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  1. ALL CD's FOR €320! (not reserved ones) all have to go, URGENT!!!
  2. are you neil? if yes, please mail me back, if no, mail me anyway...
  3. Simply selling everything, also my precious cd-collection Trying to get rid of all my 'cows' like Buddha said... less is more... besides that i will also leave for a long time travelling asia within 3 weeks and since you can't eat cd's...
  4. ALL CD's FOR €320! (not reserved ones) Already sold more then 200 cd's of my entire collection in the last few weeks but now it's the very last cleanout... Last ones and all have to go, URGENT!!! The cd's: Airborn Audio - Good Fortune (Ninja Tune) €5 Alien - The Pleasure Of Leisure (Blue Room Released) €2 Amorphous Androgynous - Tales Of Ephidrina (Astralwerks, Virgin) €7 Arsonists* - As The World Burns (Matador) €6 Arsonists* - Date Of Birth (Matador) €6 Bombardier - Violence (Vinyl Communications) €6 Bypass Unit - On A Trance-Mission (Hypnotic) €10 Byrds The - We have ignition (Columbia/Legacy) €3 Byrds The - Final Approach (Columbia/Legacy) €3 Byrds The - Full Throttle (Columbia/Legacy) €3 Deeper In Zen - Insight (Soular Records) €6 Digital Talk - New Age Surf (Acidance Records) €6 DJ P_Mac & DJ TV (2) - Sonic Pantomime (Ketuh Records) €5 Doof - It's About Time (Twisted Records) €7 Double R.E.L. - Cereal Killerz! (Doof Records) €8 Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles (Peak Records) €8 GAD - Apollo 3d (Exogenic Records) €6 Global Communication - 76:14 (Dedicated) €8 Highpersonic Whomen - Alternative Energysource (Thirteen Productions) €7 Hint - Portakabin Fever (Hombré) €7 DJ Holeg* - A Vision Of Trance - Tapovan (Omnisonus) € Hyper Frequencies - Red Crystal Moon (Mechanik Records) €6 Jocid - From Meatware To Hardware (Sonic Dragon Records) €6 Johann Bley - Singularity (TIP.World) €6 gereserveerd Joujouka - Joujouka (SPV Poland / Big Blue) €5 Juno Reactor - Shango (Metropolis) €8 gereserveerd Koxbox - Forever After (Harthouse) €14 Koxbox - Forever After (SPV Poland / Big Blue) €8 Koxbox - U-Turn (Twisted Records) €8 London Elektricity - Pull The Plug (Rough Trade Germany) €6 Mantrix - Universal (Sub (2) €8 Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine (Trishula Records) €8 gereserveerd Membrana - Louvado Seja Deus (Wirikuta Recordings) €7 Menog - Emotions (Spectral Records) €7 Menog - Natural Behavior (Starsound Records) €7 Nystagmus - The Immaculate Perception (Sundance Records) €8 Ocelot - Dream Selector (Vertigo Records) €8 gereserveerd Paul Oakenfold / Danny Rampling - Dragonfly - A Voyage Into Trance (Tua Records, Nova Tekk) €15 DJ Paul Taylor* - Tweakers (Spun Records) €7 Phatmatix - Sorcery (Yabai Records) €8 gereserveerd Pitch Hikers - Twilight Zone (Nexus Media) €7 Plastikman - Consumed (NovaMute) €5 Pleiadians - Family Of Light (Nova Tekk) gereserveerd Prānā* - Cyclone (SPV Poland / Big Blue) €7 Psychotic Micro & Azax Syndrom - Voices Of Madness (Parvati Records) €8 Psyside - First Contact (Acidance Records) €6 Quirk - Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica (Matsuri Productions) €10 Quirk - Quality Control (SPV Poland / Big Blue) €5 Sandman - Witchcraft (Avatar Records) €9 gereserveerd Shakta - The Enlightened Ape (Nova Tekk) €10 gereserveerd Shulman - Random Thoughts (Aleph Zero Records) €8 Sid Shanti - Hypnotic Trance 4 (Javelin Ltd) €12,5 Space Tribe - The Ultraviolet Catastrophe (Spirit Zone Recordings) €10 Terminator - Spirits Of The Plants (Deja Vu Records) gereserveerd Toktok vs. Soffy O. - Toktok vs. Soffy O. (Leaded) €6 Twisted System (2) - Core (Timecode Records) €6 Various - "Project Eleusis" - The Bible Of Psychedelics (Dropout Productions) €7 gereserveerd Various - Concept In Dance - The Digital Alchemy Of Goa Trance Dance (Moonshine Music) €11 Various - Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies (Ambivalent Records) €6 Various - Deliver Us From Evil (Serephana Records) €7 Various - Demented (Twisted Records) €8 Various - Distance To Goa 1 (Distance) €9 Various - Eruption (Magma Records) €5 Various - Escape From Chaos (Tempest