in us all. It is this pure and silent space. The title of the EP „Here And Now“ represents the only place where time can be transcended and where „Upavas“ can be realized within you. This EP highlights Upavas’ foresty frequencies, spacious fields of sound meet a strong groovy drive, with underlying positive energy - a true twilight trip mastered by Scorb. Have fun when you dive into his music to the very center of your being. www.sangomarecords.com https://timecode.bandcamp.com
  3. Its out now ! Bamdcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/shinan-ep-sangoma Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/shinan-ep/1396740 Beatspace http://beatspace.com/8338/Sangoma+Records/DSOMPA/Shinan+/detail.aspx
  4. Dsompa – Shinan EP Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP05 Release: October 13th, 2014 Artwork by: Hazard Hope Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering 1. Dsompa – Lost Theory 2. Dsompa & Kabayun – Gravity 3. Dsompa – Beings 4. Dsompa – Quené Sangoma Records is back from the summer break and blessed to announce the first EP from Hamburg based Dsompa. A DJ for Peak Records since 2009 and a familiar friendly face at many international psychedelic events. “Shinan” is a term from the Peruvian Shipibo – Conibo tribe from the Amazon rainforest which translates to “ Idea, Mind, Transaction”. Their unique culture is highly influenced by shamanism, in which the medicinal and visionary use of ayahuasca is practiced. The geometrical decorative designs, which the healer sees during his visions, can be found in many objects from everyday life, such as pottery, clothing, etc. The artistic traditions of the Shipibo have inspired this release and can also be traced in the music as well, and in the cover art by Hazard Hope. The listener awaits a lysergic multi dimensional driven landscape, with a good dose of groove. Enjoy the ride and allow the compound of this music to have an effect on your consciousness. Mastered by EVP Wild Mastering www.facebook.com/WildMastering www.facebook.com/dsompamusic www.soundcloud.com/dsompa Shipibo info : http://de.scribd.com/doc/46544001/Shipibo-Ayahuasca-Shamans-Part-1
  5. out on beatport as well http://www.beatport.com/release/seems-legit/1332296
  6. now available as free download also https://soundcloud.com/daksi/creating-sacred-space-pt-1-daksinamurti-2014
  7. Creating Sacred Space http://www.mixcloud.com/Daksinamurti/creating-sacred-space-pt1-daksinamurti-2014/ This first part of a multi hour set comes in a forest friendly daytime outfit, a good dose of groove transitioning into more uplifting hypnotic soundscapes and beyond. This contemporary tale wants to give back a little bit of magic to our modern civilization, which in many ways works on fear - leaving one with the impression that the world is an unsafe, hostile place. To be healthy, man has to experience the setting we are designed for: nature. Since the early days of mankind and in many shamanic rituals, sacred space is created by invocating the spirits of the four cardinal directions - South, West, North, and East - as well as the sky (father) and earth (mother). These share the basic concept that all of life is inter-related and inter-dependent and everyone within protected. Also sacred architecture, like temples and places of worship, function in a similar way - making "transparent the boundary between matter and mind, flesh and the spirit." It is the invitation to retreat deep into the wilderness, sacrificing modern comforts for the benefits of greater autonomy and freedom, proclaiming new (old) forms of communal space for gathering and participation. By opening sacred space we leave behind profane affairs of ordinary life and allow us to enter our inner worlds. Unfortunately, laws and regulations as well as commercial interests often contradict and sabotage these needs making it a highly political affair to create new and sustain the last existing spaces. Creating sacred space by providing a place for dance, laughter and worship, could be the remedy of our time and carries the ability to repair, harmonize and even bring around healing. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  8. Its out now!! Bandcamp: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/seems-legit CD: Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/8082/Sangoma+Records/GASPARD/Seems+Legit/detail.aspx Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sgm/sgm1cd007.html
