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  1. An Absolute masterpiece, I've been in quite a few raves here in Israel which Tom played in, and I must say his style is truly unique, the deep sound, the precise and powerful baseline, the mind blowing melodies and beautiful progression, each and every track on this album is pure joy to the ears, offering a mix of old and new Goa sounds, speaking of sound - I've found myself many times just appreciating his ability to produce sounds that I did not even think to exist. He's my favorite Israeli artist today by far, and I think his commercial success is a matter of time should he have the right publicity. A true pleasure for your Auditory cortex .
  2. I have Tavi and it's a nice album, nothing groudbreaking but overall there are some nice tracks and melodies, specially at the end of the album - 'Neptune' is a great track and 'Cosmo Elephant' is pretty nice too. kinda like Amithaba buddha meets Mindsphere meets E-mantra. Luna Nova is OK but i'm not much of a V.A albums fan. I'm also pretty bored musicly and would love some recomendations, I feel like Iv'e listened to pretty much everyhing (Goa wise) and I think I invest like 2-3 hours weekly just to find new and decent stuff to listen to (again - only Goa).
  3. Amazing album, tracks vary from great to braingasm, definitely one of the best nu-goa out on 2012 along side Crossing mind, Innerself, Mindsphere and Jikooha. Awesome.
  4. Hey everyone, I've been keeping an eye on this forum for quite some time but was too lazy to sign in . Anyway, I came across this album a few weeks back and its absolutely amazing....infact I liked it so much (plus its predecessor 'The Holographic Paradigm' which I thought is also pretty good and ofcourse the Ultimate reality EP which is awesome) that St├ęphane today is one of my favourite artist. the mixing on this album is exellent, the melody and bass line are amazing on almost every track and its trully an innovative album in the Goa genre...I would go as far as to call this a true master piece. I put this on the same level as Innershift's album, and maybe along side Ra and Mindsphere which are IMO less good but still awesome for new goa. Keep kicking ass!
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