Recordings) €4 Various - Eternity Vol. 2 (Terminal 6) €14 Various - Flown From Eden, A Compilation Of Sound (Unfinished Monkey Records) €4 Various - Gaia 1 + 2 (Gaia Tonträger) €8 Various - Goa Classix Vol. 1 - Psychedelic Anthems (Sub Terranean, Nova Tekk, GTN (Global Trance Network)) €11 Various - Goa-Head Vol. 4 (Leguan) €14 gereserveerd Various - Infinite Excursions 3 (TIP.World) €8 Various - π - Music For The Motion Picture (Silva Screen) €7 Various - Killers Inc.: Global Sound Conspiracy (3D Vision) €5 Various - Liaison (Pagoda Records) €4 Various - Mashed Mellow Grooves Two (Transient Records) €6 Various - Mass Distraction (Mushroom Mafia Records) €6 Various - Moon Unit (Apoxina Records) €11 Various - Orbis (Sphere Records) €9 Various - Peace Therapy Vol. 2 (Kagdila Records) €8 Various - Play Way (Doof Records) €7 Various - Project II Trance (Dragonfly Records) €10 Various - Psychoactive Scandosounds III (BooM! Records) €8 gereserveerd Various - Psychovader (Apoxina Records) €12 Various - Significant Elf Proclivity (Ambivalent Records) €7 Various - Spiritually Spaced Out (Shiva Space Technology) €7 Various - Tales From The Forest (Spirit Zone Recordings) €12,5 gereserveerd Various - Tathata (Spirit Zone Recordings) €11 Various - Technobotanic Tryptamines (Nephilim Records) €4 Various - The Future Sound Of America: Psychedelic Trance (Distance) €8 Various - The Hypnotic Goa Zone (Hypnotic) €12 Various - The Truth Of Communication (SPV Poland / Big Blue) €5 Various - The World Of Goa Trance Vol. 2 (ZYX Music) €8 gereserveerd Various - Theory Of Madness (Dark Life Records) €6 Various - Third Trip (Parvati Records) €8 Various - Trance Psyberdelic (Moonshine Music) €12 Various - Trancentral Volume Eight (Kickin Records) €14 Various - United World Of Dance For Party People: Psi-Trance (Music Avenue) €8 Various - Wild Rumpus (Wild Things Records) €7 Voice Of Cod - We Are Free (Organic Records (3)) €6 you can mail me at: ward dot claes at telenet dot be take care peepz
  5. can't hardly wait for the releaseparty this friday MDS-live belongs to the top 5 of the finest darkpsy livesets i ever heard
  6. it's nice defenitly suited for walking the dog on late autumn nights
  7. +1, also did a nice trade with Blaze, anytime again, thnx
  8. woops, my bad... srry joost i'd change it immediately if i only knew how to mods for the rescue?
  9. Just rounded up a nice trade with Joost and all went more then fine. Nice deal, smooth communication, wel packed 'nd quick delivered postpackage and cd's in superb condition... I'd stand in line to trade with him again
  10. hehe, recognizable, i try to achieve this altered state every party, indeed real trancedance though i do need some quality psychedelic and energy drifted music for that, but like spoiled i am for a belgian that's not something that hard to search for... and it's as awesome -or even better- to reach this state completetely (or quit ) sober...
  11. don't think... just dance, move, experience, enjoy, ...
  12. i would be thankfull.. always nice to enhance trickz nd skillz
  13. can't really make something out of the blurry thingie, rather kinda crappy imo... but the cars are cool, you Pshopped them yourself from original pictures? if so, you got skillz
  14. i'll send you my list of possible tradeables soon trough pm then
  15. i might do want to buy it for some €'s, but not what wirikuta charges for it including shippment and i already did some marvelous deals in this section here by just asking, soo...
  16. thnx, i know the online cd shops 'anybody who has it, doesn't play it anymore and fancy's a trade?'
  17. Anyone can help me out here? thnx
  18. A+, all went fine as it should... anytime again thnx
  19. +1 ...but still, 35€ is ridiculous.
  20. Megalopsy 'Goblin Cigarettes' also has southpark samples... and supernice track btw...
  21. don't miss u.d.d. - Natural Rebellion (pineal power!) (and i know calamar and egocentrifug have both made cool tunes, haven't downed the ones here though...)
  22. more then a nice job keep up the good work! namasté
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