  9. Lemurians – Trip Tonight EP Label: Timecode Records Cathalogue: TCDIGI014 Format: Digital Release: May 2014 Artwork: SangomArt 1. Lemurians – Trip Tonight 2. Lemurians – Soulwax 3. Lemurians – Frequency 4. Shift – Don’t you know (Lemurians rmx) Undiscovered and hidden like secret gemstones, these Lemurians tracks have slumbered, waiting for its time to see the surface. In the dawn of a new rise of the legendary label “ Shiva Space Technology”, the Lemurians are sending out their sacred frequencies as a first sign of new life. These deep sonic twisters written by Andy and Janosch will recapture some golden moments to send us again straight into orbit with their trademark sounds, groove and ambience. Timecode Records - Timeless music. Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/trip-tonight/1289547 Bandcamp: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/trip-tonight-ep Psyshop:http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/tcc/tcc1dw014.html Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/8092/Timecode+Records/LEMURIANS/Trip+Tonight/detail.aspx
  10. Artist: Gaspard Title: Seems Legit Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD07 Release: May 2014 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Cass @ Wired Mastering Artwork: Meskalart Gaspard – Seems Legit 1. Spaced 2. Cannalize Legabis 3. Falaweeda Galacia 4. Royal with Cheese 5. Free Candy 6. DNA 7. Bamboclat 8. Little Switch 9. Riding the Rooster Sangoma Records is exited to present the album of Gaspard, a psychedelic character that shouldn’t need any introduction. As a founding member and driving force behind Peak Records and Co-Pilot of Yab Yum (together with Ajja Leu), he now presents his first solo album after numerous compilations. Being in tune with Psychedlic Trance since the early 90s he now is back with full energy and inspiration from a baby break. On Sangoma’s magic 7th CD release you can expect driving, groovy and hypnotic hi-quality music with a dose of humor. Mastered by Cass @ Wired Mastering for your aural pleasure. In tradition to the “Anti-Cheese school” this release is guaranteed to deliver quality proved gems that work as accurate as Swizz watches for all you wizards and witches. https://www.facebook.com/djgaspard https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords www.sangomarecords.com
  11. Artists: Various Artists Title: Native Intentions Compiled by Starling, Emiel & Jafar Label: Hill Top/Sangoma Catalogue: HTR1CD003 Release: TBA Format: CD/Digital Artwork: MeskalART Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering Track List: 1. Spinal Fusion - Body And Mind 2. Samadhi - Om Mani Padme Hum 3. Android Spirit - Midi Convergence 4. Organic Hybrid - Here Piggy 5. Le Druide - You Make Me Laugh 6. Fuzulu - Funky Donky 7. Spectralis - Spirits Alive 8. Sunchild - Hello Person! 9. Sirtja - Luminous 10. Entropy - Sometimes Hill Top Records and Sangoma Records join forces to deliver you a vivid, colorful release with upcoming and established artists from all over the world, compiled by the notorious trio Starling, Emiel and Jafar. Hill Top is one of Goa’s oldest party venues, existing since over 31(!!) years and hosted many legendary parties with many of the leading artists in the scene. 1000’s of people from all over the world gather annually to celebrate the transition into the New Year. Goan native and founder of Hill Top Records DJ Starling teamed up with Sangoma’s Middle East fraction Jafar and Emiel (Gata Freak) with the intention to share a glimpse of the raw energy of India’s dancefloor – the source of our beloved Psytrance scene. This release also reflects the spirit of Sangoma Records – collaborating with friends and the aim to deliver a fresh outlook on contemporary Psychedelia. This release is fusing various facets of the musical spectrum for your sonic expedition, making you want to transmigrate Goa immediately. Hill Top Records: http://www.facebook.com/Hill.Top.Records Sangoma Records: http://www.sangomarecords.com Sangoma Records: http://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Starling: http://www.facebook.com/DJStarlingGoa Emiel (Gata Freak): http://www.sangomarecords.com/gata-freak Jafar: http://www.facebook.com/djjaaffaarr
  12. he nice feedback ... we are about to finish our next already 7th CD release which will be the album of Gaspard who many know from his involvement in Peak Records and Yab Yum together with Ajja ... www.sangomarecords.com
  13. Out now on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/ironic-creatures-compiled-by-izzy-and-cosinus/1248240 and on Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/7973/Sangoma+Records/Various/Ironic+Creatures/detail.aspx
  14. Its out now!! Digital: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/ironic-creatures-compiled-by-izzy-cosinus-sangoma CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sgm/sgm1cd006.html and other sources soon
