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  1. What I found that there is not so much info about psytrance/goatrance/forest trance sound design. There are lots of youtube tutorials about bass/kick/lead/pad sounds, which in general are easy to create Also if you don't know trancemakers personally from big schools (balkan, isra,japan..) you have a tough way to go. I'm talking about: -Pitch/cutoff/Lfo/gate/arp techniques -FM techniques -Automation of parameters Currenty I'm really want to find good or great tutorials on FM synthesis for psytrance - that rich with harmonics sound with delays, especially used in progressive
  2. It looks like FM synth - like FM8 from Native instruments or default synth from FL studio (DX10) can do this with different pitches of osc then just automating. Sounds similar. Currently it's getting back on stage, old school gets new wave.
  3. I like it. Whole feelint in it. You should phatten kick and bass in the lower side. Synth has too much atention I think currently. Maybe lowering it will repair everything. Also you could automate it sometimes at 16th bar..
  4. Yo! Classic bassline triplet ROCKS. This is not goatrance , it's trance. old school trance. Yes, goatrance. Same. Good arps, but I would expand them to two-three-four octaves like "Art of trance", "Union Jack" does. Honestly, I don't like that 3 notes melody, you could enhance it or you could just make other variation.. BUT, if you like it - keep it. There are thousands of tracks which such feeling. I'm with other thousands. 7:20 - best part and that trippy kind vox sound on harms.
  5. It's finished track, love the vox pads, 303 are nice, trippy squelchy sounds are also nicely done (longer ones). Don't like the snare when it sound in whole arrangement - it sounds to ROCK'n'Roll with that closed hat. Maybe too much POP/traditional melodies and harmonies.
  6. Great quality. Love synths, atmospheres and generated rhytm sounds. From musical point Nova fractal is "traditional" sound : )
  7. Yo. You have really decent kick - very goa'ish. Also tempo is telling that, I would add some atmospheres, pad's to your track, maybe some other musical elements. Your track lacks it. My point
  8. Yup, as we predicted.. Fusion goa comes in. Great
  9. String art is amazing Great jazz.
  10. Hey! I wanted to ask is it possible to embed soundcloud tracks? Not just URL's?
  11. Hey all! I'm really happy, I think I finished it what you think?
  12. Updated it. Re-mixed kick and bass, upped some middle elements, decreased hi-hats, changed timbre a little bit, Increased vox. http://soundcloud.com/4fe8s9f84/789-1 How is it now?
  13. Hi. You could say I'm fresh in goa-psy making (2 years), but not so fresh in music-making. Currently I'm finishing couple tracks and willing to release them. This is one of the latest: http://soundcloud.com/4fe8s9f84/987-1 What you think about it in general ? Technical questions: I think I'm having problems with dynamic range compression, maximizing seems fine. Can't put "loud and clear" effect, get's distorted, too compressed - no air in it.. where could be the problem? I didn't prepare .wav tracks before EQ'ing, compressing and maximizing - exported wav,
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