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  1. OUT NOW https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/shpongle-remixed-by-cosmic-trigger
  2. One of the tracks is published on YT Shpongle - No Turn Unstoned (Cosmic Trigger Remix) https://youtu.be/6d7CtTLPTTg
  3. i know, it my cherry on the pie it took me over 15 years to finally get it in my hands. but im after any rare releases and aspecially Shpongle related stuff, art, merch
  4. https://medium.com/pop-off/cosmic-trigger-releases-otherworldly-shpongle-remixed-3ebd95ecc905
  5. added Orange - Ancient Trance Live 2xLP 180g Limited to 250 https://www.orangevibes.de/product-page/ancient-trance-live-doppel-vinyl-ltd
  6. Preorder available: Solar Fields Until - We Meet The Sky gatefold regular black 2LP and gatefold gold/black marbled 2LP strictly limited to 100 copies https://sidereal.bigcartel.com/product/solar-fields-until-we-meet-the-sky-double-lp-reissue-2020-preorder
  7. strange i didnt get any notice. im on their mailinglist and always got the former mails. the one today about being available also came
  8. yes i got a copy last minute too. unfortunatelly i missed the red vinyl edition. i almost got a heart attack checking my mails in the morning with the message that its available. this time there was no announcment mail when its gonna pop up. luckily there were a few black copies left. now all are gone. they will propably release some more "limited" coloured versions soon anyway the release hasnt shipped yet but people put it already up on eBay :/
  9. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland Remastered Vinyl are available!!! https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/ineffable-mysteries-from-shpongleland-remastered
  10. added GMS - The G.M.S. Experiment 3xLP on Stereo Society, Limited to 300. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/229340/gms-the-gms-experiment
  11. great news. really excited about the Gamma Draconis vinyl. keep us updated
  12. listening to the new IM album https://www.discogs.com/Infected-Mushroom-More-Than-Just-A-Name/release/15327777 and it sounds terrible. full with disharmonic melodies and break beats all the time. and the singing is just aweful. lucky this time its not so overfilled with it. maybe 30% of the music sounds nice and you think oh cool this sounds somehow like the good old stuff from IM .... but then again some weird disruption comes in. i dont know.....i just miss the beautiful old infected sound...this one is more like i dont know...daft punk with a stronger beat. also the vinyl pressing sounds weak and low, artwork very cheesy. imho 2/5
  13. added Ott - Blumenkraft Ott - Skylon Ott - Mir Ott - Fairchildren all self released by Ott in amazing quality https://ottsonic.bandcamp.com/merch
  14. added to the list Desert Dwellers - Breath Double Vinyl Gatefold Album each one signed by the artists. https://desertdwellersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/breath
  15. added Asia 2001 - X-Ray EP Limited Edition on Avatar Records https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/x-ray-ep
  16. I have recorded a sample of the vinyl of VA - Journey into Acid. i have skipped through Side A of the vinyl to record at various spots. you can hear clearly that there is a continous hissing noise throughtout the whole vinyl. @Lab37Records maybe you can use this sample for the manufacturer as a proof that the quality is poor https://soundcloud.com/psyhoe/va-journey-into-acid-lab37-vinyl-sample
  17. added Solar Fields - "R.G.B" Red + Green + Blue 3x double LPs in marbled colored vinyl, ltd to 200 copies, with an exclusive housing cardboard box (and lid) https://sidereal.bigcartel.com/product/solar-fields-r-g-b-3x-doublelp-marble-vinyls-cardboard-box and VA - Genetically Modified on Lab37 records https://lab37records.bandcamp.com/album/genetically-modified
  18. 2 new vinyl Doc von Ooze - In Vitro VA - Journey into Acid
  19. Just want to let you know I received my order today. The vinyl are real
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