  15. also available on Beatspace : http://beatspace.com/7906/Timecode+Records/ANDROID+SPIRIT/Synthetic+Organism/detail.aspx Goastore: http://www.goastore.ch/android-spirit-synthetic-organism.html Digital on our Bandcamp shop and Jan 30th on beatport, Juno, etc
  16. Android Spirit album is out now on Timecode ! CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tcc/tcc1cd031.html digital: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/synthetic-organism
  17. Artist: Various Artists Title: Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD06 Release: February 2014 Format: CD/Digital Artwork: Jazzmine @ Blue Hour Sounds, Kaliptus Mastering: Alex (EVP) @ Wild Mastering get our music here http://timecode.bandcamp.com/ 1. Psyberpunk vs Hyperfrequencies – Rajastan Twist 2. Aseem vs Yudhisthira – Psykick Ability 3. Chris Rich – Chew The Fat 4. Synthetik Chaos – Vitale Destruction 5. Illustrator – Universo Synth 6. Tweakers – Memory Card (Version 2) 7. Muscaria vs Oran Mor – Oona’s Desire 8. Southwild – Organic Grains 9. Kabayun – Visions (Kabadrop re-edit) 10. Braincell – Atom Smasher After two years of serious Internet hustling and critical listening, two unordinary DJs from the Sangomafia are proud to present their first compilation, Ironic Creatures. Michael and Izzy’s taste are particularly unique in their own way. So they decided to munch on what they thought was the best of each other’s – which is what makes this one so special. This compilation takes you on journey from some lush morning gaspers to some grabbling night-time flexers, through the sounds of the rainforest, down to the bottom of the Mediterranean, back to the Moroccan dessert. You name it, we got it. If you want to get technical, fullonforesttwilightorganicextravaganza (Look it up in the Urban Dictionary). Just hear it out for yourself. Then clap your hands and stomp your feet and thank the universe for this beat. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Cosinus: https://www.facebook.com/Cosinus79 Izzy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Izzy-NYC/217848781594346?fref=ts http://timecode.bandcamp.com/
  18. Its up for preorder now for a reduced price >>http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/synthetic-organism
  19. Artist: Android Spirit Title: Synthetic Organism Label: TIMECODE Catalogue: TCCD031 Format: CD/Digital Release: january 17th 2014 Artwork: Meskalart Mastering: Scorb@Trick Music Tracklist 1. OMdma 142 bpm 2. Kirobo the Robot 143 bmp 3. Swirl in Unity 145 bpm 4. Born in the Desert (feat. Distant Touch) 145 bpm 5. Targaryen Blood 144 bpm 6. High as a Kite 147 bpm 7. Freedom South Africa 146 bpm 8. Tokolojoe 144 bpm 9. Tickets – Remember (Android Spirit edit) 147 bpm Timecode Records presents the debut album of Android Spirit, a Marburg (Germany) based project by Josef Summs (aka Tickets/Brethren) from South Africa and Till (Daksinamurti) from Germany. Both artists join forces to go beyond the barriers and boundaries of the natural realm to create an atmosphere of undiscovered audio frequencies filled with alien technology and ancient imagery. Inspired by their surrounding and musical background they combine the best of both spectrums to send out hypnotic and ecstatic frequencies into orbit. Retrodelic Goa vibes paired with South African energy and influences of both temporary night and morning music makes this album a sonic hybrid suitable for any time of the day - Twilight 2.0. This release also contains a collaboration with Timecode’s newly signed artist Distant Touch. Robotic music with human emotion. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit https://www.facebook.com/Timecodesa http://www.timecode.co.za contact&bookings: timecode@timecode.co.za
  20. now available on many other sources like Bandcamp: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/timecode-anestetic Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/7876/Timecode+Records/Various/Timecode+Anestetic+/detail.aspx Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/timecode-anestetic/2336309-02/ Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/timecode-anestetic/1193870 and various other
  21. Its out now! Exclusive on Beatport Dec 2nd on all online shops http://www.beatport.com/release/timecode-anestetic/1193870
  22. Out now on Sangoma Records Digital: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/the-ancient-secret-of-the-flower-of-life-compiled-by-leohawk-extended-version CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sgm/sgm1cd005.html
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