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  1. He's a nice guy to do deal with. Payment was done fastly and communication was excellent. Recommended as they say.
  2. Did a trade some time ago and nothing to complain about. Trustworthy as hell, the cd was in a very good condition and arrived at the speed of light. What more could tradebusiness require? NADA indeed. One more word to spend: Recommended
  3. Nice guy to trade with!! Ow and funny conversations as well
  4. Trustworthy she is! And how great we could swap without the post or bank.
  5. the deal has been made ages ago, but i'm really slow in giving feedback i guess:p Everything went smooth! Pat surely is recommended!
  6. Nice guy to deal with! Recommended.
  7. I bought cd's from him (2 times) and both times were very good. Cd's were in good condition! Looking forward to deal again
  8. GOOD communication. Easy dealing, ... Good guy to trade with --> Recommended
  9. nothin' more to add. thx
  10. Rare studd idd.. good stuff! Very friendly guy and highly recommended.. secure and fast shipping
  11. As said so many times before.. friendly guy, trustworthy all the way.. and damn fast shipping.. seems Australia isn't as far as I thought Recommended!!
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