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  1. The Spark and the Short Life Again remix are so lovely! Love that style. The coming releases from him seems to be the same.
  2. Hi Cosmic crew! Unfortunately, I haven't got anything ready for this compi, but I'll wish you great luck with it and also your future projects and plans!
  3. Heh, sry, me and Buzzman are old friends, and haven't really talked together for a while...
  4. Jow tak. Det der ligger på min Myspace er det næstnyeste. Har fået lavet noget nyt der sparker ca. 10 gange så meget røv. Har da set noget af Mixing Secrets, men nej efterhånden kommer det bare, igennem andres tips og ellers en masse øven..
  5. Elektronikfagtekniker ja. Goes fine.. What about you?
  6. Hi Christian, long time no see. Yeah I would consider Eskimo and Wrecked Machines melodic. Some of it might also be a bit twisted, but that's just a bonus..
  7. Yeah it's really nice! Still considering it being from 2003. When we talk 2003, I would have to mention Space Buddha - Storm Reaction, and Protoculture - Refractions (but I've already mentioned him earlier in this thread).. Astrix - Eye To Eye is also a must have, when we talk about nice/"legendary" full on albums imo.
  8. When it comes to really melodic yet still "mature" and serious-sounding, Protoculture wins for me. If you want cheese/floor"KILLAAAAAAARHZ", then, like another said, Freaked Frequency, everything from Utopia records, Pixel, Wrecked Machines, some Eskimo.. Actually, most of the music is pretty melodic.....
  9. RME is better sound-wise, preamps also. I got a 828MkII (FW) myself, and pretty happy about it, bought secondhand for nearly the same price as the USB-version. I have heard from others that the 828MkII USB-version is quite unstable. FW seems to be the right protocol for soundcards (Although TC Electronics only just recently has got it working well on their cards)..
  10. Hey! I see people talking about a new Mahadeva remix. Can anyone post a clip from youtube or something? Haven't heard anything about this mix till now. I see AP getting hugely flamed at isratrance-forum. I've seen them live twice (And they played 35km's from me at new years eve, had other things to do that night though), and I realy hope that they will release that remix of Cosma on their new album as well. Other than that, I think their new and still unreleased stuff really rocks. I think I've heard 2 unreleased tracks besides from the cosma remix, same style of bass as DJ Condom, really heavy and straight-forward. Ok, well I can't say any more words to describe how much I'm looking forward to their new album. I'm pretty sure that it will rock!
  11. I must have been around 12-14 something like that before it really stroke me. I'm 19 at the moment. First Psychedelic music I heard was Hallucinogen - Snakey Shaker, from destination goa vol. 5 cd2. Released in 96 or so, but I heard it the first time in 2001.
  12. Full On: Opium Of The Masses - The Lost Planet Fatali - ReConstruct Progressive: Symphonix - Music Prostitute - Remixed VA. - Extrasensory Perception SunControlSpecies - Scienza Nuova IMO a pretty bad year for psychedelic music.. But these few mentioned are essentials!
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